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October 10, 2007

But Where Will Her Tragic Scar Be Now?

Yes, I know I'm more than a month slow on the uptake, but nonetheless . . . Oh, sigh:

Bjorlin's Back!
As reported in Digest's 9/4 issue, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) is returning to DAYS OF OUR LIVES. She will first air in November. "We're thrilled to have her back," says Executive Producer Ken Corday. "She is an amazingly beautiful and talented woman." Not surprisingly, Chloe will be part of a storyline with Shawn, Belle and Philip. "She comes back with an edge," teases the exec.

I have nothing in particular against Nadia Bjorlin (though I did find the Bruce Willis stuff a bit sleazy), and apparently this is an unpopular opinion since they're bringing her back, but damn, I did not like Chloe.  Admittedly I was only watching intermittently during most of her time on the show, but the character just seemed whiny and boring to me.  Not to mention she was one soap-ingénue cliché after another:  "I am so terribly ugly!  I'll never find love!  On the other hand, if I take off these black clothes and clunky glasses, I am a supermodel!"; near-fatal illness;  disfiguring scar; etc.  Plus I found her parents, Craig and Nancy, totally irritating. 

As for Chloe's return, I am highly suspect that anything associated with Belle and Shawn will have "an edge," and I really don't need yet another round of Shawn and Philip fighting over Belle, unless and until they show me one personality trait worth fighting over in a context other than "Belle makes me want to fight over who has the opportunity to run away from her first."

All that aside, Bjorlin's return caused me to look up Chloe's history on SoapCentral, which led to my re-discovery of how awesomely awful some of the writing and recapping is there, including this gem:

Crimes Committed
Threw a dead rat in Jan's face and caressed her with it.

First of all, I am so, so sorry I missed this.  Second of all, was there a trial for this supposed crime of rat throwing-slash-caressing?!  Because that would be about ten times as interesting as Jason's hundredth murder trial on GH.


I don't know anything about Chole, but didn't she ride off into the sunset Brady? Brady, don't know anything about him except he was played by the original 10 head, should be making an appearance since Drake is leaving. Why bring his girlfriend/wife instead?

I missed out on the Chloe years so I have no idea what to base this on, but it doesn't make me feel giddy knowing she comes from the Shawn and Belle generation.

Though please let Phillip moon over someone other than Belle. I am not a Shelle fan, I'm a Phillip fan.

I am totally underwhelmed by the addition of Chloe, especially since, you know, they're killing of JOHN. And you know, not the biggest fan of Drake's acting ever, and I could have liked Chloe at the beginning before she was a walking soap cliche....and I really did like Nancy...but just...no.

The recapping on SOC is truly priceless sometimes.

Chloe = Meh.

Why bring back a character from the most boring part of DAYS' history?

I guess she'll be singing too? Yeah we get it you've got a nice voice but this isn't the opera channel.

If they wanted to bring back a character people actually enjoy watching how about Vivian?

It's not an unpopular opinion with me. Chloe sucked. But I did kinda dig Nancy. She reminded me of Mrs. Garrett.

I totally agree with the Vivian suggestion! She was so bad ass and now that Sami and even Kate are being so weepy lately, we need a dose of evil bitch on this show.

Vivian was wonderful, and worth at least a dozen Chloes.

Vivian is super. I could see her making Shawn, Belle, and Phillip interesting. Maybe she could bury them all alive. I know I would be interested in that storyline.

This will be great IF Craig and Nancy come back-BUT only if Nancy goes back to being a bitch.

I hate Chloe. Nadia can't act for shit. I wish they would bring back Craig and Nancy since 50% of each show's eppies occurs in the hospital.

LOVE the idea of Vivian burying Shawn Phillip & Belle alive! And quite agree we need a good psycho back in town!

Although... what has Grandpa Shawn been mixing with his metamucil! Cause this spunky old geezer is all of a sudden displaying some SERIOUS "town psycho" potential! (Maybe he's just a late bloomer in this department). Never would have predicted it - but loving every minute of it. Pull the plug old man! Do it!

If John DOES get killed I hope it pushes Grandpa Shawn so far off the deep-end that he "pulls a Lexi"* and starts leading a double life as the new Town Avenger. He's even got his own signiature move with the "cane through the doorhandle" trick. Then, if they want to make him SUPER badass, later down the line he can start smothering bad guys to death with his Depends. (A FRESH pair, people - don't be gross!)

*Note: "Pulling a Lexi" in this case is meant ONLY to refer to becoming the Secret Town Avenger and NOT to sleeping with your step-son, your brother-in-law, some REALLY creepy guy who ISN'T still in high school yet still thinks it's cool to call himself "TEK", setting the guiness book of world records for most violations of the hypocratic oath (and then breaking your own record), nor to being trapped in a dumbwaiter for 6 months only to emerge dressed like a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army and babbling some weird nonesense language ripped straight out of the script for "Nell."

No, just the Avenger part please. That's all we need from YOU, Grandpa Shawn.... you crazy old coot!

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