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August 23, 2007

Seriously, I Love This Kid

I'm going to just go on the record and say that Sam's scheme to hire goons to terrify Elizabeth was brilliant. BRILLIANT.

For starters, it's been ages since someone on this show had a revenge scheme that made any sort of sense. This was no "I'm going to make you famous and then threaten to take all of that fame away and embarrass you publicly! Or I would embarrass you publicly, if you had any sort of sense of shame whatsoever! So chew on that while you count your money tonight!", or "Since you meddling kids foiled my Metro Court hostage crisis, I'm going to force you to pretend to be dating!" it was deliciously evil and sort of insane. Please don't think that I condone paying someone to scare the crap out of a woman and her adorable sons because that's, you know, unhinged. But all things considered, this plan worked perfectly, which is more than you can say for any other Port Charles revenge seeker.

Secondly, it led to the delicious scene where Maxie confirmed her awesomeness by not worshiping Jason. When was the last time a female encountered Jason without immediately throwing herself at his feet, speaking in tongues and offering up her uterus to shooters? I honestly cannot recall. So the fact that Maxie was like, "You? Seriously? Whatev" made my day. Moments like that go a long way in making me forget the insipid Logan sex bet. More Jason hating and less cheating on Coop, please.

(But Kirsten Storms, should you be reading this: pleasepleaseplease have a piece of cheesecake. Or you can come over and I can make you an ice cream sundae, or eight. Because you're really terrifying me right now, and it's sad to see someone so pretty and so talented waste away. I am telling you this because I love you.)

Thirdly, it confirmed that Lucky is, in fact, a whole new brand of stupid. "Uh, so you never used to talk to me before and now I'm like your new best friend, and my wife, who you hate with a passion, was threatened by people looking for Jason, and you really hate my wife a whole lot and blame her for everything that's gone wrong in your life, and even though you scared these attackers away with a gun, now you're afraid that they're going to come after you and you need a bodyguard and you want it to be me? Well, golly gee, that sounds like a great idea to me! What could possibly go wrong?"

But perhaps most importantly, it confirmed that Cameron is the undisputed MVP of this show. He makes any episode instantly better. For those of you who missed this plot unfold, I will allow Cam to do the honors of recapping for you:


"So, my mom and I were playing in the dangerous-ass park when these guys came out of nowhere and were like--


'We're going to shoot you!' And my mom and I were like


'AHHHH!' and then the lady with the leathery skin who is always yelling and lurking in our bushes came and saved us. Now I want a grilled cheese sandwich."


Oh god, how wrong is it that I laughed out loud when I saw that second screencap of Cam and Liz? Damn that kid is cute, and I'm not really a kid person, but he's awesome.

I loved loved loved the great Cameron commentary. LOL

Fabulous, as usual.

And you're right, I hadn't really thought about it before but in the short term at least Sam's plan did in fact work. I'm just not sure what she really thinks she'll get out of her whole revenge scheme long term. But then again, the writers probably haven't considered that either.

I would also like some scenes between chatty Morgan, expressive Cam and generally fabulous Kristina. They'd make Michael look like a dour amateur in a heart beat.

Hilarious! I totally replayed that Cam scene like five times, and laughed every single one of them.

I love the second screencap, where Liz is all, "Seriously? Y'all are the most unintimidating goons ever!" I love how Cam "inherited" his faculty with great looks from Liz.

Yipeeeee! I just e-mailed Becca about these scenes this afternoon, I posted about them on the 20th. She found them and you were already working on this brilliant post. Another amazing entry for Cameron for your Expression Hall of Fame.

Maxie was a riot today. I love her as the lone female on the show not offering up her uterus to shooters just to be near his heroicness. Great line. And I second the cheesecake, she is so fab. I hope she gets help.

And poor Lucky. His last remaining brain cells are dying off at warp speed. He'll be moving with Laura, aka broom plus bad wig, any day now.

Has anyone else noticed JT and RS inability to correctly pronounce neurosurgeon? It's no where near as offensive as Dee-Vorce, but still. Why keep putting it in the scripts when they can't say it. For "brilliant doctors" they sound dim and simple, yet extremely HOT! Which is why I suppose nobody really cares.

Another NS tonight, I'll go pray.

Ohhh Cam, your awesomeness knows NO bounds! *stares on lovingly*

Okay, this might just show just how much of a dork I am, but - You know what would just be superawesomecool? GH should take a page out of Days' book and have JJ come back as Lucky and this stupid Lucky isn't really Lucky, he's a brainwashed soldier of Helena's that she placed when Lucky came back from the dead brainwashed by Faison. I mean, seriously, have you seen that snake movie JJ did a year or two back? GH is totally a step up from that pos - he should, like, want to come back.

Cam does completely rock. He's adorable plus he totally loves Lucky whereas with Jason his expression usually reads "I don't care if you bought my a Chuggin Charlie, get the eff away from my mom". But you used awesomeness and Maxie in the same sentence...I'll let you slide this time but please never let that happen again. And since you didn't say it, I will: Logan, Brutally Hot!

The Cam screencaps and commentary are hilarious.

I'm on the road and not seeing the show, which isn't causing me to suffer one bit, but I'm intrigued by this most suprising & satisfying turn of events:
". . . the delicious scene where Maxie confirmed her awesomeness by not worshiping Jason." PLEASE, someone, fill in some details - - I must know!!

I will always, always, love you, Serial Drama gals, but now more than ever because of the screencaps of my most FAVE GH CHARACTER EVER, Cameron.

And when Cam was done reenacting the attack, he picked his nose:


Can't wait for Cam & Morgan to be friend.

Too, too, too funny. . . and "the lady with the leathery skin who's always yelling." -- remember when she was ALWAYS whispering?!

That was funny as hell. As a Liz lover I love Cam. He's so cute. The expressions in the screencaps rival the look on Cam's face when Lucky came through the door and saw Liz with Jake and Jason with Cam. That boy looked like he was thinking "The "alleged" Enforcer did what you the "alleged" Detective couldn't do, bring my brother home!

KS does need to eat, but RH and KM are naturally small/petite women. KS has been shrinking since the MC Hostage storyline.

Cam's commentary was brilliant.

LOL at your description of the two previous lame ass revenge plots GH gave us recently.

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