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July 02, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Belle:  We are old enough that we don’t need to be relying on our parents.

Say what? You don’t have a job. You’ve never had a job. Your babydaddy doesn’t have a job (although his promising lead for a traveling auto parts salesman gig is sure to bring in the big bucks). Your soon-to-be ex-husband doesn’t have a job (though he has the advantage of having gotten a ton of money the old fashioned way, being born into it). You are a Maury episode waiting to happen, except it totally won't because your "Phil, you are NOT the father" moment was last year. Ideally you shouldn't be, but you totally need to be relying on your parents. You also need to, how should I put this, become interesting.

Really, at some point will the Days writers catch on that even people under 25 should have jobs (other than driving race cars or being flight attendants)?  Also, if Belle and Shawn were to borrow money from anyone, wouldn’t it be her parents, not his, since her dad John is a multi-whateveraire?  Never mind, I totally don't care. 

This stupidity is balanced out by the fact that nearly everything else on this show remains awesome.


So true with Belle! Did Marlena use up all of John's money while he was in a coma for his hospital stay and her oxygen tanks?

And though Shawn is the stupidest character on the show, the wishy-washiness of Belle (or lack of actually saying she loves him) astounds me too!

They goodness somebody else is picking up on the "Belle's daddy has a gazillion bucks so why are they acting like they are broke" thing.

Belle and Shawn = stupid and I'm not sure there is anything that can be done about this at this point. It's just too far gone.

Wow, I'm suprised you were able to come up with two paragraphs-worth of analysis covering Belle's existence. It's just that it's so hard to even care, that I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... I mean, I can't even bitch about it anymore because wha zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... Yeah, it's not gonna happen.

If the vets can hold on to the awesome they're bringing and EJ remains Samanther-free, then I'm willing to keep up my tollerance of all other suckfests. I don't expect to enjoy the entire show. My only real investment is with the ol'skool badasses (excluding 3), anyway. The rest I'm pretty well trained to ignore.

From the start, the relationship between Belle and Shawn was the illustration of "forced." As my soap opera-watching friend who chooses to live in a universe where "Days" was canceled in 1993 put it, shouldn't Shawn be about ten years older than Belle anyway?

Remember way back when Shawn was going to be a lawyer and work for his Uncle Mickey?
Gosh, I miss the days of dreams and goals.

Also how many rooms does Bo and Hope's house have? Since Chelsea and Jeremy are staying there too. Not to mention Ciarra?

Hey Chad, you and your friend should check out this clip. The infant is Belle and the eight year old boy is "Shawn-D". By the time the writers had SORASed them, somehow they were in high school together.


And as for Belle... agree with you on all the points you mention. The writing makes no sense. Belle's Daddy has lots of money.
If J&M supposedly have a new place (hah), then why can't Belle move in there? And she does need to become interesting. Soon.

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