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September 19, 2007

Love is a Four Letter Word

There aren't many times that I don't love Kendall. I think I adore her 94% of the time; the other six percent of the time, she loses points for giving her eldest son a dumbassed name, or entertaining positive thoughts towards Ryan, or scheming for evil, not awesome.

Also, when she's doing something like TELLING BABE THAT SHE LOVES HER.

Babe as in Arabella "Babe" Carey, not Babe Ruth, or Babe The Pig. I heartily endorse the love of both of those upstanding citizens. But BABE?!

Double you tee eff?!

I know that I am completely irrational when it comes to holding a grudge. Like, in first grade, Sean Moloney once told me that I was so tall that I should go in the dryer to shrink. And I haven't forgotten! I realize that this is my deep rooted emotional issue and I shouldn't expect functional members of society to agree with my grudge holding, but I thought I could always count on Kendall to keep the hate flag flying, because if there is anything that Kendall does, it's hold a grudge.

And, okay, I understand that being a mother changes you and makes you reevaluate your priorities and I'm sure that if your children were in mortal peril, you'd want to be a really good person and spend all of your energy wishing for them to get better and that's all well and good, but there are certain things that should never, ever be forgiven!

Here's a handy list to use for reference. If someone does any of the following, do not forgive them:

  • Babynapping your child or the child of someone you love
  • Attempting to murder you
  • Murdering a close family member or friend
  • Getting involved in a coverup to keep the person who attempted to kill you/murdered a close family member or friend from going to jail
  • Burying you alive
  • Wearing Crocs

So automatically, Babe's destruction of the Kane family qualifies her for unforgivable status (though she'd get added to my own unforgivable list based solely upon the smug facial expressions she makes). I long for the days that Kendall would unleash a rant of complete and utter vitriol whenever she saw Babe or Krystal anywhere. I'd be okay even if she just glared at them all the time, and occasionally called them nasty names, if she couldn't throw out and out tantrums at the sight of them breathing. But love?!

"I love you"! "I love...hating you", sure. "I love...kicking you in the shins on a daily basis", of course. But "I love you"? No!

I don't understand the Babe jones that the AMC writers have. I knew Megan McTavish was twisted, and I chalked her Babe love up to a severe emotional disturbance, but the new writers love her too? So much so that they can't bear to have anyone hate her and have Kendall, the biggest hater of them all, not only bury the hatchet, but declare her love for Babe? I call foul!


Maybe Kendall should be punished by being forced to take that never ending Blog Reader Project survey you asked us to take...

I could not agree more. I can't stand the Babe love on this show. It's like the Carly and Jason love on GH.....irrational, insane, and totally wrong. There are some wrongs that can't be forgotten because they are so heinous. The things Babe did to the Kane family are just such things. It makes those characters look stupid. People like that are toxic and should make you want to keep them far,far away from you for life.

I just . . . I can't. There are no words. I really thought the show's Babe obsession was at least partially due to Frons' big giant crush on his current favorite smug blonde actress. By the by, I am so with you on the smug thing. Alexa Havins, like, radiates it. It's obnoxious. Anyway, once I heard they were recasting, I pretty much officially gave up. It's going to be Babe who ultimately drives me away from this show. I just know it is.

Babe's atrocious sins against the Kane family aside, what the hell was with that dress today? How could Kendall pay a compliment of any sort to a person dressed like that? All this pregnancy/premature labor/baby deafness has truly caused my girl to lose her damn mind. Embrace the hate, Kendall! It looks good on you!

Hey! Babe is on the same level as Crocs! For shame. The lyingbabystealingslutbag has never done any good for anybody. Crocs, while UGLY, rock. What is your deal with Crocs? The shoe shopping comments indicate that you are girly girls with a passion for stylish footwear. Nothing wrong with that. But you must pamper your feet after torturing them by straping them into a great, but painful wedge or the fuck me stiletto. If you have tried Crocs and still diss them, you don't really love your feet because those things are like walking on air.

You are so right! I adore Kendall but her Babe and Ryan worship is just wrong. TIIC know that by shoving these 2 idiots with Kendall in a scene, most viewers will watch for Kendall. I thought the new writers were better then this. Kendall and Alicia Minshew deserve better.

WTF?? Kendall told Babe she loves her??? My Babe hate level is so high that I refuse to watch her at all and couldn't even stop for Kendall yesterday, even though Di and Amanda were also at Fusion. And word, ande mcbeal, on Crocs. They are the next best thing to going barefoot.

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