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July 09, 2007

The Word of the Day: Awesome


I am thinking that during their evening of cocktails together that Awesome Writer felt it only fair, when one considers the damage done to her character, that Sam be allowed to get off a couple of good zingers.

Because really, when Sonny and Carly attempt to treat Sam like crap? I am with her when she asks, "WTF, bitch?"


Is it hypocritical for a witness to a babynapping to call people out on their sins? Sure. But is it FREAKING FANTASTIC when it's Sonny and Carly who are getting called out on their sins? Oh, yeah. Majorly.

When Carly wanted out of your marriage, you took her kids. You didn't let her see Michael and Morgan. If I did happen to watch Jake being kidnapped, it was a moment of weakness compared to what you did to Carly and the months of deliberate lies from Jason.

Oh. It just -- it must be wonderful to be one of the chosen few. You and Jason and Carly, your tight little circle, gets to sanctimoniously decide what's best for everyone else, who we get to love and how much. You get to do whatever you want, we're just supposed to take it. And god forbid, Sonny, god forbid if one of us have the gall to act out in hurt or frustration -- you'd beat us with the consequences and tell us we had it coming. I am "not" falling in line anymore.

You can't stand it, can you -- that any woman might intrude on what you consider your turf? Well, guess what, Carly -- Jason's not yours. He's not your husband, he's not your lover. He hasn't wanted you in a sexual way in years and probably never will, so suck it up and get out of my house.

I think I need a cigarette...

I'm so desperate for someone, ANYONE, to call the Trinity out on the myriad ways in which they suck as human beings and if it has to be a lying, thieving, witness to babynapping, shrieking, crying, irrational, heroic...ish, baby obsessed, poorly coiffed, selfish, hysterical, possibly alcoholic, stepdad screwing mob moll, so be it. FIGHT THE POWER, SAM!


The 2nd most awesome person on today's episode was Jane Elliot. Jane Elliot, who is 60 years old, wore no makeup today. And looked gorgeous. Why do some people have all the luck?


Eli Love: Awesome or Awesomely Bad? I can't tell. Well, I'm leaning towards "awesomely bad", but I'm along for the ride.


In other awesome news, the credits were finally updated!

Let's look at the new additions...



Becky Herbst is so gorgeous that it makes me feel bad about myself, but doesn't detract from how amazing I think she is. I'm insanely jealous of her perfect skin and her perfect hair.

As much as Liz is getting on my nerves lately (and she is. Oh, lord, she is. Really, it's like the writers said "What can we do to piss Promising Ingenue off the most" and wrote scripts specifically to do just that), I am so, so thrilled that Becky is finally getting time on the front burner. I know that some people are sick of her story and Jason's Holy Spawn, but I really think that she deserves it after wallowing in nowhere land for so many years like a glorified extra. BECKY4LIFE!!!


Megan Ward's hair is so beautiful that it makes me want to get mine cut in just that style, even though I know that my hair is about ten times too thick to be able to pull the sleek bob off.


...what's with the duh face? It's like he's very seriously pondering which came first, the chicken or the egg.


So, so pretty. I'd take this time to beg the GH writers to do something with Coop, maybe give him a layer or two, but I know it will never happen, so I'll just focus on the pretty. So, so pretty.


Um...I don't like Spinelli. I know that many of you do, and I totally understand why, but I just can't tolerate him. Unless, oddly enough, he's in a scene with Jason (and not kissing Jason's ass, so that's, like...every February 29th) or Sonny.




If Awesome Writer had just added a line such as "And if I don't fall in line, what will you do then? Shoot me in the head like you did to Carly?" then I would have been in awe.

Still, it was the most awesome thing that ever did awesome. Between this and Ric Lansig getting back into smug villainy by blackmailing Logan with evidence of freakin' war crimes, I actually sort of enjoyed this installment. Of course, I'm sure tomorrow we'll have 40 minutes of Spinelli alternating with scenes of Lucky getting berated by at least four different people who all repeat the same things.

You should do a comprehensive listing of the best hair on daytime, starting with Jane Elliot and Leanne Hunley.

I knew I couldn't have been the only one to note how gorgeous JE looked today. It was freaky. And her hair, still beatious in a freakish way. I want her stylist's number and now. Then, she had the nerve to rock her scenes. She looks good and is talented!

I liked Sam for the most part today. I usually hate her so hard it's painful but I was rooting for her to take CarSon down several pegs. Mission sort of accomplished.

Eli Love has got some serious washboard abs. I approve. I hate Patrick. There's no amount of his "hotly" *itching out his father's doppelganger that will change that.

I'm so glad they've finally updated the credits though I wish they'd changed the final clip since most of those dudes are dead. Nonetheless, though I know you disapprove, J'Lex are side by side! So are SpinLu. Eep.

And agree to disagree: Logan is not brutally hot. Or any sort of hot unless he's snogging Maxie.

FWIW, the official "credited" writer for today and the original Awesome Writer day was Michele Val Jean. You've given shout outs on other days that weren't her scripting days, so I guess they all have it in them, they just don't always bring it. How sad is that?! :-)

Gah, I hate Spinelli. I want to give him some shampoo, get him speech therapy and call child protective services to take him off my screen. Lulu could do sooo much better. Jason, of course, can't.

GO SAM! Never thought I'd say that unless it was in the context of "go away".

I was practically (and by "practically", I mean "actually") bouncing with glee on the couch during Sam's various, shall we say, "Screw offs" today. The only way I could have enjoyed it more was if a) she had actually beaten the ever-living daylights out of Carly, rather than merely threatening it and b) she had been hilariously drunk while doing so.

And am I to gather from the "On the Next..." that Carly is pretending to be Brenda. BRENDA FREAKING BARRETT. There are no words for this other than "Soap Blaspheme. SOAP BLASPHEME!!" Carly as Brenda just hurts me.

Awww, I heart your Becky love. She's been an inexplicable favorite of mine from way back when she was a "bad girl" and couldn't act very well. (Seriously, when y'all posted JJ's Emmy acceptance speech on YouTube, I followed that link to several of her early rape storylines. Even though she stole my heart from day one, her acting back then wasn't the best. Jonathan Jackson carried those scenes!) She's logged more than her share of back-burner storylines so I've been truly enjoying her time in the sun, brief though it will inevitably be. (Two years seems to be the average, then TPTB deconstruct Jason's lady-du-jour in an attempt to make the breakup all her fault while pimping his next hookup.)

I've been waiting months for drunkSam and BSCSam to emerge, so on one level I expected to be giddy with glee watching her rip into Sonny and Carly. Ultimately it didn't work for me as well as I'd have liked. Aside from the hypocrisy, which you noted, Sam's motives bugged me. She never called Sonny out when *she* was one of the chosen few. In fact, she made excuses for him, Jason and herself all day long. Now that she's no longer one of the privileged, she decides to call them out? Worse, she does so only to deflect the argument, not out of any real sense of moral outrage. I liked her much better drunk at the bar when she was mocking Carly: "You have nooooo idea ...." and giving her a dollop of reality. It didn't play as hypocritical or self-serving, it just played like a glorious bitch-fest and I was cheering her on!

I was so proud of myself today because while I was watching todays episode I was able to find the exact scenes that Awesome Writer wrote. I have been reading this blog way to long

"And am I to gather from the "On the Next..." that Carly is pretending to be Brenda. BRENDA FREAKING BARRETT. There are no words for this other than "Soap Blaspheme. SOAP BLASPHEME!!" Carly as Brenda just hurts me."

WHHHAAAT?!? OMG, What?! Ahh. AHH! Now, I really have to download today's episode. Noooooo! Oh god, my head is going to explode.

And if there's a comprehensive list of Soap's Best Hair (when it's not ruined by hairdressers), Kristian Alfonso has to be on top.

If anyone else had said those things to Sonny I would be cheering them on but not yesterday. Has sam forgotten that she not only played a part in keepng M&M away from carly but cheered Sonny on during that time? Hypocrite much. Her total lack of remorse over her role in the kidnapping and making it all about her had me wanting her to shut up instead of cheering her.

Why update the opening but leave the all male ending?

I understand how you feel about Rebecca Herbst, I have a girl crush on her.

"...Becky finally getting time on the front burner"...finally? Elizabeth has been on my screen way too much the past two years with this whole Lucky/drug addiction/Baby Jason Spawn crap and it needs to end. I've had enough of "front burner" Becky/Liz. Her screen time increase once again proves if you are involved with the mob, you get screen time, if not...your out! Sad reality of GH.

Typically HATE Sam, yesterday loved her. If only GH would stick with the mob hate and turn GH around. If only?? I'll keep dreaming and keep NOT watching Liz, Jason, Sam, Sonny, Amelia, Kate and CRAWLY!

Thanks, I'm out!

I think I am in love with that last post. Go Stephanie! My very recent and completely shocking love for Sam blows my mind. ANY Sonny, Jason, and Carly smackdown deserves kudos. Nobody survives inside the trilogy of evil for long. Sam is just finding that out now.

Sam shouldn't be throwing stones, it's true but dang- I was handing her the flat, cool ones that you skip across ponds yesterday. Preach it Sam! PREACH IT!

Hey--what does OTP stand for? I'm feeling dim. :)

You are soooo funny! I agree completely about Sam's rant to Sonny. It was so great I Tivo'd it 3 times just to see and witness the awesomeness of anyone (even if she's being hypocritical) telling him things I've been waiting years to hear. The Trinity, the Holy Threesome that is Sonny,Carly and Jason can do basically anything, and it's justified. But there is never any reason, understanding, or forgiveness for anyone else. Period. The only thing that I would have loved more would be if Sam snatched Carly by the hair and dragged her out of the house and slammed the door.

Sonny deserved what he got, but Sam just made herself even more of a hypocrite. She gets on my nerves talking about Jason's lies. He kept one secret, she has kept too many to count and she is the victim. She needs to go hump somebody else's dad. She's already had both of her sister's. She went from independent girl to pathetic whiny chick who will die if she doesn't have a kid. She gives women a bad name.

RH is beautiful and I love her.

Um, how long did it take for the Eli Love storyline to get old? I'm thinking that it was a unit of time too infinitesimally small that it can't be detected by any man-made devices.

I am new to your blog but enjoyed this post, Promising Ingenue. I'm so glad you posted that awesome speech by Sam to Sonny and then Carly. You go Sam!

I mean let’s look at the facts: Jason doesn’t want to hurt her so he dumps her while she’s recovering from a near death bullet wound and while she is reeling from possibly never having a child with the man she loves. Her brother Danny dies during the big epidemic story. She is raised by a jerk after being abandoned by her real mom, Alexis at birth. She is a survivor and finally finds someone she can trust and love in Jason and he treats her more like his penthouse hooker than the woman he loves – he only reserves that to Liz because she had the one night stand that produced baby Jake. ONE NIGHT STAND! Okay, he gives up his love of his life that he’s been with for like three years for the one night stand. Why? She had his baby. Does anyone else find this extremely mean and shallow? Jason used to be my favorite but now he’s just… a jerk.

And Liz, what a feckless little bee-atch! She just always gets her way – did she also get straight “A’s?” She decides – yes Liz alone – “I want Jake to be safe so I’m going to raise him instead – “Jason keep your mouth shut” – with Luke. Yes, he’s an emotionally abusive ex drug addict who had an affair with an under age teen-ager that he got to steal him illegal drugs, and he has anger management issues, and hey, I don’t even love him, but I want our child raised in the emotionally abusive and loveless environment so he’ll live a normal life without you and that dangerous life style, which doesn’t seem to have affected Sonny’s THREE children, but hey, who’s counting, this is a special baby, the anointed holy child of JASON MORGAN – stop the presses!”

Is it just me that finds this lame? Liz, get a life and give Jason shared custody with his kid. Spinelli was right.

Thanks for giving Sam a kudos - she deserved one for once.


I don't get why Carly and Sonny are always berating Sam. Aren't they afraid of her? I mean, Sam is more likely kill someone than Jason, and that's his job! By my count, Sam's killed at least two people since November Sweeps (three if you count Amelia's father in flashback).

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