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July 16, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Seriously, John? Seriously?

I know your brain is probably COMPLETELY fucked up from years of brainwashing, but when you're gathered around a table at the Brady pub with Hope ("died" during the Cruise of Deception storyline, brainwashed), Roman ("died" in the mid-80s, "died" in 1997, "died" in 2004), Marlena ("died" in the late 80s, "died" in 2004, possessed by the devil), and Kayla (whose husband was "killed" and brainwashed) and you say

Is anybody listening here? The man is dead. He's been dead for years.


it makes me want to bash my head against the wall. Or maybe yours, since you obviously have no brain cells for me to damage with my act of violence.

Incidentally, why is it that any time this show needs a SHOCKING TWIST, they turn to Tony? Seriously! If you keep using the same twist, that makes it not a twist anymore. It's...untwisty.

Also: do I need to start referring to the greatest moment of all time as ANDRE ON A HORSE? I wonder.


I rolled my eyes at John's comment about the man being dead for years. I was so waiting for Kayla to pipe up and mention how long Steve had been "dead" and he's the most alive man in the Brady clan.

I have to admit, hokey as it is (though perhaps not by DAYS standards), I'm relieved that they're apparently going to use the "Andre did it!" explanation for everything Tony did in the '90s and '00s. It's still not the "Marlena finds John in the shower and learns that she dreamed up everything since 1993 after she sampled too many of the drugs she was prescribing" explanation I would have suggested to Hogan, but I'll take what I get.

Yes, see, I'm torn here too. I'd kind of like to have not quite original recipe Tony back. Not Original Recipe Sleeps With His Sister Tony, but certainly the next incarnation, Anna and Count Tony Tony.

At the same time, resurrecting someone who has "died" twice already, and once by quicksand, to do it is kind of boring. And hilarious.

John's comment had me staring at the television in confusion. I was starting to get used to good writing. Was it meant to be funny? I expected Marlena or Roman to say something at least.

I like the Tony/Andre twist. Much as I enjoy evil Tony, I've always preferred him as a good guy. Never mind the fact that he was about to turn bad(and apparently was really Andre) when I first started watching. Bring on good Tony, but don't kill off Andre(again?) any time soon. This could be amazing.

I.love.it. ILOVEIT! Any time Hogan wants to raise the finger and give a hardy "Fuck You" to JERk, I'm more than happy to go along with it. Besides, self-conflicted, romantic and complex Tony was way more interesting... and unfinished Tony and Anna business is much better soap to me. Not to mention the new dynamic in regards to his relationships with other Salemites, especially the DiMera's. It should actually bring about real conflict in relationships, something that hasn't been attempted on this show in forever. So bring it!

Oh yeah, and John... uh, didn't you come to Marlena in her dreams to bring her some news about who was really the bad guy (but not really) whilst you remained in your coma... and then proceeded to windfuck her? Do you really think you're the voice of reason here? Huh?

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