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July 24, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Sometimes I wonder if Awesome Writer writes silly lines just to have a laugh at the expense of the other, unawesome writers. Because the alternative is that these lines are meant to be serious, and that is just too tragic for me to think about right now.

LUCKY: Sam, I'm a cop. You know, I've questioned a lot of people, and I've learned when somebody isn't telling the whole truth

Oh, dear. Why do I get the feeling that the only questioning Lucky does is asking the police dogs "Which way did he go?"

SAM: [To Nikolas] Look, your brother's not stupid

I guess she's right in that "stupid" probably isn't the PC term for whatever it is that Lucky is, but still: really, Sam? That's like saying "Look, the character of Scotty Baldwin hasn't been bastardized beyond all recognition" or "Look, the actress who plays Alice can clearly act without reading cue cards".


I have to digress for a moment and mention that Laura Wright was separated at birth from Chelsea Handler. Or they are at least distant cousins of some sort. They have the exact same smirk and shriek action going on. I'm also beginning to think that if Kelly Monaco keeps tanning at this alarming rate, she will be able to pass for Magda from There's Something About Mary.


LOL! I missed your observations PI. I read somewhere that Lucky will remain clueless until November... NOVEMBER?! WTfudge???

You're right, Chelsea H. is a Laura Wright clone.


The second I heard "Your brother isn't stupid" I just *knew* I'd see that show up here. Haha.

Is it wrong that I was actually a little touched that Sam doesn't think Lucky is stupid? Someone finally thinks something relatively positive about my Lucky. Yay!

I'm still waiting for Patrick or Noah to find Lucky's brain so that they can put it back in for him. Either one of them would do it hotly, of course.

Anyone with eyes can see that Kelly Monaco is way up there on the attractiveness scale, yet the look -- the deep tanning, the clothes, the gold jewelry -- screams much older and, I don't know, Miami? Why is this necessary? It doesn't even make sense for the character.

I knew as soon as Lucky uttered those words that message boards around the globe would be lighting up. Poor, dim (but HOT) Lucky.

However, I would take that line and maybe even some Spinellispeak if it meant that I could see Robin bitchslap Carly the way Sam did. I literally pumped my arm in the air (lame, I know) and said "woo hoo - you go Sam!" That totally made my day. Now we know why they've been showing us Sam working out with the punching bag.

Talk about dumb dialogue. . . what was that verbiage today between Cody & Coop? Made so little sense. Oh, sigh. What a dumb show.

GV is being wasted. He should go get a gig where his hotness and BRAIN function are appreciated. Since Lucky needs to remain present on GH so Liz can fake like she still gives a damn about him TIIC could hire a new actor to portray him. Like the guy from "Life Goes On". No, he comes off too smart and intellectul to play this Lucky. Maybe a deaf, blind, mentally disabled mute actor is looking for a daytime job?

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