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August 28, 2007

Honestly, Does She Not Own a Mirror?

If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's because I'm going to camp out in front of the set of The Young and the Restless to convert Sharon Case to a new, fashionable era of hairdos.

If you hear on the news that someone with my description is wanted for questioning in a stalking/forced haircutting case...please provide me with an alibi. I thank you in advance.

I know I always complain about Sharon Case's hair. Almost as frequently as I moon over Peter Bergman. Because her hair is as awful as Peter Bergman is dreamy. I simply cannot say that enough: to borrow a phrase from the last time her hairstyle was popular, "There are way too many don'ts in that 'do". Actually, you know what, that's not fair to the 1990s--that hairstyle was not popular even in the decade that brought us Grunge and the Macarena.

From some angles, it appears to be your basic bob. I am a fan of the bob--two of my favorite celebrity haircuts are Jennifer Aniston's chin length bob and Reese Witherspoon's look in Sweet Home Alabama. Not to mention Megan Ward and Melody Thomas Scott! So I would fully support Sharon Case getting a bob.


...except she turns around and it's like three feet longer.


I...it's...like...what I am trying to ask is: is this a form of a mullet?

So you have Approaching Cute in the front and Laguna Beach Girl A in the back and then the sides are like...


Wannabe Crystal Gayle? Cult Member Who Wears Laura Ashley? And to not even have the common decency to brush it?



Way Harsh, Sharon.

Her hairdo is like a matryoshka doll, where every nested figure reveals another layer of ugliness.

(I'm not going to even BOTHER to ask why they dressed Sharon, a billionaire's wife and alleged model, in an oversized, shapeless, wide-sleeved (!) Oxford shirt with "pearls" bought in the costume section of AC Moore)

And setting aside the atrocities of the style itself (if that's at all possible), the quality of her hair doesn't seem to be...good. Like, I think some of her extensions might actually be flammable. That's dangerous. What if she catches on fire and the only person with her is Don Diamont to blankly tell her "Fire! You're on fire!" Except with his monotone and inability to move his face, she won't know how serious he is and the entire show will go up in flames.   

I have several theories:

  • Sharon Case is blind and really cannot tell that her hair is rapidly approaching "deformity" level
  • Sharon Case has no friends to tell her that her hair is horrible
  • Sharon Case has lots of enemies who tell her every chance they get that her hair is gorgeous

I don't know what the true story is, but I will not rest until she gets her hair done! This is my new mission in life. Forget world peace or paying off student loans, Sharon Case's hair is way more important!


Oh, God. Scrolling down to that second photo was... there really are no words. That's just bad, bad, and more bad.

who are we to say it's not fashionable? It's not in America or Puerto Rico, but in could be in Japan... Oh, who are we kidding! *shoves reese's peaunt butter cups at a frantic pace in mouth*

I'll see you picketing?

While you're fighting the good fight, in the name of good hair.. On a somewhat related, but not Y&R related note, does your SOD column give you access to swat Carolyn Hinsey over the nose with a rolled up newspaper? In her recent column, while she's ranting about GH's Kate not acting like the editor of a magazine (like any soap character ever works as much as a normal human being does), she winds up her rant by saying, in reference to Megan Ward's amazing hair, that she is going to go out and get a bowl haircut. I guess, having seen Carolyn Hinsey's hair, I can understand that she doesn't know fabulous hair when it's staring her in the face, and her Sonny/Maurice Benard love has her insanely jealous that Megan Ward gets to spend so much time in his orbit that she must lash out. But come on, reducing that amazing hair to a freaking bowl cut? That's a crime.

I wanted my hair cut like that when I was 4, and that was 1991! Shame on me for that, but at least I had the excuse of being a kid and it being over a decade ago

C'mon, you don't recognize the cut?? MARCIA BRADY!

Ohmygod, you kill me. I grew up watching Y+R. You know, I still have nightmares about Nick and Sharon's "lovemaking" scenes. She is trapped in a style warp, for sure. But that may have to do with the time warp Paul, Brad and Jack are still in-seriously, who is their Botox-er? Also, my friend Val thinks that Katherine Chancellor and Rod Stewart are the same person. Thoughts?

I don't watch YR enough to know Case's previous hairstyles, but could it be a case of that kinda chick that always wants to have long hair? "Girls have pretty long hair; boys have short." You know, like dirty old men think. And the stylist wants her to cut it, and this is the compromise? I'm reaching here, I'm sure.

"C'mon, you don't recognize the cut?? MARCIA BRADY!"

LMAO! It *is* Marcia hair. Not surprising since her hair was hideous as well (as annoying as Jan was, she soaked up all the good hair genes).

The biggest beef, other than her heinous weave of course, I have with Sharon's hair is that it's CONSTANTLY IN HER FACE! All you see is a sliver of her face because HER HAIR IS COVERING UP THE REST! She's pretty, so there's no reason for it.

Glad I got that out of my system. Bad hair makes me shout. And sometimes convulse.

Hey im new on the forum, depressing I participate inn't introduced myself. I'll get to it, Basically I've got extremely beamy dense 's breadth, but I don't like it precise much. Its many times been fro 2-3 inches in the large run b for a large timey and if it gets any in the large run b for a large timeyer than that it goes frizzy and big. I was wondering if there is any way of sheerning the whisker a lot without shortening it too much. The barbar again lankys it when I go but they say they can't do it any more and im ncontinuously convinced why. My braids is extremely beamy dense and as a upshot definitely relentless it doesn't allied with plains after a few inches.

My braids is this lenth cruelly at the consequence, but it doesn't lay thither as at once and so looks fully disparate.(I wouldn't participate in emo iniquitous, I proper requirement it that while)

2008 hair style wedding

Should I go to a stylist and talk fro this to try and kidney this out to get this basically? Or do you guys beget any ideas?( I'd slightly keep gells, creams and awkward bull)

Thanks wish to learn from you.

OW! I'm embarrassed! I googled "how to get hair like Sharon Case"! I know she has way too much bang action happening...it should be blended more. But my hair type is almost identical to hers, so I know why she has to keep it that way. The front peices of our hair get so bitched from blowdrying, straightening, curling, heaviest amount of hightlights, that you've gotta keep cutting it the hair that frames your face. I think she could go a bit shorter in the back to blend it...but all in all, I really like the length. She probably does too. You can't have it all. Her and I both have light brown hair naturally, and over the years, from getting the highlights touched up, the entire shade lightens (slowly). So, when you've got that much processed hair, it hard to keep it long and that blonde. I give my hair a break in the winter though...and I sport ugly roots. SHe can't do that on TV!

At times I like her, but most of the time I don't. So I kinda agree.

thanks for sharing it.

i think that you are all jealous i would love to see what your hair looks like sharon is soo pretty and i love her hair... STOP HATEIN

Well, it looks like your mission was a bust because her hair still looks exactly the same four years later.

It still looks just as horrible five years later! It looks so bad, I wish she'd try something new for the viewers sake!

I hate her hair!!! It's so Marcia Brady or even Cher back in the days of The Sonny and Cher Show. She actually thinks she looks hot, but either I know nothing of hotness or she's more delusional than her character. She also has a lot of breakage which is very evident in winter months with all the static in the air.

Someone else who could join the rest of us in the 21st century is Tracey Bregman. The Lady Godiva look went out long ago.

Sharon always has fly away hair, as in so much static!

At least she's not an ugly cow like my wife!

Well, 11 years on and still no change. Although her dreadful nasal voice does provide some distraction.

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