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October 07, 2007

Days of Our Lives Week in Review

This will be a short wrap-up this week, both because there was very little forward story-movement, and because what there was was decent and not really mockable.  Damn you, improved Days of Our Lives writing!  I'm sure I can find a couple of things to make fun of, though.  I usually can if I put enough energy into it.


Stop me if this sounds familiar.  This week, Sami was angry.


Then she got into a ridiculous predicament with EJ.


Also, she and Lucas fought.


It's getting to the point where the only way I can distinguish Sami week-to-week is by whatever awful maternity dress they force Allison Sweeney and her not-even-trying-to-be-realistic pregnancy pillow into.

The writers did have the decency this time around to acknowledge some degree of repetition: 

Sami:  ...I keep getting in these ridiculous life-threatening situations with EJ!

But perhaps they could just write something new, instead?  Like, maybe Sami gets angry, and then gets into a ridiculous life-threatening situation with EJ that requires him to be nearly naked, and then she and Lucas fight about the fact that she has posted her hair-care regimen on large posters all over their apartment (which are easily readable by, say, the average soap opera viewer).  I'm just saying, there are all kinds of directions to go in.


BREAKING NEWS!  There exists at least one screencap on the interwebs in which James Scott does not look gorgeous!


But I'm reasonably certain it's just the one.


Yeah, it was a total anomaly.  Thank goodness.


Seriously, is Bo the only smart cop in town? 


This officer took a phone from the guy he was guarding a room against, mid-conversation, and assumed that Bo was talking to him, without so much as a follow-up question.  I am amazed anyone is worried about Steve being convicted of this whole hostage-taking thing, because from what I can tell about Salem law enforcement Steve will be just fine, videotaped evidence of the entire incident notwithstanding.



Thank god Roman got out of that coffin, because those scenes were almost giving me panic attacks.  But now that he's okay, I really don't understand the necessity of the Sami/EJ wedding, or why anyone thinks Stefano will suddenly become a man of his word.  Wouldn't it have made more sense to have Roman remain kidnapped, so that Sami was really under the gun, so to speak?  I've put far too much thought into criticizing a plot twist that will ultimately mean lots of James Scott on-screen being all charming and snarkily romantic, haven't I? 


Things were a bit slow-moving (There are people who have been in the same outfit for more than a week! I'm all for soapy pacing, but it's okay to pick things up a bit, guys.), so as I am wont to do, I started focusing on shallow stuff.  Like people's hair.


Judi Evans is looking great, and I like her Adrienne hair ten times better than her Bonnie hair.  I still want to know when the hell Justin and the invisible children are going to make an appearance, but for now I'll settle for pretty hair.


Rachel Melvin's weird cut of a couple months back is growing out well.  I love the side-swept bangs.


Stephanie may be annoying and have terrible taste in men, but she has some cute hair.  And that's important.


As per usual, Hope retains great hair throughout assorted dangerous happenings.


I like Mary Beth Evans' new cut, though I'm not sold on the flip; I think she would probably look fab with those pieces tucked behind her ears.  BTW, how adorable would I think she is as a judge on I Wanna Be a Soap Star, if I actually watched that show?


This cut is nothing spectacular, but given some of his follicular mis-steps in the past, I feel the need to provide Bryan Dattilo with positive reinforcement for it.


MAX even had good hair this week.  MAX!  Are you kidding me?!  (In related news, I now understand those who think Darrin Brooks is hot.  And I might be able to get on board a Max/Stephanie pairing.  I am a sucker for prettiness squared.)

On the other hand, there are some haircutting don'ts currently walking around Salem.

Too shaggy, and too much distraction from the great face:


Too razored, too flat, too aging, too many barrettes (because in some cases, one is too many):


Too...much.  Just too much hair on this kid:



I dislike pretty much everything about the sorority storyline, but it might be worth weeks of fast-forwarding and eyerolling just for Stephanie's impression of the house's Red Heather:

I enjoy dieting, reading to the blind, and baton twirling!

Complete with OTT southern accent.  Awesome.

And I love snarky Chelsea, who is making many appearances thanks to her utter disdain for everything related to the sorority that she is nonetheless putting lots of effort into joining.


Now that I see it written out, I realized that seriously, this show needs to pick up the pace.  Also, I need to start analyzing things other than James Scott's good looks and everyone else's hair.  I promise to think about possibly working on considering starting to address that issue.

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


I don't know...I think you're just being too hard on yourself. It was a slow week - so what better to talk about than James Scott's off the chart hotness? And to be fair, you did include the probably only screen cap in existence that might challenge the complete and total hotness category. So that's something...

I don't know, any week that has a Steve/Stefano confrontation and a Kayla/Stefano confrontation has to go down as a good week for me. Although, the Sami/EJ/Lucas stuff has gotten pretty repetative.

And, I totally agree about snarky Chelsea. It actually makes the sorority stuff watchable.

I love snarky Chelsea but they are still making her too Abbified for my taste (remember when she started college she wanted to join a sorority). And where is Nick?

Love Kayla's new look. And I want them to give a raise to whoever dressed her this week, finally something that flattered her petite body!

Sami's loop pattern of angry-dangerous situation-fight with Lucas needs to be broken. You'd think she'd have those damn babies at some point...I guess they will show up as soon as she walks down the aisle with EJ (which would prove w/o a doubt they are really Lucas's.)

Is Andre copping a feel on Hope in that screencap?!?!

What? "Improved Days of Our Lives writing"? Okay, I held my tongue and rolled my eyes at the reference to "mostly awesome" a few reviews back, but c'mon you guys, are we still holding comparison's to JERk? I mean, there's no sense of structure, story or, really, even character development. Other than what's projected from previous relationships to characters and the show, it's comprised of hallow and extraneous exposition that goes no where and does little to disguise attempts to manipulate the viewer. And where is plot; the writer's choice of events and design in time? There is none. It's just a redundant cycle of shallow filler with the most cliched of soap actors at the forefront. From an outsider's point of view, one might question whether or not they were intentionally trying to mock the genre, BUT THEY'RE NOT. Why is this not as ridiculous and shameful to anyone else? Oh, that's right, because it's not as bad as JERk. Whatever. I had hoped you guys would keep it real and retain a sense of critical perspective. The superficial only goes so far and, even then, GH has Days beat.

Well, I said it was improved, not great. And yeah, I think the comparison is to the decade or so that preceded this, which was absolute crap. There are still big issues, particularly with story arcs and overall direction, but I'm hoping the new behind the scenes changes will help on those fronts. The day-to-day writing is much better than it was, in my opinion.

But mostly I'm just completely swayed by the fact that James Scott is on my screen a lot.

Well, I'm enjoying the show, despite its flaws. And because Steve got to say "Sssssss."

"There are still big issues, particularly with story arcs and overall direction, but I'm hoping the new behind the scenes changes will help on those fronts. The day-to-day writing is much better than it was, in my opinion."

Agreed. I
"Why is this not as ridiculous and shameful to anyone else? Oh, that's right, because it's not as bad as JERk.""

I never watched the Days of James E. Reiley, so I can't really compare. I am enjoying the heck out Days. It still has a long way to go, but it's actually on the road while every other soap, in my opinion, is lost in the wilderness. As the World Turn is the only thing that comes close--and that's with one well done and compelling love story: Luke and Noah.

Over the past year, Days has undergone a slew of behind the scene changes, so the overall story has suffered, but when you compare it to GH... No contest. I'd rather watch the DiMeras and the Bradys duke it out than watch Big Bad #6 roll into town and try and take Sonny's "lucrative" territory. A territory that doesn't allow prostitution or drugs, importing illegal shipments of Gummi Bears is dangerous. Which, by the way, is actually a blatant attempt to manipulate the viewer into thinking that Sonny and Jason are the "good" mobster. Days on the other hand has villains and morally gray characters who are sympathetic, not because a cadre of characters, serving as the writers Greek chorus, tells us they are, but because they show us who they are and their perspective. Days doesn't leave its viewers shaking with rage or completely gobsmacked as to what the hell is going on. The introduction of the Night Shift cast and stories, anyone?

James Scott? utterly hot (bad screencap notwithstanding)...the schizophrenic characters and overall bad storyline management - not.

I agree that the day to day writing has improved, but it really feels as if there's no one guiding this ship as far as story is concerned. It's a shame because there's alot of potential there, and I love James and Ali, but there has to be more of a variety onscreen and integration of all the characters to really get some interest going again for all viewers.

On the plus side, did I mention the utter hotness of James Scott? He and Ali are phenomenal together - the writers need to fix that situation ASAP and get their characters together so I can enjoy more nekkid EJ scenes....

*on knees begging* More.James.Scott.Please.

The scene with Patch passing the phone was funny and a perfect example of how the daily scripts are so much better. I agree with Becca that DAYS is pretty damn good right now.

The thing they've got to realize if they want it to survive though is that the ratings live and die by Marlena. Say what you will about JER but at least he understood that much (and managed to hold onto a decent audience through some of the most boring, slow, repetitive crap since - oh I don't know....a Celine Dion album maybe?)

It's a pretty simple formula: Marlena + buzzworthy (preferably sadistic) storyline = ratings.

By the way props on the hair feature this week - priceless.

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