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August 31, 2007

Night Shift: What Say You?

The "Employee of the Month" recap will be up later today (once Becca recovers fully from her eyeroll-induced migraine) but we'd like to ask you, dear readers, how you feel about the show. We haven't been shy about our disappointment with the show and have been vocal about our frustration with poor writing, heinous editing, appalling performances and people acting completely out of character for the past eight episodes. To sum up, we think it sucks. And blows. But since we've earned a reputation as being hypercritical and unnecessarily harsh, we want to hear what you think.


I hate it. I can't believe what they are doing to Patrick's character and Robin and Patrick's relationship. Hate it, hate it, hate it. And not even love to hate it, just plain old hate it.

Remember when it was supposed to showcase Patrick and Robin and their relationship and medical cases at the hospital? What happened to that? Instead, it appears they freaking created a whole new show to destroy those who are popular but not the mob. So that GH looks good in comparison? Guza sucks and this is the lowest he's ever gone. And that's pretty low.

Did I mention I HATE the show? Cause I do. With a passion. It sucks.

Watching Night Shift was like poking out my eyeballs with a fork. Leyla couldn't just be the "Big Bad" could she? No! That'd be too fucking much to ask for! But Jolene? The only pink lady out of that motley crew is suddenly evil? Forgive me if I don't buy that for a minute! Leyla consoling Patrick...I'm just glad my first impression of that scene was wrong. I thought there'd be a kiss or something. Robin telling Jason in the next episode that he should be a father? Give it up! I don't care about Jason's secret pain! I never have! He threatened Sam's life when he's pretty much killed her already! But he's the romantic lead? WTF?! Robin barely knows Stacy, but she wants her baby. I don't even really care about Spinelli, and I wanted to cry for him last night! Epiphany and her "flirting" and shoving Lainey around? This is supposed to be "high-quality" entertainment? On what planet? Nothing about last night's episode was okay!

Edit: The only pink lady out of that motley crew that I don't despise. There, that makes more sense.

Anything that makes me think "Wow, I really wish Patrick and Robin would get LESS screen time" is clearly of the devil.

I don't hate it but had to go with the last one because I'm afraid of clowns... and Sonny. And they make me mad at Robin and Patty. Also how stupid are they to try and take the General Hospital out of General freaking Hospital! I know its his dream to have GH without GH so it can be mobster central (even more so with GH being the first soap to change its name and everything) but he can't because then where will all the shot people go! How stupid of him to even suggest that! It seems to me that Guza and his Black Parade of Writers have been smoking the Wacky Tobacky and the Hillbilly Heroin!

i'm mixed. when the acting is good, it can make me overlook (for the moment) the cheesiness, blatant flaws in realism, technical inadequacies, etc. So, Maxie and Leo -- great, heartwarming, touching. and it's great that Lainey actually gets a story and does stuff. but, when the acting is bad... it's embarrassing to sit through. there are whole scenes in the show that i promise i've watched attentively, but i simply cannot make out what is being said thru all the mumbling and incoherence.

and i feel bad that BDW with his reputation and all hasn't impressed me. i kinda feel embarrassed for his sake that he's been giving such crappy material. it's the 8th show and the character of Toussaint has had one good moment -- and that was when he was by himself, without words, at the end of the elevator situation.

but i would be lying if i said any of the above matters deeply to me, b/c i really only watch for Robin and Patrick. and to be even more blunt, i watch to see Kimberly McCullough get material that showcases her talent, considering GH seems to forget that she's helped won the show a few emmys. the only two episodes i've really enjoyed have been those where Robin was featured prominently -- so episodes 1 and 7. the rest, i found mostly boring and ffwd thru.

as for the Robin and Patrick story itself, after enduring their interaction for the first 1/2 dozen episodes, it's now become more interesting. i still find the idea of their individual issues clashing irreconcilably with their love for each other compelling and dramatic. but while i never expected bubble gum and butterflies, i find the dynamic of the relationship significantly and disappointingly altered (partly by involving romantic third parties and, more so for me, Patrick's attitude toward Robin). it's sad that NS's arrival has tainted my appreciation for the character of Patrick. i expect it to improve, but i see that as a loss.

I haven't seen the episode yet as it hasn't been posted, but I don't need to. This show blows! I, also, thought it was going to be a show about the HOSPITAL, featuring Drs. Scorpio and Drake and their love story since GH can't or won't allow more than two scenes per episode to focus on the hospital and the people who work there. I should have known better than to expect anything from Guza.

NS's Patrick is an asshole and GH's Patrick isn't much better these days. I don't normally buy into conspiracy theories but I've got to agree with some of the folks who think that Guza got totally freaked out by Robin and Patrick's popularity (thereby taking away focus from his precious "mob") that he created this show to completely and irrevocably deconstruct them. He just might be succeeding.

AMC and OLTL fired their headwriters this year. Isn't it time that GH did the same?

It's not just you. You're not hypercritical and unnecessarily harsh. The show does suck. And it blows. The destruction of Patrick's character, and also the horrible story for Patrick and Robin, makes this loyal Scrubs fan very sad. There have been moments, but overall, I'm not happy with it.

I agree that episodes 1 and 7 were the best, and not surprisingly, that's because they featured Robin/ Kimberly McCullough. She has been phenomenal in her performances, when given the chance. But, there have been episodes when she's had less than 3 minutes of screentime, also, and less airtime than Pip. Jason Thompson has done a great job, too, and tried to do the best with the crap he's been given. His character really didn't deserve this. The show is supposed to be about Robin and Patrick, and if it actually gave them more time to talk and was actually about them, it would be much better, IMO.

I want to see Robin have some actual cases of her own, too, dammit! Where are the medical stories? Since NS is copying Grey's, at least throw some actual medical drama in there.

Patrick and Robin are my main reason for watching, and I do feel it's getting a little better...I can see some of the love there again, at least. But the way the writers are handling their story is not necessary...they didn't need to have them be so hateful to each other. They haven't captured the dynamic that make Scrubs so special at all.

The rest of the show absolutely SUCKS. There's no reason at all for Jason to be there, or Spinelli. The student nurses all suck; they are horrible actresses and I'm not interested in any of them. Kelly's "ImaHo" story is not interesting at all, either. Don't care about Pip's crush on BDW and that he's somehow Stan's dad. Don't care about Stan, either, and why doesn't he have something better to do on a Saturday night? The Army dude with Lainey is a horrible actor, so I don't care about that story either. Pablo sucks, too. Hell, they all suck.

Nope, it's definitely not just you. Most of NS is the pits.

But I hold out hope that something great is still going to happen with Patrick and Robin...it's just got to.

Hey, it's a show for SCRUBS fans, right?? lol

I find NS to a huge disappointment. Mainly because it was hyped as a vehicle for Patrick and Robin and all it has been is a vehicle to destroy everything I enjoyed about them. they were colleagues, true friends and they respected and regaled one another. They never put anyone or thing before the other. They grew to be better people together and here is Mr. Guza and team and they are openly trying to demolish Scrubs. I hate that about NS. I hate both Patrick and Robin. Both have regressed and do not know who they are anymore.
NS sucks.

Well, if you are "hypercritical and unnecessarily harsh," then so am I. NS sucks harder than a hoover. I had hopes for this show and they dashed them all.

I tuned in to see more of Robin and Patrick's love story. What I have seen instead is their apparent destruction. I no longer watch. It's not worth my time. Somewhere there must be paint that needs to be watched as it dries.

They managed not only to make me dislike Scrubs (on NS) but I also dislike both Robin and Patrick as individuals. That's especially "impressive" when you consider that I've been a Robin fan for oh 13, 14, 15 years. I've lost count now.

:( I feel cheated. I feel like a fool. My biggest disappointment is the way Patrick, Robin, and Scrubs have been portrayed. I think they would have faired better if a third party wasn't inserted into their story. It just takes away from the whole story. I also worry that we won't get a big payoff. Guza loves his sleaze so expect him to frankly f**k them up even more. But for me, if the journey was horrible I'm not going to care about the end result.

I will say this. I enjoyed seeing Kent (Lainey) showcased. She is on contract on GH and she is hardly ever used! So kudos to her performances.

And even though Patick and Robin suck for the most part on NS, some of Jason T. and Kimberly M.'s performances have been great. Oh what could have been if this show was written better. I mean, something is seriously wrong with the show if I enjoy Jason/Robin scenes more than Patrick/Robin scenes. (but really great scene with Steve and Kimberly in episode 8! One of the few highlights of NS. Very heartfelt.)

Oh and honorable mention to Dr. Julian. He is the only new character that has really peaked my interest. How can you hate someone so down to earth?

I can best sum up my feelings on NS by quoting the observations of two of my closest friends who are CBS fans and, therefore, have no interest in or knowledge of GH, but DO have knowledge concerning what is "good soap". Here is what they had to say:

-Why is Patrick such an asshole?! They said the "boob job" comment pretty much finished him off with them.

-Why does Robin have to keep being nice to him while he's such a jerk to her? And why is he Robin's boss? And why doesn't Robin just take up with the cute, sweet janitor, since he seems to care more about her than the Patrick dude?

-They thought that Jason/Robin and Patrick/Leyla were supposed to be the root-for couples, but they were a bit confused, because, while they could understand the Jason/Robin thing because their chemistry was nearly as good as the Patrick/Robin chemistry, they could not understand why the show didn't just use that chemistry and write it as a Jason/Robin/Patrick triangle if they had to do a triangle, instead of throwing, and I quote, "that chick who can't act and always has the same damn facial expression" into the mix, especially since, as they said, she has no chemistry with the guy who plays Patrick, or anyone else, for that matter.

-They said that the chick who plays Leyla is, quite possibly, the worst soap actress they've ever seen-and considering that they both are B&B fans of many years, they freely admit that that is saying a LOT. They also said that Kimberly McCullough is, perhaps, one of the best they'd seen-as both are Y&R fans of many years, I think THAT'S saying a lot, too.

And the sad thing is that, even though I have been hanging on to the Scrubs train by my fingernails for close to TWO DAMN YEARS now, I can see, after 9 episodes of NS, EXACTLY where they are coming from.

Seriously, as I was watching Patrick whine (again) because Robin's not worshipping at the altar of his hotness and giving up her every dream to do so, while Leyla was like "Yeah, I totally agree, what a bitch. Hey! I know what we can do to show HER!", I was like "Why DOESN'T Robin forget about Patrick and go for the hot, sweet janitor?" Of course, then I reminded myself that the hot, sweet janitor is the one who put Robin through Cottage Hell, and that restored me to my proper senses.....but the fact that the ninth circle of HELL that Guza has turned my Scrubs into made me forget, however momentarily, that fact, makes me mightily nervous. And nauseous.

At this point, I want Robin to put his ass in the road and then take up with Dr. Julian-before Guza completely kills all love I had for Patrick and, thereby, ensures that I will never want Robin with him again.

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