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August 04, 2007

Nicknames, Schnicknames

Since so many of you are coming to the site as a result of our Soap Opera Digest column, where we use our regular names, and since one of us is too lazy to continue to insert the é in "Promising Ingénue" when she references her co-blogger in her posts, we're retiring "Evil But Twinless" and "Promising Ingénue" on the blog.  We were attached to the nicknames, and they live on in our profiles and the text of old posts, but Mallory (the artist formerly known as PI) and Becca (EBT) have officially landed.  Please plan appropriate celebrations or wakes!


Ah, yes, the dramatic reveal. Now let's all pause and look constipated while we cut to a commercial. :)

I love the nicknames, but glad you're "coming out," as it were.

Hey there Becca and Mallory. I'm Lauren. Pleased to meet ya.

Now, on with the festivities. Will there be a retirement party and an open bar?

Yes, please. Becca and Mallory, you're two of my favorite people, with the others being fictional characters from long-ago teen angst dramas. But since you're both real, I would like to attend this retirement party, especially the open bar part. I have a bronzed Peach Pit menu for the both of you.

I refuse to reveal my real name. In other words, I choose me.

Woo-hoo! Let the party begin! I will bring the white russians (I'm a sucker for vodka). I'm Jacqueline, by the way (and, yes, it really is Jacqueline - I don't answer to anyone's form of diminutive of it). Also, I can understand (formerly) PI's consternation with her blogging partner not using the "é" when referring to her as that is a part of my last name and it cannot be pronounced properly without it.

That being said, I propose a minute of silence for those we have come to love as EBT and PI. RIP.

I was going to use my fake name, misguided aborted fetus with bad hair who was once possessed by satan but now works for the mob and hijacks entire hours of your favorite shows, but decided in honor of your name changes, I would stick with the original (too bad it wasn't something cool like Ridge, or Thorne, or Coop, or some kind of adverb). I'm one of the folks who found your blog thanks to your SOD columns, and I couldn't be happier - you guys are hilarious and dead-on (well, except for your generosity towards GH:NS, which should have been flushed down the toilet on day one - in my humble opinion, anyway). Keep up the great work and thanks for brightening my day!

I've been a fan since before the columns but I am simply not creative enough for a nickname, so Regency it is. I have revealed myself. *chugs kool-aid*

RIP wonderful pseudonyms.

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