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« It's the Writing, Stupid | Main | Night Shift Episode 11: Fools In Love »

September 20, 2007

(Yester)Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Nikolas:  All I can say is she’s trying, and maybe you’re just too angry for it to register.  But at some point you just need to put it down, Lucky.
Lucky:  I did.  Last night with Sam.  She made me remember who I am.  Lucky Spencer.  I’m not perfect.  But I am a good guy, after all.

Yeah, nothing says "good guy" like cheating on your wife with her worst enemy in a hot tub.

I had thought that the writers were intentionally writing Lucky as both moronic and assholish, to pave the way for a Liz and Jason reunion.  But is it possible they actually think Lucky is bright and a good guy?  Why am I even remotely surprised?


I just don't think they have a clear idea of who he is, as a character. They use him as a device, as opposed to a character who has certain personality traits, ways of behaving and thinking, etc. All these things change in Lucky depending on the direction they want the stories to go.

Nope your first thought is correct....because why else are they criticizing him constantly for being MAD that Liz lied to him for over a year and cheated on him? I get that he cheated with Maxie and Sam. I acknowledge that..but good night could they please explain to me why exactly that means he is not allowed to feel a damn thing anymore? He was asked three episodes after he found out why they couldn't just put it behind them. THREE episodes? They told him for what five months to give Liz time to get over it. He got THREE EPISODES? OR why when HE was concerned about Lulu..it was in competition with Jason..but when JASON was looking..it was serious....When Lucky thought Jason jsut came over to see Liz it was jealousy..but when Emily suggests the same thing its fine....

And now I'll get off the fed up Lucky fan soapbox now....

I also think it's (a) assholish and moronic, but that there are signs of that rapidly turning into (b) assholish and moronic = nice and smart. Because that's just exactly what this show would do. Over and over again.

I was thinking the same thing as Beth R. today. What is up with the double standard? I guess I'm just a Lucky fan also. Man, it is sad to watch Lucky be destroyed when he used to be so savvy.

What is really weird is Emily states that she knows Jake is Jason's son and doesn't think it's sad that Liz lied on a witness stand and can never allow Jason to claim his son without facing perjury charges? I mean how smart is Emily? And then, why is it that the intern figures this out, but not the detective Lucky, who once was a savvy teen? o_0 But then, why do I bother to ask the easy questions? I mean, obviously the writing staff doesn't care to make sense these days.

I agree with the first comment - Lucky is simply a device on the show for all the characters to trample around. Its become pathetic.

Oh yes, and what's with Nicholas? He's become more of a psycho than Mr. Craig? The only stable person left on this show is Georgie... and maybe Diane; but, I'm beginning to wonder why she continues to represent Sonny?

Ah fudge, and why do I care?


I'm just glad i'm not the only one who caught Lucky admitting infidelity in the same sentence as he called himself a good guy. But hey! If a hit man can be the show's moral compass than why can't Lucky be a good guy.

Lucky has become the new AJ, someone for the writers to use as a punching bag to make Jason out to be the hero. He's lost any of the edge that he had with Jonathan L. Jackson or even when Jacob Young played him. Now he's just a tool, a sap, just the way that AJ was. Remember how often they pounded into AJ's head that he was a drunk. It's the same with Lucky's drug addiction. Just once I wish the writers would have someone say, you know Lucky hasn't been the same since Helena brainwashed him, but then they've probably forgotten that little plot line.

I've got to agree with KellsBells. If a guy who kills people for money gets a free pass and is the town hero because he only kills the bad guys, then Lucky is a good guy for cheating on his wife. What really kills me is that, given the way both Liz and Lucky have been written this week, they obviously don't give a crap about this marriage, so just end it already! I used to just get angry about the dissolution of their relationship, but now I'm just bored. Move on!

Of course, with our ADD writing staff, next week they'll probably be fighting tooth and nail to save the marriage.

lucky hasn't been smart since the greg vaughn era began and now they've totally devolved him into a creep. and i don't blame greg, really, i don't. i think the writers look at him, see the hotness and forget that once upon a time lucky was one of the smartest characters on gh. he's become a bumbling idiot and every time he shows up on the screen, i mute the television and bury my head until i think he's gone away. and yeah, i agree, lucky is definitely the new AJ and it's really, really sad.

on another note, here's something else i thought was brow-raising. spinelli having another one of his lulu breakdowns and asking jason for some of his "stone-cold wisdom". since when does being brain damaged make one wise? i think we need to check the medical records of the gh writing team for head trauma maybe that will explain the schlock they're turning out.

This whole show is written like an oxymoron.

You have Jason, the hitman hero.
You have Sonny, the misogynistic cassanova, who is a good father, despite mentioning his daughter's name twice a year, and shows a surprising lack of knowledge of safe sex, despite losing his friend to a deadly STD.
You have the Quartermaines, who are either rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams or nearly bankrupt from week to week.
You have Lucky, who as a child could find his way across whole countries and now cannot find his own ass with both hands.


I mean, if that's not your big clue that things aren't exactly going to make sense...I don't know what is.

Smirks, you're so right! I found myself wondering how they could still get away with a title like that when they ignore all hospital staff to make way for braless, screeching characters or couldn't-hit-a-moving-target-to-save-their-life mobsters! Lucky for us, the few scenes we actually get of core characters are centered around unimportant, couldn't-find-their-way-out-of-a-paper-bag-much-less-act bores!

"You have Lucky, who as a child could find his way across whole countries and now cannot find his own ass with both hands."


"I just don't think they have a clear idea of who he is, as a character. They use him as a device, as opposed to a character who has certain personality traits, ways of behaving and thinking, etc. All these things change in Lucky depending on the direction they want the stories to go." A.D. - all I can say is WORD! That succinctly sums up what the "writing" staff have done to Lucky.

This character used to be the absolute best of both his parents - Luke's street smarts and savvy but also having Laura's wisdom and compassion. This guy (not GV) is Lucky in name only - I bet the current writers aren't even aware that Lucky found his way to the east coast of the U.S. from the west coast of Canada as a child all on his own!

I personally think they do KNOW who Lucky is at his core- who he was as a teen and remains to be today. But I just think the writers don't care. That man doesn't fit the little round hole they need to shove him in for Jason to look good. It would take too much effort to write Lucky correctly so why bother? That seems to be the Guza motto, if you ask me.

My major problem is Emily. If she is disloyal to Lucky then who is she? She isn't a good friend, in my eyes, not anymore.

Amen Sara...Lucky never did fit in those round pegs so they have to do THIS crap to him to make Succubus look good. Cause that is what everything has been aimed at since last April...make Succubus look good...so HE doesn't get hit with the cheater card.....

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