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August 29, 2007

I Will Not Have What He's Having

So, the drug that EJ stabbed into Roman's thigh with the syringe that was inexplicably left out in a hospital room, what is it?  First it paralyzed him, then it made him drunk-ish and forgetful, then it making him behave like a developmentally delayed five-year-old, then within minutes he's totally fine.  What the hell disease was it meant to treat?  Is this the next great biological weapon?  Or are these the "strong choices that didn't really work" that I would have heard the judges on I Wanna Be a Soapstar refer to so many times if I, hypothetically, watched that show?

I probably won't be doing any more bitching about this storyline though, because it resulted in EJ nearly naked in a steam room. 



God bless James Scott's abs.  And vaporized water.  And evil lookalike sociopaths disguised as cross-dressing nuns, bent on revenge.  As always.

Screencap courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


amen to that sister!!!

I'm willing to forgive the silliness of the whole thing, just because Bo's reactions were priceless.

Oh, yeah, and hot shirtless EJ helped too...

I haven't been watching much lately, but what is up with Lucas acting like an alpha male? That was weirder than a stoned Roman.

I thought Roman and Bo were hysterical together. But I like seeing Roman on-screen anytime. We rarely get to see him.

I'm pissed. I had to fast forward (as usual) all the EJ/Sami scenes because I cannot fucking staaaaaaaand Alison Sweeney's hyperventilating, constipated "acting". I need Days to get him a real scene partner so I can actually watch him. This sucks.

Ha! So true, half naked James Scott totally made my day. Now if only instead of the horrible Touch the Sky storyline, we could get a storyline that forced him to spend part of each day half naked in the steam room!

Also, the flirting/bantering between EJ and Sami once she stopped overacting and settled down was great.

Stoned!Roman did nothing for me, either. In fact, I thought JT was over the top and pretty stupid. But, Bo's reactions to all of that were hilarious. PR's facial expressions and comments were great. So, overall it worked for me but only because of PR.

The sauna scenes were well done. Nearly naked EJ is my favorite kind and I enjoyed the snarkiness between he and Sami.

James Scott is soooo edible! I almost started watching All My Children for him. Alas, he was killed off before I could make up my mind. Now I see he may be a goner from Days soon, too. Bummer. If his absence is permanent and not another patented DOOL dead today-alive tomorrow story, maybe he can hop on over to a soap I actually watch. As long as it's not GH where he'll end up an idiot in law enforcement or a mobster marked for death.

I loved when EJ was fanning her with the towel, and she said--"Oh, now let me do you..."

Ummmmmm. Yeah. Wait in line, chica.

What can I say, I've floved the last two weeks of days so much I can barely find the will to snark on sanguine Shelle or even gripe about the Touch The Sky guys.

Ej/Sami or Santo's and Colleen has reminded me why I watch soaps.

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