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July 18, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

I don't like Jason, but man, it was hard not to side with him as Sam -- who stood by and let his son be kidnapped -- listed off the myriad ways in which Jason had screwed her over.  "You were wrong" blah blah blah times forty, and even though most of the things were accurate, hello, you let his infant son get stolen by a crazy person basically because you are cripplingly insecure and jealous.  But then the writers had to cap off her self-righteous rant with this:

Sam: You can't love me and support me and believe in me.  You won't put me first.  And I won't accept anything less.

Haaaaaaa!  No really, it ended there.  Cut to commercial.  There was no "anymore" or "other than all the times when I have accepted way, way less."

People/things Sam has accepted Jason putting first, or at least ahead of her (since I'm unwilling to concede she's even been second most of the time):

  • Sonny
  • his "job," killing people for money
  • Sonny
  • Carly
  • Sonny
  • Emily

Sorry, but when it comes to portraying Sam McCall as a strong, independent woman who won't put up with anyone's crap, you are about 14 baby-napping days late and a million mafia/blood-money dollars short.


Other things Jason has always put before Sam....and she gladly and pathetically accepted....

Buying vats of Dippity Doo
Protecting the muffins at the coffee house w/ deadly force
Shooting at Sonny's neighbors art deliveries
Eating pizza
Cleaning his guns
Rotating his t-shirt collection every third year
Carly's shopping sprees (avoiding all taste and lingerie)
Ballet class
The Quartermaines
Sam's dead brother Danny
Sonny...and finally

Hee! Excellent additions, all. Except you forgot "Sonny."

Granted far bitchier and more hypocritical but did Sam's speech remind anyone else a little of the speech Elizabeth gave Jason when she decided they *couldn't ever be together* back in like ... 2001/2002? That whole "first, last and always" thing. Yeah. I'm so the only person who remembers that.

Oh, and what about Sonny, you guys? I think Jason tend to put him first, and I hardly saw him mentioned enough in the posts or comments.

Really. SaSon is end game. They should just ride off into the sunset together.

Remember the day Jason made Sam promise she'd never keep another secret from him and then, later in the scene, told her she could never ask about his work? And the dolt accepted this mandate!

Jason's law: my woman cannot keep any secrets from me, but I can keep every secret from her. Of course this was back in the olden days, like, uh, 2006, in the time of Whispers-Everything Sam (as opposed to present-day Screams-Everything Sam).

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