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August 01, 2007


I really like Laura Wright.  It goes without saying that her pretty, shiny, awesome hair is part of that, but thanks to her Emmy red-carpet gig I actually think she's a cool person too.  She was entertaining and fun, and at the end of the night we decided we totally wanted to hang out with her.  I hadn't seen her in anything else before General Hospital, and I have never been a big Carly fan, but I had high hopes for her as Carly.  I think she's a good actress and could do a lot if the character was still, how should I put this, remotely tolerable.

So this isn't about Laura Wright.  This is about Carly, and how much I need for her to shut the hell up.

I would like Carly Benson Quartermaine Corinthos Corinthos Corinthos Alcazar Corinthos Jacks to realize the world does not revolve around her.  I would like Carly to learn to wear a bra.  I would like Carly to divorce Jax so he is free to hook up with Alexis.  I would like Carly to understand that codependency is not the new black.  I would like Carly to take immediate action to keep her oldest child from becoming a serial killer.

But what I truly, honestly, sincerely need is for Carly to BE QUIET.  Has Laura Wright had a scene in the last six months that didn't require her to yell or snap at someone?  It's making me mental.  The yelling is totally indiscriminate -- she bellows angrily at absolutely everyone!

...at Alexis


at Jason


at Jason while HE is in prison


at Jax


at Jax some more


at Jerry


at Liz


at Lucky


at Ric


at Sam


at Sonny and Kate


at . . . does it even matter anymore?


Beyond the very real possibility that she is going to blow out my poor old TV's speakers, the larger issue is she has become one of the least likable characters on GH.  Which is an accomplishment, considering the competition.  She and her yelling are on EVERY episode, and I couldn't make a convincing argument as to why anyone -- except maybe Sonny, given their required co-parenting -- spends any time with her whatsoever.  All she does is yell and threaten.  That's it.  She doesn't even have time to work, or have ill-advised extramarital sex with Sonny.


So, in addition to sending bras to GH we should also send muzzles and gags? This show is not only wasting my time, killing my brain cells, and ruining the history of GH and my old fav characters, but it is also costing me a small fortune just to reign in the evil that is Caroline Benson Carly Roberts Quartermaine Corinthos Corinthos Alcazar Corinthos Corinthos Jax. Her hair could give birth to gemstones in my lap twice daily and it's not enough to make me not loathe this hideous screeching evil manipulative beyotch. Impeach this character, and let LW find another soap to yell and scream her way through. If she unfortunately stays on, we should also send in an acting coach to get her to find her inside voice.

APPLAUDS! The shrieking and gesticulating are WAY over the top - and it's in every scene! The worst part of it is, the showrunners appear to be so enamoured with this behaviour that they are now hell bent on having Lulu act in the same manner (a lot of the time). There is no way that Laura Spencer's daughter would be running around town like a damn harpy.

I freely admit that I hate the character of Carly (it doesn't matter who is playing the part). Remember poor Tony Jones when he was happily married to Bobbie and father to BJ? Then, BAM, hurricane Carly hit and Tony kidnaps a baby and Robin and withholds Robin's meds?

Remember when Sonny was hot - he was with Brenda, had a business partnership with Luke, was sweet to Stone and Robin? Yup, hurricane Carly again. Now he's the greasy, mumbling minimobster.

Even post-accident Jason was sweet and loving and vulnerable with Robin. But, you guessed it, he entered into Carly's orbit and now he's the insufferable messiah of Port Charles.

Don't even get me started on the women of this town and how they've been backburnered and/or degraded so that Carly can be front and centre and hailed as a "strong" woman who would do anything for those she "loves". Grrr!

Bravo! Excellent analysis as usual. I really can't take it anymore. And you are correct -- this is NOT about Laura Wright. I remember her as Cassie on GL and loved her. I still think she is a terrific actress, but having said that, I can't stand to see her in every show and during every segement and in everyone's story.

The thing that bothers me the most, is that the writers portray her as the HEROINE of the show!!! There are so many other female characters that should be portrayed this way (Robin and Alexis come to mind), but alas, we are stuck with the glorification of Carly. I just want her to shut up!!

Oh, right there with you. I like Laura Wright just fine – lord knows where I would be about the character of Carly if I didn’t – but in the last couple of weeks I again want to throw a brick through the screen every time she appears.

Aside from that charming moment on Tuesday where she was trying to produce her fake subpoena to the guard while Elizabeth and Kate were sitting quietly in the background fanning themselves with their real ones – something which you just know wasn’t scripted – I could have cheerfully throttled Carly this week, and then stomped on her some just to make sure she’d shut up.

Amen. And while we're at it, could she at least learn to knock on the door instead of barging in wherever she goes.

I would like Carly to divorce Jax so he is free to hook up with Alexis.

Hell yeah!

I haven't watched GH in months (hey, look at that, that thesis work was good for something if it kept me from seeing the disaster that GH has become) but I've been on this boat for ages.

I'm just still boggled that Jax (Jax!) married Carly.


Of all the cons on my list of what repels me from watching GH versus why I occasionally pay attention to the show, Carly (in her myriad of portrayers) is number two (pun intended); number one being I just can't get myself to care. She's comparable to chewing on styrofoam, nails on a chalkboard, bagpipes, or dress over pants/maternity wear on non-expectant women...unbearable to the senses and torturously past the point of "STOP!".

Guza-era Carly reminds me quite a bit of mid-90s Sami, although at least with the Sami of that era all her family members and friends only talked about how evil she was, instead of how she's the strongest woman that ever lived.

I'm thinking a couple of those shots need to go into the Expression Hall of Fame. Or at least the Screencaps of Characters That Need to Shut the Freck Up Hall of Fame.

You're right, it's all Carly, not LW ... well, except the bra thing. That, sadly, is all LW from what I've been hearing. Does shiny pretty hair make up for saggy boobs?

The photos you picked really sell your argument. You don't even need the audio to realize just how truly obnoxious this character is.

Remember when soap heroes and heroines were actually nice and decent people whom you WANTED to spend an hour or so with?

"...she {Carly] has become one of the least likable characters on GH. Which is an accomplishment, considering the competition..."

AMEN!!! Are you reading my thoughts now, or what?! As I watch GH, I wonder if TIIC are going for a new record in annoying characters. Here is my list:

1) Carly
2) Sam McCall aka Angela Monroe
3) Jerry Jax aka Mr Craig
4) Nikolas (sorry -- he is currently annoying)
5) Epiphany
6) Scott Baldwin
7) Edward Quartermaine
8) Monica Quartermaine
9) Dr. Lainey Winters
10) Ric Lansing
11) Lucky Spenser
12) Irina ('cuz all evil divas just want to have sex)
13) Carly (worth mentioning twice)
...and bubbling under:
14) Spinelli
15) Sonny Corinthos

Strangely, I am not annoyed by Maxie Jones, because she is deliciously nasty and scheming.

While I have your attention, can I just say that, if I could, I would reach into my television and slap Sam. I am so over her calling everyone a liar: Jason lied to her about their love, Liz is a big liar about Jake, yadda, yadda, yadda. What, am I the only one who has been watching GH the last few months?! Has everyone forgotten that Sam took the assumed name of Angela Monroe, married rich men and took them for all they were worth? Is this not lying -- on a grand, hooker, hustler scale? Oh, and we can add Amelia's father to the ever growing list of people Sam has killed...in self defense, of course. What makes Sam even more frightening is that she can totally justify her actions and she truly feels that she is the 'wronged woman' here. When she confessed her scam to her mom, Alexis tried to take responsibility (Alexis, was it also your fault Sam slept with Ric?) Sam can even justify watching baby Jake being kidnapped. Sam, you want to see the biggest liar of all? Look in a mirror.

Poor, unfairly treated, misunderstood Sam? Cameron says: Bitch, please!

PS Love your Carly screen caps.

"I would like Carly to understand that codependency is not the new black."


"I would like Carly to take immediate action to keep her oldest child from becoming a serial killer."

As well.

And I, too, would love to see Alexis and Jax find their way to the true love I know is there!

I like Laura Wright, too; she seems like a fun, likable personality, and though I'd never seen her before, I blame the writing and the direction, not her. As for the character, she may have Carly's history, but she's not Carly. Like her or not, Carly had underlying issues that drove her to do the things she did. This version of Carly is just a bulldozer, Lucy Coe on steroids, without the fun factor.

If the other characters treated Carly like the insufferable, selfish, braying jackass whore of a bad mother that she is instead of as the ultimate braveandstrongandloveswithherwholeheartearthmothergooddess that she isn't - and the writers allowed her to lose and be shot down often - I wouldn't mind the yelling.

Revengemaiden, yes Sam is a lousy lying character who is off her rocker and in a land where she alone is innocent and everyone else is always to blame. Not to mention the tan or wardrobe issues. BUT!!!!!! She slaps, hits, and all around physically and verbally beats down Carly :-) For that alone, I say keep her around!!!! LOL.

AMEN sister!!! ITA with everything you said and then some. Great comments everybody. Beltane, you took the thoughts right out of my head. I remember Tony and Bobby, happily married, Sonny, softer and kinder with Brenda, Jason, gentle but strong, not a God, just a human being that had been through alot before hurrican Carly blew into town.
If this is the writers idea of a strong woman, give me weak ones any day. They don't understand the difference between ASSERTIVE and AGRESSIVE. Perhaps they could go back and watch Genie Francis as Laura to see what a REAL soap heroine looks and sounds like. She is the epitome of strong but loving, tender but tough woman. Lulu would be better off staying away from Carly, and try to be more like her Mom because the way she's dressing and acting lately, she's getting closer to being a mini-Carly.
While I'm on this rant.....WHY, oh WHY don't they bring back Genie. Never did this sad show need Laura more.


Unfortunately, a run down of the yelling also includes a rundown of, perhaps, the worst wardrobing ever on a television show.

Carly needs lessons from Cameron.

I've loved Laura Wright since she played Ally on "The City" and "Loving" and Cassie on "Guiding Light". But I must admit that she annoys the hell out of me as Carly Jacks. I always found Carly to be a little high strung and definitely high maintenance, but every time Carly appears on screen screaming about Jason or Sonny or Jerry (but rarely Jacks her husband), I find myself cringing. I really used to like Carly, and I think that Laura is a very talented actress, but the writers have completely destroyed Carly Jacks' character for me.

I like Laura Wright. I used to watch her on Guiding Light but was on and off for years with that show then all of a sudden LW showed up as Carly in Port Charles. Then all of a sudden, yeah..lol. I started liking the Carly character in GH. But I agree, Carly needs to shup up. Oh God, she's driving me crazy. The only scene she'd been in lately that I liked was the beat down she and Sam had a few weeks ago. I wish the writers just focused on that for 1 episode and be done with Carly's tyranny.

I've always hated everything about Carly and her mouth, he actions, her claim to good mothering, so much so that is has spilled over to my hatred of LW It's unreasonable, I know, but I can't even think of seeing her in another venue without groaning. and possibly, no make that definitels, turning off anything she ever appears in.

The problem with Carly is that she's Jax-less. Seriously. There's something about Ingo Rademacher that calms Laura Wright down a degree or two. Not that she's ever subtle -the character doesn't call for it - but she delivers her lines below shriek-decibel when she's playing off him. Same thing with her gestures and facial expressions; she's more controlled in their scenes than she is with anyone else.

LW is playing Carly perfectly. All the things you mentioned are just who Carly is. I totally appreciate that Laura gets that and also does an amazing job of interpreting the Carly/Jason relationship. Anytime Carly gets on your nerves think about JB playing her and then thank God, like I do, that LW took this role.

Ya Carly is the most annoying person that ive ever known which means that Laura must be a good actress!LOL.........Sonny and Kate make a cute couple and that little bitch has to go and wreck everything!!

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