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October 28, 2007

(Fri)Day's Most Awesome Dialogue

So most of GH last week was a big boring pile of boring boringness, but Friday's episode wasn't as awful as the rest.  There were some nice moments between Robin and Patrick, and Robin and Jason, and there was this exchange from Awesome Writer that almost made me forget how much I hate this show.  Almost.

In case you missed this amazing conversation, I have provided some visual aids.

Diane:  …Now, do you actually have something to discuss with me, or shall I simply bill Sonny double for this and leave you to your own speculation?
Carly:  Why do you bill him double?
Diane:  I always do with you.  Oh, please!  There's my hourly fee, and then there's additional compensation for mental duress.  I was actually thinking about adding a second bump for anxiety and for emotional distress, but then I thought that would simply make me seem a bit greedy [1].
Carly: So, Sonny pays you double to handle me when he doesn't want to?
Diane:  In my blessedly limited experience, there is only one person who has any success whatsoever in handling [2] you.  And that's Jason.  He seems to have limitless reserves [3] of patience [4].  I, on the other hand, am an attorney, and I provide only legal representation, not emotional guidance.  So, if you are in need of my services, please tell me, otherwise I'm late for my karate class.
Carly: You take karate? [5]
Diane:  Ai! [6]  It's very emotionally centering.  You really should [7] try it sometime.















With this conversation, Awesome Writer (with significant assistance from Laura Wright and Carolyn Hennesy, who were fabulous) has removed the taint of the near Diane-Max sex a couple weeks ago.  Normally, there would be a link in that previous sentence to the post in which I'd originally discussed that tragic few moments of screentime, but it's absent this time because I just couldn't bring myself to ever finish that post.  I started it -- it was called "Grody to the Max," I'm not ashamed to admit -- but I couldn't make it entertaining.  It was basically just line after line of me going "WTFWTFWTF" and "noooooooo."  So anyhoo, glad they let Awesome Writer out of his shackles, but with what seems to be coming up during sweeps, I suspect his release was only very short-lived.  Unlike, say, Steve Burton's commitment to hair-based atrocities, or ABC Daytime's dedication to ruining my afternoons.


This was a scene I actually watched, rather than forwarding through, despite the fact that Carly was a part of it. Carolyn Hennesy is a real hoot in the role, wiping out my memory of how snooty and mean she was to Pacey and Dawson when she played a character on Dawson's Creek and even making me forget that she tried to sell air purifiers in an infomercial that played seemingly continuously a few years back. Thank God, I missed the Diane/Max scene. Just thinking about the possibility makes me gag!

*sigh* I actually didn't like that scene. Diane's over the top bitchiness was more of a novel thing when it was reserved for once or twice a month. Now she's just an over-exposed dayplayer, whose caricature of a character is starting to rub me a little thin.

I know we're supposed to be all "Oooh! Someone took it to Carly!", but she's really just spouting the company line. How great Sonny and Jason are. How lucky the women in their mob moll circle are that they tolerate them.

Personally, I'd just for once like someone to acknowledge how great JAX is at handling Carly.

PS - Friday sucked. I loved Wednesday's show though.

Becca, I think the following screencaps deserve to be enshrined in The Expression Hall of Fame:

With an honorable mention for #1.

Smirks, I agree with you; somebody should acknowledge how well Jax handles Carly. She does seem to grasp it herself at times, when she praises him for how he "gets" her.

I don't remember anyoone else expressing this opinon here, but I realy like Carolyn Hennessy's haircut.

It will be tragically shortlived....because Awesome Writer's returns are ALWAYS short lived. Sonny will most likely fire Diane for being mean to poor defenseless Carly, she'll lose a case or something the ensures Jason's secret pain continues or she'll be revealed to be some crazy killer who's really Zaccarra's mole and is killing everyone to hurt Jason/Sonny. Nope I haven't meditated on this much at all......

And amen to Grody to the Max. No shame in that title....In fact i think it was darn brilliant.

I watched this scene twice. I love Diane.

loved how diane let carly know just how annoying she is in the most professional of terms. diane needs her own spin-off.

Thanks for this recap and the fabulous screen caps. I missed this scene due to my instinctive self-preservation that drives me to FF all Carly scenes. Yes, I might miss a gem such as this, but overall my world is a better place. Plus, I can count on Serial Drama to highlight the few good things about GH, given that there are so few.

The scene between Carly and Diane rocked. I rewound it at least five times so I could accurately mimic Diane.
"Whoopee for meeee!"

I can never enjoy any scene with Diane given she is faux-Alexis, the K-mart version of the orignial actually spouting original Alexis' dialogue verbatim from 1999 and 2001. I've become quite the bitter fan now that this dayplayer's over the stop schtick is on more than "the original Alexis" and is consistently propped at Alexis' expense. It's insult to injury. How many times now have we heard that Diane is the bestest lawyer Sonny's ever had? Diane is the bestest lawyer in all of PC. Diane beats every other lawyer in PC and wins all her cases even those where her client is guilty unlike Sonny's previous lawyer. I get it, we're supposed to realize that Alexis is now the suckiest lawyer who ever sucked . . . off screen. In fact, per Nik and Em, Alexis is actually jealous of Diane . . . offscreen. According to them, that's the only reason Alexis took on representation of Lucky because she was "jealous" Sonny replaced her with Diane. I'm unclear why Alexis was fine for the 5 years in which she was replaced with dayplayer Greg, Justus, Ric, and Jordan but Diane suddenly makes her jealous. Oh that's right -- because Diane is the best. Yup. I hate everything about Diane and FF every scene she is in now. Instead I pull out my 1999-2001 Alexis edit tapes. Much more entertaining for me to watch the original.

ACtually I'm of the opinion that Nem comment was meant to convince us of Lucky's utter unworthiness that he can't even get a lawyer to represent him for his own reasons...but then again I tend to think in conspiracy theories. I do agree though...why the hell would Alexis be jealous of Diane? She did it better...and first.

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