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August 20, 2007

Poor Carly?!

ABC Daytime is fakakta, yo. 

There I was, innocently eating my lunch, drinking a vitamin water, surfing the 'net, when SoapNet/ABC Daytime -- with its accomplice, Gmail -- ruined my afternoon with a single email.

Part of the subject line:


Hey, Carly must have a new storyline!  Maybe it'll be one in which she doesn't yell, or idolize Sonny.  Miracles do happen!  And betrayal, well, she could use a little bit of that -- knock her down a few pegs.  I wonder who betrays her!

And here's more confirmation that the subject line is not a typo:  Carly has, in fact, been betrayed. 


But how, you ask?  How has Carly been betrayed?


WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS SHOW?!  Being the victim of sexual assault is breaking your wedding vows?!  (Vows that were ridiculous to start with, BTW.)

I mean, maybe I'm wrong, but when I saw this:


and this:


My first thought wasn't, "Poor Carly, however will she cope?"

Is there nobody associated with this show that has any grip remaining on reality?  Jesus.

Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


Totally fakakta. Totally. Come join me on the barg while I sip Mai Tai's and do body shots off of JT and JS. Oh wait, you have that blogging thing to do. Ah well, sorry about that, but thanks for taking the bullet.

Sweet baby Jasus. What is WRONG with people???

There isn't enough yiddish to describe GH. Meshugunnah, facacta/fakakta, keppe let etc...

I know wedding vows have gotten more personal and creative over the years. Once a goofy friend of mine even promised to wear something to bed besides old lady night gowns once in a while and cook more often than holidays if he vowed to carry in the groceries and get the mail. Cute? Nah, bot really.

When I get married should I include "I vow never to be the victim of heinous or violent crimes" WTF!?!?!?!?!

On a serious note did your screencapper catch todays Cameron All Star Moments? He reenacted the gunmen for Sam while Liz refused to give her the details vis a vis they were after St. Jasus. Cameron actually held his hand like a gun and pointed it at himself!!!!!!! I swear he did it more than once too. The actual child may be scarred for life. Nice touch to keep him off set for that part Guza!!!!! My lord. When Kimberly was a child on set they didn't let the crew or cast swear. For this Cameron genius, they let him be held up at gunpoint! See the difference?

Oy Vey.

OMG, you are soo awesome, that was hilarious. and to answer you question...no no one even connected the GH has any link to reality anymore...its sad really.

And if i were going to pity anyone in this situation with Carly/Jerry/Jax/Irina it totally would be Jerry...j/k no body stroke out or anything...itd be poor jax...although he does look hot all tied up lol.

That is entirely ridiculous. Of course, that fits with the rest of the story. Which I can barely bring myself to watch.

Oh no, it's the "Sami has sex with a drugged Austin" story all over again. Hey soap writers, MEN CAN GET RAPED in contexts other than stale prison jokes.

You'd think GH would learn from it's drugged Carly date rape "a wife's indiscretion" marketing debacle but ABC Daytime is just a freaking haven for enlightened thinking. Somone should be fired for this. Where's Jennifer Bransford or Kari Wuhrer when you need them.

I sat there in complete disbelief when I received the same email from Soapnet. I felt like I was in an alternative universe. I've never seen spin like this before. Jax is tortured, starved and sexually assault. But poor Carly is betrayed. Just no words. To answer you question NO I don't think tptb have an grasp of reality.

No one, and I do mean no one, involved in the writing, production, or advertising of this show has even the slightest link to reality. Any link has long since been severed.

I actually wrote a complaint to soap net about the incredible bias and warped "logic" that went into this ad.

There really are no words.

wow. that actually made me angry. an email from soapnet made me angry. O__o

Karen, remind me: what is the "drugged Carly date rape "a wife's indiscretion" marketing debacle"?

I don't watch GH but I'm sitting here giggling at the Yiddish. Sarah, I agree, not enough Yiddish to describe these shows.

ABC has totally pushed the envelope of bad taste!

Their habit of deciding who the losers are and then writing a story that tells the opposite has been dragging on for awhile, but this time they've just gone too far.

Ahhhh GH's way of once again putting the spotlight on Saint Carly, much like they do with Saint Jason. These characters can do no wrong - didn't you get the memo? I'd say I was shocked by GH's spin on this Jax is assaulted story, but I'd be lying through my teeth. Carly and Jason are the reasons why I'll never again LIKE much less love GH.

"A wife's indiscretion" marketing campaign was what ABC did after Carly was drugged and seemingly woke up afterwards naked and in bed with Ric. Apparently Brian Frons, who commented after the fans blew his ears off, was surprised that the concept of roofies and "date rape" were associated with a story involving the drugging of Carly and Ric seemingly having sex with her. He and ABC called it in advertising pieces, "A wife's indiscretion."

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