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September 12, 2007

And They Don't Call Cabs Because . . .?

What is going on in Hollywood?  Another soap star gets in on the drunk driving trend:  Sean Kanan got arrested for DUI (his second)

Maybe he's just going all Method and trying to get the role of AJ back?  If so, he should really be careful around meat hooks, and his passenger should be on the lookout for symptoms of a serious head injury, which include:  becoming excessively attached to t-shirts and leather jackets, expressing emotion through elaborate blinking patterns, and deciding to kill people for a living.

(Like Mallory, I feel the need to apologize for reading TMZ.  But if you ignore the ridiculous headlines, the regular inaccuracies, the general writing style, and the inane comments, it's a decent source of celeb news!  And where else would you see the phrase "fetus fib" used in a sentence?)


Hee...love the "Sweep the leg" comment.

Yes fetus fib is great phrase..must use it more often

Uh-oh...that's really not good for Sean Kanan. Wasn't he let go from GH because of his drinking problem? I'm sad to hear that it's still a problem for him.

DUI's are sadly the norm in California. I've only been here for 2 years and I'm shocked at how often people do it. It's a car culture, public transportation sucks and cabs are way expensive, especially in SoCal where everything is so spread out. The result is abundant drunk driving. Sad.

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