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August 26, 2007

Days of Our Lives Week in Review

Except for a few fun moments from the old-timers, Days of Our Lives was dullsville last week.  I know I keep saying that this show bounces between good and bad, so this week I thought I'd see how the actual balance shakes out.  (Spoiler:  Good loses.)


Roman and Hope teasing Bo about calling to confront Caroline was hilarious. 


And then they started picking on Kayla and the Brady sibling chemistry was in full effect.  Are there people who prefer the Belle/Shawn saga or Nick's ridiculous China Lee story to scenes like this?  Why?!

Roman's impression of Steve was the high point:

Roman: I don't know, sweetness, I think that little dude crept out of the crib and hitchhiked to Memphis, I think!

Hee! I don't think I've liked Roman that much since he was played by Drake Hogestyn.

Speaking of Roman's portrayer . . . We've touched on this before, but what in the name of Hunter Tylo is Josh Taylor doing to himself? 


I don't know whether that's botox or a facelift, but the combination of that, the waxed/penciled brows, and -- did my eyes deceive me -- bronzer and blush (?!) is all too much for my poor eyes to bear.  Is there an upcoming story involving Commissioner Brady doing drag on the weekends?

God forbid they put Roman and Kate back together and we have to look at him and Kate's hair in the same frame on a regular basis:


That is tragedy on an epic scale. 


How great is Judi Evans?  She's looking fabulous and is thoroughly entertaining as Adrienne during the three minutes a week they let her be on-screen.  I hope the increased references to Justin and the kids means they're coming back.  Steve said Dimples!  That must mean Justin will be on-screen soon, right?  And Wally Kurth's the one with the dimples, so they're totally getting him back, yes?  Thereby both reuniting another Days couple of my youth, and freeing Wally from the bitches ru[n/i]ning GH who only let him appear at funerals?  (I have a rich fantasy life.) 

Anyway, the Johnson sibling interaction is just as fun as the Bradys':


Hee.  This is probably like the time I thought "butt paste" was an awesome joke but it turned out to be the name of an actual product, but whatever, "Daddy, Don’t Drop Me" was hilarious.

And Steve, Kayla, and Pocket are still adorable, especially when the baby stuff is in small quantities.  Unfortunately, all things Steve and Kayla have been in small quantities lately, but what there is is great.


So darling.  Don't let him hitchhike to Memphis, dude!


I don't think Marlena aloha'd even once this week!


That is progress that must be applauded. 


This glare is a possible addition to the Expression Hall of Fame. 


And it's also the way everyone should look at Jeremy, always.


Bo and Hope continue to be too cute


and I'm still loving all the cast interaction around the reading of Colleen and Santo's letters.


For the actual Colleen and Santo scenes, though, we have to cross over to the bad place.


The cheesiness of the Colleen/Santo romance, which I had up until now totally embraced, just went way, way over-the-top this week.  This?


Not okay.  I recoiled in a combination of horror at having seen it, and embarrassment for James Scott having to do it.

And really, are they kidding me with this wig?


Even Christina at her dirrtiest would have deemed that too fake.


Stefano might die!  Uh-huh.  Color me worried. 

And since he's joined to Stefano's hip, I'll address my next pet peeve here:  Rolf.  I generally hate Dr. Rolf, for many reasons, including that he reminds me of the stupidest era in Days history and in particular that he was involved with the Gemini Twins storyline (still a historic low, as far as I'm concerned, possibly even dumber than Melaswen and the talking dog combined).  I thought I was finally rid of him when a crate smashed him to death and they toted his corpse around town before using it as a decoy for someone else's fake death, but this is Days, so apparently that was just a speed bump on his mortality's long road.  So he's back.  He and his stupid-ass accent are back.   I finally realized this week what Rolf's accent is audibly identical to:  Joey Tribbiani playing the title role in that off-off-broadway musical, Freud!  Now that I think about it, much as I hate him, all would be forgiven if Rolf would just sing that Tony-worthy tune:  "All you want is a dingle. What you envy's a schwang...."


EJ's purple blazer must be burned:


Nobody else on this show has ever worn the same outfit twice, but I've been nearly blinded by that thing on a half dozen occasions.  The writers have turned EJ into a borderline psychotic, and the flashbacks require him to wear the 70s porn mustache


so the least the wardrobe department can do is keep EJ's aesthetic perfection intact.  Purple tweed is unforgivable.


I do not approve of this haircut.


It's very razoring-meets-The-Rachel.  (Note that neither is acceptable in 2007.)


I don't like the length on Martha Madison, and I especially don't like that it ends up looking very soccer mom-ish.  They already dress and write Belle like she's 65, so it isn't the direction I would have gone in.  In that last photo, I think she's saying she'll wager her ring in the mah-jong game if Edele is willing to put up her Dr. Scholl's foot bath that the grandkids gave her last Christmas.


Everything related to Nick sucked.  The stupid custody-of-China-Lee's-kids thing, the break-up with Chelsea that we're supposed to care about even though they were only together for like a week and have done nothing adorable together in months, and, most importantly, what the hair stylists did to Blake Berris:


That is higher than my bangs were in the 80s.  It is approaching Kayla Brady circa 1987 levels.  Granted, I idolized that hair.  But Nick is in desperate need of amplified hotness after the bad sex incident, and this is not helping.


Based on the preview for this week (which followed Stefano's trademark "Mwuahahahahaha!" laugh of impending doom that closed off last week), I'd like to preemptively say:  Max, STOP FLIRTING WITH YOUR NIECE.

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


Absolutely hilarious post. As usual. I'm still laughing over the Dr. Scholl's foot bath.

Wow! Rolf! I forgot about him. (I stopped watching Days shortly after the Gemini Twin fiasco.)

I looked up "Daddy, Don't Drop Me" but it looks like this title, regrettably, does not exist.

I just thought that Belle started seeing Kate and Chelsea's weed-whacker - uhhh, I mean, hair dresser.

You have to be careful about putting EJ only in your bad list - People might think that he's an unpopular character. Maybe you should balance it out by saying, for example, that while the Santo/Colleen shirt ripping scene was a bit odd, anything that gets James Scott undressed is awesome! (I was conflicted about the cheesy mostache at first, but now I just embrace it because even with it JS if effing hot.)

Awwww...you're being too hard on Nick. Yes, the storyline is terrible but Blake Berris did some good work this week - and he and Chelsea's angst was stupid, but in a ridiculous youthful way. But the China Lee, foster kids speed bump was stupid.

It doesn't matter how cheesy James Scott's character is - any glimpse of his chest is a GOOOD days day! :D HUBBA HUBBA

"Daddy, Don't Drop Me" had me laughing all day. Every time I thought about it it made me laugh. I don't care how much the rest of the week sucked because it was worth it for that.

I agree burn the jacket!!!!!!!! Everytime I think we've seen the last of it the wardrobe department at Days brings it back like a bad nightmare you can't shake! Is there seriously nothing else they can put James in - oh wait, nothing would be better, wouldn't it?

While we're at it, let's put Colleen's wig in the fire too! You're absolutely right - it's awful! Infact, I think it gets worse everytime they put it on her! Ali Sweeney has some fabulous, hair why didn't they just style that instead?

The wig seriously needs to go, but I am oddly fond of the pornstache. It's cheestastically awesome. And I loved Santo ripping his shirt open, but that may be because I'm very shallow and will take a shirtless JS however I can get him.

The picture of Steve in his leather vest reading "Daddy Don't Drop Me" is simply priceless.

I thought the Nick/Chelsea stuff was really quite good on Friday's show. Lots of angsty stuff and both RM and BB did a great job with the material.

Wow, for once I have to disagree with you. I loved the Santo shirtrip! Anything, anything in the world that reveals James Scott's gorgeous chest, arm, shoulder, whatever, is ok with me! I agree that the Santeen stuff can be cheesy sometimes, but I think it's supposed to be and I find it all around awesome. Would rather have that every day than Jerkemy and the Touch The Sky crew. Floved the Stephanie face screen cap tho, hilarious!

I am actually *still* laughing over "Daddy Don't Drop Me" and the totally deadpan way that Judi Evans presented it. That plus Kayla calling her brothers "losers" = a truly perfect Days episode. Why oh why cant we have more??

I am actually *still* laughing over "Daddy Don't Drop Me" and the totally deadpan way that Judi Evans presented it. That plus Kayla calling her brothers "losers" = a truly perfect Days episode. Why oh why cant we have more??

The creepiest thing about Dr. Rolf? His uncanny resemblance to Michael Chertoff.

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