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September 10, 2007

The Day's Most Disturbing Dialogue

Sonny:  Letitia was killed, Michael.  Looks like it might have been one of my enemies. [Inappropriate!  -Ed.]
Michael:  You have to kill them, dad.  I loved Letitia.  You have to make them pay for killing her.
Sonny:  That's not the answer, Michael.
Michael:  I don't care.  You can't let them get away with -
Sonny:  Enough!  Letitia loved you, very much.  She wouldn't want you to grow up to be the kind of person who would want revenge.
Michael:  They have to pay for killing her.

1) How f'ed up is this kid?!  If I am supposed to feel anything other than terror or a full-body cringe at even the mention of Michael's name, this show is failing miserably.  Can't they just SORAS him to 18, so I can feel less bad about wanting a fictional character to get caught in the mob crossfire?
2) Since when is Sonny the voice of restraint in a mafia-related conversation?  It makes me feel icky.
3) People, they killed off the nanny to start yet another mob war, and also to set up the biggest mobsters in town as the victims.  I really need some kind of chart so I can accurately pinpoint just how far below acceptable this show does.  I think I remember from geometry that some lines are infinite, so that will help.

Oh, and this:

Sam to Jerry, indignantly:  You're serious?  You want me to sleep with my sister's grandfather?!

Let me just put on my very best Cameron face and say:  Bitch, please. 

Sam:  If all you wanted was secrets out of Trevor, why didn't you just hire yourself a hooker, or something?
Jerry: No, no, no, Trevor's way too smart for that.  Come on!  You, on the other hand, can bring up any name without raising Trevor's suspicion.  Because you've slept with all of them.

Ha!  Two points to the psychopath.

But poor terribly wardrobed, horribly written-for Kelly Monaco.  The only thing I'm looking forward to is that if Sam follows through with all this revenge sex, it's likely to send her to the bottom of a bottle, and I swear there are few better things on daytime than Kelly Monaco playing drunk.  Cheers, Sam! 


I truly have never been more disturbed or just outraged by GH then I am at this very moment. How can this show carry on with these ridiculous mob stories? I just don't get why they think this is what women want... I just think at this point the show should just go away and never come back. Then Claire Labine can come back with a new soap, one that's actually good and with characters we actually like who are in no way shape or form related to the mob.

Two points for the psychopath but negative a million points to the Evil Red Headed Muppet Child! OMG...I'm mean granted the kid is genetically screwed with Scarly as a mother but good gravy...I have worked in juvenile prisions with teenage sexual offenders and THIS KID SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME and has since the day he was born if I must be honest.

If wanting Evil Red Headed Muppet Child gone or caught in the cross hairs is wrong..I dont want to be right.

The only small silver lining is I know Cameron will NEVER be allowed to be SORASed older than him as he is the SPAWN O SONNY...that way I'm guaranteed several years more of "Bitch Please!" God I love you Brady Walkes! LOVE YOU! As many issues as I have iwth Becky H these days...her insistance on casting him is her small saving grace.

How about someone's (maybe Liz's?) lines today about how sorry they felt for Sonny and Carly because they try SOOOOOO hard to protect their family and it's never enough, or some such nonsense. Bitch please!!! How about, oh say, LEAVING THE MOB?? Now THERE'S a solution for your home security woes, idiots.

Spot on as usual, ladies!! Thank you!!

The only thing we women who watch soaps love more than crappily written dialogue and horribly stupid storylines written for our moral superior mobster heroes engaged in endless senseless violence is seeing small children with a blood lust for vengeance and murder. Awwwwwww, so romantic and appealing.

Sonny is still father of the year I see on this frickin' clusterfuck of a show. And how logical of him to pretty much blame Jax for not protecting Carly and the boys well enough.

Whatever Guza and the gang smoke.....I want some! Maybe I'll be cool with GW Bush if I smoke it too. Hell, maybe my next boyfriend will be Jason Thompson if I smoke it. And I'll be a supermodel looking philanthropist humanitarian nobel prize winning writer!

Seriously, what other reason could there be for this hideous excuse for a show???????

Oh, you are so right. It's just more and more disturbing. Who are these writers, sociopaths? How else could Sonny's kids turn out, when they've heard him threaten to kill people their whole lives. Apples don't fall far from trees.
I remember the days when Luke got sucked into the mob, when he was young,poor and trying to escape poverty. But eventually, he got out and was considered in hero in PC for ridding it of the bad guys! They found a way for him to get out. It can be done.
I think they should kill off Sonny, and since Jason is the golden boy, find a way for him to rediscover his love of medicine and get out of the mob to honor his Mom and Dad. I've seen that side of him on NS and it's been one of the best parts of that show for me. That and his interaction with Robin.

I thought the little ginger headed Michael Corleone - oh snap - I meant Michael Corinthos, *wink* did a great acting job. His tears were great. That kid (I don't want to find out his name, though this is possible, right now) is a great actor and I've always liked him. But then, I like kids.

Why can't we have evil kids on shows? I mean, it's soap opera history for a kid to have messed up parents and possibly grow up messed up.

I loved the Michael C's show today. It was clever. ^^

I'm really liking GH in general these days. I also love to read your humorous take on the show, even if I don't agree with you all a hundred percent. You're still very funny.


I laughed hysterically when Michael asked what happened and Sonny replied that Letitia had gone to heaven to be with the angels, and that he knew it was hard to understand.
Speaking of children who scare the crap out of people, my uncle and I were talking the other day about how fun it would be to have a "The Bad Seed" type storyline on a soap. If you haven't seen the movie (or read the book), you really should. It's incredibly entertaining.

Greg Vaughan is HOTT!!

That is all.

I could NOT stop laughing as I listened to Sonny explaining the futility of seeking revenge to poor little Michael! Sonny is nothing if not the poster child for the admonition to 'do as I say - NOT as I do!'

How strange that, as of this day, I have NEVER heard Sonny admit how futile it was to order Sonny's henchmen to murder nine members of a rival gang while they were having lunch at the Metro Court back in March of 2005. Not only did Sonny order his men to murder the rival gang members - but Sonny ALSO ordered his men to murder any innocent bystanders who MIGHT be able to serve as witnesses! That would include waiters, waitresses, cooks, dishwashers, cashiers - as well as any and all hotel employees and/or other guests who might have wandered past the scene of the rampage!



It hasn't been that long since Sonny routinely threatened to murder Ric two or three times a day EVERY day - and that was during the time when Sonny was supposedly being 'cured' of Sonny's bipolar disorder problems by taking medication and chatting with Lainey from time to time! In the real world, of course, a counselor like Lainey - who had a patient who was constantly threatening to murder people -- would be REQUIRED by her State LAWS to report all of those threats to the proper authorities!

Since then, of course, Sonny has actually ARRANGED for the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar and, no doubt, will shortly be ordering Jason to whack Trevor, Anthony and anyone else who happens to get on Sonny's bad side.

Just last Wednesday, Sonny threatened to whack junior employee Logan because Logan fell down on the job of making sure Sonny's family was being safeguarded:

SONNY -- "You put my sons in danger! You left them wide open for my enemies to hit! My nanny had the sense to call, but if she hadn't, if something happened to them, you know what would've happened to you? You'd be dead right now! As a matter of fact, that's not a bad idea."

Sonny swings from ROUTINELY threatening to murder people to actually arranging to have people murdered. And Sonny wants Michael to actually pay attention when Sonny tells Michael that wanting revenge is an exercise in futility?

Only writers who were totally devoid of any common sense at all would actually believe that an audience would NOT be hooting and howling about the obvious hypocrisy of Sonny's latest blandishments!

Then, of course, Sonny turning around and blasting Jax about JAX'S failures in keeping Sonny's family safe was another bunch of total blather! In spite of Sonny's supposed guards and other security precautions - kids are ROUTINELY in danger when they are even just 'visiting' Sonny! Notice - everyone is always ready with PLENTY of excuses when it is SONNY who puts kids in harm's way. NO ONE else in town gets THAT kind of free pass - EVER!


Sincerely, Deborah

The time is now. Boycott this show during sweeps and when the ratings tank, we can get rid of Guza et al. Think about it: there is not one, not even one, couple that has a good relationship and a storyline. Every single character on the show is dysfunctional or thinks trying to be "safe" from murder is a normal function of daily life. The show is humorless. Why watch?

Remember when the writers had suggested that Michael killed AJ before they backed off and had some day player turn out to be the killer? I've always thought something was seriously wrong with Michael, and I'm waiting for the day when Michael "Sonny" Corinthos realizes what his life's work has wrought when his son turns on him and has him murdered so he can take over the family.

The only thing that will root out the people that are ruining GH is a drop in ratings...a dramatic drop. I think the consideration of a complete boycott of all ABC prgramming for the month of November is a pretty powerful audience statement. We need to take our show back. That might be the only way to do it.

I thought it was some of the most realistic dialog they've ever had. I felt an actual moment of tension, drama, and emotion in that scene, and that in that moment--for just a moment--the show actually rose to a higher level.

But that, of course, assumes the scene actually was MEANT to be very sad and disturbing, and I'm probably a fool to think it was. Because the rest of the show was the usual muck & mire, with the Jerry-Sam scene providing the day's rock bottom.

As for the suggestions of a boycott: it won't work unless it's done by people with Nielson boxes on their TVs. A letter writing campaign to ABC and to the companies that advertise on the show would be more effective if enough people participated.

Note-The silly revenge-o-rama scene w/ Maxie and Sam put the final nail in the coffin for Robin. Maxie pretty much praised Jerry for being an expert in the revenge areas and wasn't at all unsettled that he nearly killed her, half the town, and oh yeah she NEVER even mentioned in Jerry's check list of offenses that he shot and nearly murdered her cousin!!!!!! Robin is an orphan again.

I agree completely! A total boycott would do the trick. Let Guza fry for what he's done to a show that used to be great and couples that used to be adored!

IMO...I think that gh has become a comedy instead of a drama! The writing is so contrived and ridiculous that it's laughable. I really think KM must take anti-naseau meds. to be able to deliver her lines. Her character is so destroyed that it's become funny to me. Imagine..her in the hot tub...knowing there's danger in PC...and her door to her apt.door is wide open. Isn't that nuts? I won't even go into the discussion with Jerry and Sam. It was comical. My hat's off to KM for being able to spit out her lines. Jason...he looks like hired help to me now...like maybe the guy who does handywork around the house. Our hero? Please! Maybe it's time to start wearing shirts instead t's Jason. Just because you hang around with teenagers doesn't mean you need to dress like one...you're too old & you're starting to look your age. Poor Lucky. What's with the writing for this poor sap? How many eye rolls and cold shoulders will Liz give him before he packs a bag? It's just stupid. Emily....oh...my! This actress is being wasted on such garbage. Jax...should be making a to-do list. #1 Leave Carly #2 Get a haircut. Skye...well, this is one beautiful woman, and I thought she looked very seductive when talking to Trevor yesterday. Stupid. I could go on...but, what's the use. I can't watch this garbage anymore. It used to be my private little time...now, I cringe if I watch. I also have found myself talking to the TV..so, I'm getting to be as nuts as the writers. Enough!

Just not watching GH (or ABC) won't do a damn thing -- nobody will know you're not watching, unless you're a Nielsen family (http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/question433.htm).

You have to let them know you're boycotting AND let sponsors know you're not going to buy their products as long as they advertise on GH.

Anyway to find out who is GH's biggest sponsor? Who buys the most commercial time and spends the most for it? $$$$$$$ talks Maybe a massive letter writing campaign to them might help?

Michael is GH's version of Damian. Someone should check underneath that red hair of his for the triple 6 sign. But really, how do we expect mob kids to react when someone they love is murdered? Think of how their mob parents react--with violence. Michael's reaction to Leticia's offing was very logical for gangster progeny. What was ridiculous was Sonny's whole speech about revenge. That's 90% of his job--ordering Jason to take out his enemies. People turn up dead or missing. Trial. Secrets revealed. Jason acquitted and back to taking orders again. That's GH for you!

If you want realism, Sonny should be grooming Michael to take over the family. If there were to be one shred of logic in this whole exchange, he would have patted Michael on the head for his bloodlust and they would have bonded over target practice. Michael could be trained by Uncle Jason and then sent to kill Trevor, Rick, Jerry and Sam. After his successful stint as Daddy's Little Enforcer, he'd get a big head and try to get rid of Sonny for not embracing the drug trade, which would set up a father versus son mob war where St. Jasus and Carly are caught in the middle. Okay, I think I need to stop now before I'm drafted on to Team Guza. I feel dirty and my creative writing teacher just turned over in his grave.

Why should Michael kill Sam? Sam went all over the planet with Jason looking for Michael when presumed dead. Sam saw to it that Michael had counseling when he was messed up? Sam is being written now as a disgusting human being...but, Michael loved her and she loved him.

What is all this fuss about a "soap Opera" about? Sheesh the actors need their jobs ! They have families to support too. If ya don't like the show DON'T WATCH! But don't try to have it cancelled. That's like saying I don't approve of this bread company so I am going to try to put them out of business! There are much worse things happening on TV than General Hospital for gawds sake! There are real crimes committed on the streets of our cities that you can protest..there are real social issues in real life like helping the Veterans once they come home if you are so inclined ! I find it hard to believe that people put so much energy into something that others might enjoy. where were you during the "Supranos" Oh I guess that show was OK because it wasn't on ABC ? give me a break!

Part of me wanted to be shocked that they had a child advocating murder but with GH, I just can't be. Disgusted? Hell yes. Shocked? Nope.

I'm not watching anymore. Believe me, they know that I will continue to let them know that until some change happens. We the fans deserve better than this.

I think that SEARS is one of the bigger advertisers who is inveseted in General Hospital. SEARS has done a couple of major 'product' tie-ins with General Hospital, one of which was offering a copy of the 'ring' which Luke gave to Laura just prior to Luke and Laura's most recent pseudo-'wedding.' In my opinion, advertisers, who have MILLIONS invested in television have a RIGHT TO KNOW when and if their advertising dollars are NOT working! I personally doubt very much that any advertiser today would have the power to get a show cancelled - but I DO believe that a MAJOR advertiser COULD sit down with bigwigs at a show like General Hospital and at least VOICE their concerns and, possibly - that way - bring about SOME kind of change.

I bring up the business about Luke and Laura's ring because a friend of mine works as a secretary in one of the PR offices at SEARS. She tells me that so many people were SO outraged that SEARS was helping promote the ring used in Luke and Laura's FAKE wedding that their office received stacks and stacks of mail from irate SEARS customers who were informing SEARS that they either were NOT going to be purchasing any such travesty as that ring - or returning the rings they HAD bought because they were outraged at the last twist which the Laura Returns for their Anniversary story took.

My recommendation would be that you send a hard copy letter via snail mail - the bags of mail which pile up in the office and must be logged in and read by SOMEONE becomes a bit hard to argue with OR ignore. E mail can easily be eliminated, hidden or ignored.

In writing to the bigwigs - keep this in mind - make a rough copy of your remarks - maybe send yourself an E mail and pay attention to the SPELL CHECK on your E mail before transferring your remarks to something like PAGES for the final copy. That way, you can keep a copy of your remarks.

DO be careful about spelling, grammar and punctuation. For example - if you do NOT know for sure when it is more proper to use THERE rather than THEIR or THEY'RE - try to find ANOTHER way to say what you have to say. YOU might know that U R is the same as You Are - but the bigwigs ALL belong to a VERY different generation and are NOT impressed by poor grammar, poor spelling OR inflammatory language. People from that generation consider swear words or abbreviations of swear words to just be plain out crude and rude - they see nothing 'daring' about 'colorful' or 'blue' language!

ALSO - the SEARS CEO - Alwyn B. Lewis - graduated from Houston Baptist College. So he is NOT going to be impressed by stuff like risque language, etc.


Be polite and respectful of ALL of the performers on the show! For the most part, with the exceptionn of a favored few, MOST performers on the show do NOT even DARE to voice objections to ANY of the content being promoted by the show. They may believe that what the show is pushing is gross, but just average actors and actresses do NOT have the kind of pull to make any kind of valid changes in the scripts once the scripts are handed out!

It would probably NOT be a good idea to mention that you heard about SEARS' interest in General Hospital because one of the secretaries had mentioned something to someone outside the company. Sears would only become more interested in trying to find out which secretary had been talking to people outside the company.

Once you proofread and edit the rough draft of the E mail which you are sending to yourself - then - and ONLY then - copy and paste it to your PAGES or whatever you use for stationery when you are printing something to send out.

Use a neat, professional looking envelope which is correctly addressed and be sure that the envelope has proper postage and is adequate for the size of the letter which you are sending.

ALWYN B. LEWIS, who is the president and CEO of Sears is ALSO a DISNEY board member! Which MAY be the reason why the negative feedback centered around Luke and Laura's supposed 'destiny' ring created so much concern!

See also:

Management -- Aylwin B. Lewis CEO, Sears Retail; President and CEO of Sears Holdings Corp.

William C. Crowley EVP, CFO, Chief Administrative Officer, and Director; Chairman, Sears Canada

Mike McCarthy SVP, Retail Operations

3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, ILLINOIS 60179
+1-847-286-2500 (Phone)

Hope this helps!!

As I mentioned before, the advertisers ARE spending millions of dollars for air time on certain programs - and, in my opinion, the advertisers have a RIGHT to know when and if their advertising dollars are NOT doing the job which company executives had HOPED the advertising dollars would do.

Sincerely, Deborah

I really appreciate Deborah's research, as well as her distinguishing between "there," "their," and "they're" (I also wish more people would understand the difference between "your" and "you're"). But Peyton has a good point, too, one that has occurred to me as well: that this is, after all, a soap opera, and there are many, many things going on in the world that really are in need of our time and efforts. Each one of us knows what issues we consider most important, and before I write a letter to anyone about GH, I will (and I do) write about numerous other things, including but not limited too social justice, protecting the environment, sex trafficking, impeachment, improving the voting system, protecting reproductive rights, rebuilding New Orleans, ending violence against women, abolishing the death penalty, freeing political prisoners in Myanmar and other places, etc., etc., etc. So in my earlier post I wasn't necessarily suggesting starting a letter-writing campaign (though I'm not against it, either, since popular culture does reflect and help perpetuate how we see the world, and I think there's value in letting it be known that one doesn't approve of GH's culture of violence and misogyny). I was simply responding to the "boycott-GH" posts, since simply not watching the show won't do a damn thing. If all of the 50,000 Nielsen households who normally tune in to GH stopped doing so, and no one new started, then it would be felt. Otherwise, those who want to have an impact will have to take particular actions to make their feelings known.

Thank you so much for all of the comments, you guys.

I'm not trying to harsh the pro-active mellow going on here, but I do need need to jump in for a quick second and say that, regardless of what the viewpoint and whether or not we agree or disagree with it, Becca and I really don't want our site to be used for fan campaigns and boycotts. If it's on our site, it's like we're tacitly endorsing it and it's sort of a hairy situation for us to be in. Like, if people start to use the blog as a launchpad for a Spinelli/Epiphany True Love<3 campaign (heaven forbid!), we don't want it to turn into a "The Serial Drama girls are saying xyz" type of situation. We prefer to stay away from things like this and use the blog and our SOD column to get our offical views out there.

And secondly, comments that are all "Don't you people have lives? If not, get some and stop bitching about TV" comments are going to be deleted. Like our FAQ says, we're both huge soap fans, but we (and our readers) get frustrated with our shows sometimes and this is a place for us to express that. We're haters; we're fully aware of this. It's what we do.

Thanks Mallory, for reeling all of that in. I love reading your Serial Drama, but for a moment it was getting to be a turn off. I don't want to boycott GH because I like the show.

I love opinions, but we all have opinions, and not all are the exact same. It's great to live in a country where we have freedom of thought and speech.

I don't enjoy GH for its realism, I enjoy it for its escapism. I never started watching the show expecting any more than that.

All soaps lean on overly ridiculous.

After today's show, and possibly people reading your disgust with the mob stories, I noticed a trend, that started with Georgie's speech. I think there are signs of new life. Maybe GH will turn a new leaf. I look forward to that day - although, a little violence (conflict) is kind of needed in soaps. XD Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.


"She wouldn't want you to grow up to be the kind of person who would want revenge."

Too late. MyKill once threatened his maternal grandfather's life and threatened Lorenzo with a hit. He is going to keep on dancing down Psycho Street until he gets flattened by all the bad karma he, Sonny, Jason and Carly have built up over the last 10 years.

My mouth was open as I heard that and then when I realized Michael,who I hate and think is the devil's spawn... which he kinda of is,is a little Sonny. Its sad this is the 'future' of GH because they can't live forever right?! Eventually the monkey virues and the explosions and whatnot are gonna get them so then we're gonna have to watch themand have it be the same thing, and I'm so sure even though Michael (who is Sonny) and Jake (who is Jason) may not have the Sonny and Jason name I'm sure their kids will and then JOY its um... 2000s all over again!

Though I must say Jerry's line to Sam was awesome, haha gets me everytime that he called her a whore, while hers was eh worthy because um... why not their grandfather, you slept with their father/stepdad/mommys hubby/pyscho dude (and I was told to stay away from the crazies) but not their grand dad?! All I can think of is, he's too old OR its not twisted enough...

* ...gonna get them so then we're gonna have to watch their kids and have it be the same thing...

Apologies, Mallory & Becca, for my part, unintentional though it was, in that conversation. If we didn't have GH , we wouldn't have your blog, which is way too much fun to do without. Now, if I may, line of the day, if not the year:

"You can real ass sometimes."

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