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October 29, 2007

A Cunning Plan?

This is the hair of General Hospital's most popular leading man:



And this is the outfit of General Hospital's most fashionable character:


Is the goal to make the writing look stellar by comparison?


I had a nightmare where Jason and his hair were wearing that outfit of Kate's.

Imagine that without vomiting!

That is so not cool. It's not even halloween and you are trying to scare the holy hell out of us!!! With hideous clothes and hair no less! Have you no shame!?!?!?!

Well, the writing staff needs as much help as possible to look good. How dare you question their tactics?

Happy Halloween everyone!

Can I once again second the suggestion for a Sheer Horror Hall of Shame? Those pictures are the FIRST to go in!

I'm not entirely convinced that Kate and Jason don't actually have the same haircut...just Jason has his flipped back with 70 lbs of product.

What's going on with that little flip out near the back of Jason's neck? I have some sort of hope thinking maybe he will wear a T-shirt that says "THIS IS MY COSTUME" and we will all laugh together in relief.

This is starting to make me like Spinelli's hair better. Oh dear. The world is coming to an end.

I'm sorry, as atrocious as myRobin's hair has been looking lately, Jason's makes her look like one of the chicks in those Sunsilk commercials. Do you know that I posted a rant about the subject of Robin's list on another board, and my FIRST objection to Jason being on the list was NOT the fact that he kills people for fun and profit but, rather, the hair. That's right-the hair is now officially worse than the fact that he is a murderer. And no, I don't have the moral code of Carly-the hair is just that bad. And was it really nice to post that picture for us to see first thing Monday, knowing that we have to suffer through scenes of hotly-no-more Patrick slobbering over Ye Olde Wooden Face as he begs her to accompany him to the ball today?! I knew you were a couple of scathing-speakers, but I had no idea you were merciless sadists, as well!

But, hey, you post something about the utter coma-inducing silliness that is Cracktrick and His Ho tomorrow, and all shall be forgiven, lol!

my only reaction to any of last week's episodes: "why is kate wearing my nana's couch?"
i suppose they've succeeded in distracting me from the writing, if only for a moment. this week i'm only looking forward to the ball gowns. i hope they don't disappoint (or if they do, it's in a spectacularly 'wtf' fashion).

I was thinking about going as Steve's hair this halloween...but it was too scary even for me...

But I have a question..what is his new movie role..cause the only role I can think of to explain his hair is "Cousin It" from the Addams Family.

As horrid as the hair from hell and the couch Kate is wearing are...NOTHING distracts from how bloody horrendous the writing is.

They can try to distract me but they are failing abysmally.

Okay I said something to my mother about Kate wearing a pair of what looked to be drapes and my mother said that maybe that was the fashion and I about died. I mean seriously... did Kate loose all of her clothes along with her job ;D

Steve cut his hair it's spiky again.

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