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August 06, 2007

Budget Cuts Hurt Us All

Look, I know, soaps' viewership is on the way down and the shows aren't as profitable anymore, so budget cuts are inevitable.  I would suggest that in the hair/makeup/fashion realm, they focus those cuts on something less visible, like shoes.  That really hurt me to type.  But I totally did it despite my personal pain, because having to watch stuff like what we were subjected to on GH today is worse.

I get that it's summer and school's out so you can get the cast and crew's school-aged kids to work for almost nothing, but perhaps they should not have been assigned to the faux-tattoo painting?


[Edit:  Oh dear god, Bri in the comments is right -- they are Josh Duhon's actual tattoos.  Crayola colors and excessive literalness included.  I think we've found the one thing that can finally downgrade him from "brutally hot."  Sigh.  My apologies for having cast aspersions on perfectly innocent grade schoolers.]

And if they're going to insist on makeup-room cuts, I would suggest maybe trading in the Nars blush for [Mallory, cover your ears] Clinique, or having the actresses bring in their own Shu Uemura eyelash curlers (you know they all have them, since everyone in LA is contractually required to).  The current approach of getting rid of the hair conditioner and blow dryers seems unnecessarily drastic.




WTF?  How do you ruin Natalia Livingston's gorgeous hair?!  This was way worse than Liz lying to Lucky AGAIN, and the show ending with the 20th shootout in as many weeks.

Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


I do believe those are his real tattoos

well he does have two tattoos, he mentioned it in an interview but it could be that those are not them.

Yup those are Josh's real tatoos. They do seem to be a bit much. (he has them on both side)

When did "never went to med school" Emily become an intern as well as a hippie? That greasy center part mop "do" and the teal scrubs screamed I'd rather be listening to Phish. Wow, soaps rarely have hippies. This could really upset the poor Q's. Guza hates women, hence no hair or makeup for anyone except the lying happy harlot Liz. She gets all the lip gloss, heavy foundation, and conditioner GH can afford. Sorry, I know you love her and find her gorgeous. But to me she is another over made up stick figure with a huge head. Like a lollipop.

If Liz showed one second of actual feeling or remorse for lying to Lucky and marrying him to "protect" Jake, instead of loving him in a now kind of way I might ease up on old Liz. I used to like her, giant head and all. But oddly I find myself rooting for Sam's plot of hypocritical revenge. I've watched too much GH and obviously my brain is now damaged. Maybe I'll start a life of crime now like St. Jason.

Ooooh. No. That kind of ruined him for me, too. That meat sandwich he's holding isn't helping, either.

NL has always looked like shit on the show with bags and shadows under her eyes, clown makeup, and looking haggard in general. I used to think it was only the makeup and hair people because she looked so good in photographs until I realized those can, and probably are, Photoshopped.

For me it's not even just the style of her hair, it's a question of what the hell is going on with the colour? It's bizarre.

I wouldn't ever associate the word "hot" with Josh Duhon. He's got a great six pack, but beyond that, he does absolutely nothing for me. The tats don't do him any favors either. They were horribly one and look very cheap.

Also, "BRUTALLY hot?" Pun intended, right? I mean, it's Logan. You ladies crack me up.

Oh dear. I guess my three year old has hope for a career now- a tattoo artist! Miami Ink, here we come!

On a related note, I read elsewhere that Steve Burton is growing his hair for a role in a cowboy film he'll be shooting later in the year.

If it's true, good to know that looking this ugly isn't a style decision for him.

Funny--Natalia Livingston hasn't been on for so long that when she first showed up yesterday I didn't recognize her. It's strange when a character who was dominant fades into day player. But I imagine she'll have stories again soon. Remember about two years ago when people were worried that Liz was being turned into Amy?!

OMG, they're real? I was afraid I was gonna go blind with how terrible they are..ewww.

And Emily is alive. Too bad I couldn't say the same thing about her hair..LOL.

Not to defend Natalia - after all her Emmy win allows me to ignore any award giving because that win proved it's fixed - but she does look quite lovely in person. Beautiful, fresh and vulnerable.

About Liz, I've hated her since after Umily was raped and walking around in her sweater-of-shame and annoying us on screen everyday, Liz turned into a sanctimonious, lying annoyance with her "I've been raped and I know how you're supposed to feel" and she's only gotten worse since then. For the last few years she's been unbearable when given a storyline. I liked the Liz from the old (a better actor played Lucky) days. This one needs to be smacked down by Spam (who I don't particularly like even though I like Kelly Monaco and I wish she'd do something on a soap that didn't involve crying and seducing).

I was actually impressed with how Emily looked. She made a comment like "this rotation has been really tough" and she actually looked the part!!! Most interns that I know DO look like crap most of the time.

Forget the hair...Natalia L. and Kirsten S. must be on the same diet..

Somebody get them a whopper quick

Oh how I wish they would have covered Josh's tattoos up. I guess they thought they "fit his character" which in theory, they do. But let's put some make up over them and redraw them. I think I, the girl who didn't want to be a graphic design major because I had to take ONE drawing class, could do a better job. They're so ... obtuse.

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