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July 03, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

I am actually optimistic about this whole Eli Love storyline on GH, especially if it results in Rick Springfield singing Jessie's Girl (which it must, right?).  And my affection for the character of Robin and her portrayer is not hidden around here.  All that said, this was tres stupid:

Random doctor guy who will be on Night Shift: The Eli Love concert? 
Robin:  Yeah.
Random: How did you score such great seats to a sold-out concert?
Robin (sarcastically): Well, you know, I have connections.
Random:  Okay, that's great.  You willing to share that?
Robin: Well, you know Stan, Epiphany's son?
Random: Yeah, the agitator.
Robin:  He's a wiz on the computer.  He's hooked in to all these online ticket sales.  They're a little bit more, but the seats are definitely worth it.

Online ticket sales?  The hell you say!  Next you'll be telling me that some of those, what are they called, "hackers"?, have figured out a way to buy clothes on the internets, and maybe gamble or search for porn!  Those computer wizards, by golly, they are incredible.

Are the writers 80 years old? 


Well, ok, yes, that was ridiculous. But I was totally enjoying the silliness and sheer fun of watching the entire scene.

And hey, getting to see the Drs. Drake hotly NOT arguing with each other and hotly debating Noah's resemblence to Eli Love and hotly being hot made me block out any comments by the writers that prove they have not yet joined us in the new millennium.

I was thinking the same exact thing when I heard the dialogue.. you know maybe say ebay or stub hub but really you dont need a computer whiz to buy tickets of the web

Oh come on! You don't consider knowing someone who can operate one of those fancy computer thingys as having "connections?" What are you? Edu-ma-cated or something?

I hate this storyline by the way...is it really so freakin' hard for them to write an actual storyline FOR Patrick and Robin? Seriously.....they are doctors on a show called General Hospital with chemistry up to ying yang with commitment issues and an HIV status and the only thing they can find for them to do is be bit players in a storyline that has them being paged to listen to Epiphany spout off the virtues of a professional musician that bears a resemblance to someone they all just apparently met? Cause really, why is the attention JUST starting now?

I hate this show.

As far as this storyline, I've completely lost interest in this show. Patrick and Robin are never going to get a break. None of their storylines make sense and, instead of focusing on their actual problems, they have to make up fights. While I did enjoy their doctor-related fight the other day, I can't even give the writers the benefit of the doubt. Robin goes to the police station and yells at LUCKY for arresting JASON?! WTF! Why does she even care? After all he did to her, and continues to do to her, why would she go step into the mess he has made of her life. I actually started laughing when she told Patrick about how guilty she was for the way Jason turned out. They aren't Lucky and Elizabeth. They had a crappy relationship which couldn't last because Jason was/is a whore and Robin's haircut turned him off.

I was just asking myself that all important question about whether or not they're going to have Rick sing Jessie's Girl on the show. I've decided it will make or break the storyline for me.

This storyline where Jessie's Girl is not performed: lame, ridiculous and pathetic

This storyline, told exactly the same way, only resulting in a performance of "Jessie's Girl": totally awesome and the best thing on the whole show

Robin's Bangs! !!!!! Make'm go away! I can't stop bitching about them.

I was spouting earlier about Rick Springfield and the warm fuzzies that Jessie's Girl inspires in me. Even Noah's eyeliner can't dampen my girly delight in the prospect of having a squee-inducing moment like this again:

...but Robin's bangs might.

And check out the shot at 4:30 in the above clip of Jason Thompson hotly sitting in the audience as he hotly watches his screen dad produce teeny-bopper screams from grown soap opera actresses.

How abour Robin's connections when she used to work for L&B Records with Brenda? Oh right, that would require the GH writers to remember their own freaking history! AHH!

I agree that that "Jesse's Girl" has to be performed. That's the only way to make this storyline right.

While some of the dialogue IS silly, it can't detract from the fact that the Drs. Drake (Senior and Junior) are YUMMY! However, being the nice person that I am, I am willing to leave Dr. Drake, Junior, to you youngin's. I'll be the martyr and take Dr. Drake, Senior, off your hands. I know, I know, you can thank me later.

Wow!!!!! I just found this site yesterday and have read back to October so far. You ladies are terrific writers and say MANY of the things I have been screaming at my TV and (less than interested) husband. How have I lived this long without you? You are making it fun again to watch GH! If only TPTB would take a good long look at what you have to say!
Thank you!

OMG, I'm pretty certain Dr. Julian was the random doctor, but I don't remember this conversation. It must read differently than it was presented. Either way, I nearly choked on my own saliva laughing so hard. FYI

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