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September 03, 2007

Days of Our Lives Week in Review

Reasons last week was awesome:

  • The new ANTM contestants were announced.
  • Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial start to fall, which means in just a month or so I can pull all the cashmere out of the cedar closet.  And boots!  Boots rule.  I love fall clothes.
  • I would mention the Red Sox no-hitter (by a 23-year-old!  in his second MLB start!), but we are a site divided and I'm pretty sure Mallory, an f'ing super devout Yankees fan, would delete my post.  You all may be in danger of becoming collateral damage depending on how the playoffs shake out.  Did I just out us as sports fans?  Uh . . . Sephora.Stilettos.Handbags.  Equilibrium restored.
  • Days got good again.  I think there was a conspiracy to make my last SOD column sound stupid by making the show crappy the week my high praise went public.  That will teach me to be positive and complimentary.


Even if nothing else fab had happened this week, EJ spent some of it shirtless, and snotty:

EJ to Lucas: By the way, your lips are as soft as rose petals.

Life as a Days viewer is good.


Is this dress


  • The ugliest ever seen on Samantha, including when they used to dress poor teenaged Ali Sweeney in seemingly KMart clothes that were two sizes too small.
  • The ugliest ever seen on Days of Our Lives, including during the taffeta-and-shoulder-pads madness at the height of supercouple mania in the 1980s.
  • Exposing once again the worst fake pregnancy belly ever.  Is the father of the babies actually OldPhillip?  Because she is cooking some square-headed fetuses in there.

The answer is, of course, "all of the above," and also "I don't have time to answer because I am tracking down the designer of that monstrosity to ensure that demented individual never inflicts such horror on any non-fictional woman who is actually pregnant."


I'm totally repeating myself, but so does her storyline, so I'm giving myself a pass.  Anyway, this hair. 


It's not acceptable.  The cut.  The styling.  The "retirement community in Fort Lauderdale"ness of it.  It's all just so bad.

Shawn thinks so too:


If these two were remotely entertaining to watch, I might not harp on it, but during their scenes her hair is the only thing I can focus on.  And so I harp.  It's like what I used to do with Max's hair


but now I'm focused on the fact that he has got to STOP FLIRTING WITH HIS NIECE.


The kid who plays Cameron on GH better watch out, because in a couple of years he's going to have competition for the Expression Hall of Fame:


I love this child.  They need to put him on contract.  I would happily watch scene after scene of him reacting to all the adults around him if it meant no more Touch the Sky crew and their boring ridiculousness.  (By the way, I think it's no coincidence that this week was good and featured very little of the younger set.)

However, as I feared from the beginning, I'm worried about where this baby storyline is going.  The diapering race between Steve and Hope early in the week was charming


but things quickly went downhill.  Stephen Nichols did his very best to sell it, but that montage of Steve trying to get Pocket to stop crying towards the end of the week was awful.  It would have been much more appropriate for a Saved by the Bell episode in which Zach is stuck babysitting a cranky infant.  Do the writers not see that Steve interacting with a baby is adorable?  Why the artificial amping up of cuteness?  Ick.

Oh, and don't even get me started on this:

Kayla:  You know, in my heart, part of the reason you came back to me, was that you were meant to be a daddy.

Ugh.  First, it sounds like something Belle would say, which -- unless it's "you baby-stealing bitch!" -- is not a good thing.  Second, this is Steve and Kayla, people!  They don't need no stinkin' baby!  There are relationships on this show that need to be propped or that can't be entertaining on their own, but this is not one of them.  Come on writers,


Use your heads!


So, the woman who worked at the gym . . .


I think I'll just leave it at ". . ."


How great was Kristian Alfonso this week?


So great.  And when did she and Bo become the coolest couple in Salem?  Why didn't I like them -- Bo in particular -- this much before?  I blame the mullet and facial hair.  And, of course, the taint of Robert Kelker Kelly.


My only quibble with Hope this week was that in addition to telling Shawn he shouldn't become a cop because she couldn't lose another son, she should have also told him he shouldn't become a cop because he's a moron and the Salem PD exceeded its ineptitude quota years ago.  I hope the writers take this opportunity to make Shawn smarter.  And interesting.  And maybe ten years younger, because I still cannot buy that Kristian Alfonso could be Brandon Beemer's mother.

Back to Bo, I love his and Steve's friendship, especially when Bo tries to calm Steve down when he loses his shit:

Steve:  Ya hear that, sound?  They're laughin' at us.  Stealin' our organs, maimin' our children, and laughin'.  Maybe you don't want to do anything, but I'm going to.

That is some deliciously over-the-top soapy melodrama right there.  If only he could have worked in "The dude had no pants!" it would have been perfection.

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


I just want you to know you've just made a fairly crappy weekend much better making me smile. And giggle. So thanks, the posts on this blog are always a nice happy break in the course of a day.

It was a good week! Loved seeing Steve go nuts after Benjy was shot (hate they brought him back just so they can do that with him) and I did like watching Shawn with Hope (rather than Belle).

I am getting a bit tired of the Lumi versus EJami arguement but it looks like they are finally making a change into the same old "Get out of our life, EJ!". However, I wish they could make Sami a bit like she used to be...not so screechish.

just had to give a sox shout-out! How cute are they when they all rush home plate?! It makes my heart beat fast and almost forget what a douchebag patrick from NS is...

The only reason I didn't really mind Ali's dress this week is because I'm still pitying her for wearing the horrible big-ass-wooden-elephant dress earlier this summer. She was stuck in that thing for WEEKS, it seemed!

And I so less than three Pocket. The name, not so much (I'm envisioning him looking like his father when he grows up and earning the icky nickname "Hot Pocket.").

Loved the recap. And, I totally agree with about Kayla's line regarding Steve coming back to be a daddy again. I nearly threw something at my computer when I watched that the first time. That single line almost erased all the enjoyment I was starting to have with the Pocket storyline. Since S&K have been written pretty well since the return from Tinda Lau, I'm chalking it up to a bad choice by the script writer and erasing it from my memory.

Oh, and I also totally agree about Bo and Hope. I'm loving the way they are being written these days and I love that the show is incorporating the great relationship that B&H and S&K had back in the old days. You can put the four of them in any combination and it really comes off as a natural friendship/family vibe. More of that would be appreciated.

Besides you guys rock, Ali Sweeney needs to say "Oh, Honey do you WANT people to laugh at me?!", Belle and Shawn and Max all need a slap in the face(I enjoyed Shawn and Belle so much more when they were teenagers and played by cooler people), EJ's HOT, and I agree with what ever else you wrote... Yankees rule! I'm so with Mallory. I don't have anything against the Red Sox cause my boys rock but when you live in New York, like me, being a Sox fan is worse than being in demonic possestion. maybe one day I'll move to Boston but I'm always gonna be a Yankees girl... though I DO find Josh Beckett and the former(#5) Nomar, to name a few, oddly attractive. But it stands Yanks rule, Sox suck! (It helps when you live in walking distance to Yankee Stadium...)

I am waiting for the day - because that day will come - when it's Brutally Hotly Shirtless Day at Serial Drama. Nothing but brutally hot guys hotly not wearing shirts. And I am confident that this day will come because I am confident that there will be a week of nothing but the teens on Days, a week where the script-o-matic on Carly gets stuck so all she says is, "I, I, I , I...me me me me...my my my my" in between is Steve Burton saying "...", and Ryan Lathery will have his eyes shut for the entire week. And that week in soaps will be so horrible, that the only thing to do to pass the time will be Brutally Hotly Shirtless Day.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who worried about the woman who ran the gym. I could make an uncharitable comment about her verses Andre dressed as a woman, but I'll stop myself.

Love your blog... lol about Sami's dress. I think I had a 'flashdance' torn dress like that in the 80's when I was about 12.

You do know that baby Pocket is twin girls, right? (I agree, they are cute.) lol about Saved by the Bell - pretty accurate. Didn't Tony once try to babysit on 'Who's the Boss'? I think since Days isn't pulling in the drama viewers, they're going for the sitcom fans.

I have a newfound adoration for Bo and Hope, and it freaks me out a little. Oh, and go Yankees!

Days was great this week and you're right a lot of it probably had to do with less focus on the younger set and more focus on the Dimeras vs Bradys story. Oh, and shirtless EJ in steam room of course - which could have been a couple of days longer in my opinion!

Oh, and how funny was high Roman! Can he be high everyday - he was way more fun! I think I will have to call Bo 'Boseph' from now on.

Roman could be a drug addict. That would be quite a storyline for him. Unless Marlena works her miracle cure. Still not sure how John got clean so fast, unless it was related to oxygen deprivation.

When is Shawn going to go on trial for almost killing all of Salem at Belle's wedding? Salem must have more crime than they show to have such a court backup.

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