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October 09, 2007

It All Makes Sense!

I had a lot of questions watching Richie nearly be lynched by Ryan and Aiden:

1. What is with ABC Daytime's hard on for violence?

2. Why is it that the only thing they can do with the gorgeous, British, DEVANE as in ANNA DEVANE (and did I mention gorgeous and British?) Aiden is have him be Greenlee's redeemer and also the kind of person who lynches people by means of interrogation?

3. Where did Aiden get the noose during the three minutes Ryan wandered away from him?

4. If a story features Babe and Ryan in huge, prominent parts, what percentage of the viewing audience will kill themselves out of sheer frustration?

And so on.

But the entire episode actually answered one huge question I've had about Annie: why has she never showed one iota of personality or chemistry with other human beings in the thirteen months she's been on the show?

The answer: because her brother took up the entire family supply of charisma, what with his lifetime supply of kickass.

I know he's, like, "shady", and "immoral" and "harmful to small children" and also "psychopathic", but...kickass.

Truly, I'm trying to think of the right adjective to use whilst describing someone who, while hanging by a noose, hears the police come in and decides to turn the tables on his interrogators by kicking the chair out from underneath him. All I'm coming up with is kickass.

I honestly think Richie could be a really compelling villain, if they keep him evil and devious and don't turn him into a cartoonish, over the top, "villain" like the Hamburglar. Plus, I am all for any character who gets the best of Ryan. Is it too much to hope that said best getting happens repeatedly?


This was by far my favorite scene of the week, month... I was giddy all day just for the fact that Wesichie turned the tables on Ryan/Aidan in such "kickass" fashion. I can hope that he stays and continues to do this to Ryan and I will hope, but I know this is AMC or as I like to refer to it All My Laverys/Careys and it is after all Ryan, so, hmmmm.

I really would like to hear Ryan try to explain how Richie did it to himself. "He's evil, I tell you."

How did he get noosed? Uh....? Well....? He's evil I tell you.

I think TIIC of GH made a deal with TIIC of AMC to ruin Aiden and keep him useless and backburner and often bad at his job and alone because he is related to Robin. All Devanes and Scorpios must suck no matter how pretty talented or beloved.

And don't knock the hamburgler. I think he is the inspiration for Sonny's character as a master criminal.

Richie is more than kickass, he's badass and totally psycho. He was willing to risk his life to get his sister's new hubby sent away for murder. You gotta admire a man with a plan and such dedication. He should be giving Jerry Jax lessons!!!!!

Richie could eat Johnny Boy Zacharra for lunch, with a nice chianti!

Hee! I'm still giddy over that ending. Team Richie 4 life, yo. I like Annie when she's not around Ryan (which, yeah, is almost never), but her brother totally wins in the charisma department. And now that Alexa Havins and special brand of smug is gone, I can watch and enjoy many, many more Richie scenes. Geez, it's like yesterday was my birthday or something.

Could not agree more. This show had become pretty much devoid of any interesting storylines and characters until this. OK, still like Zendall, but they got the ff treatment during the Weschie sequences. I'm hoping against hope Annie is the true psycho, because that would at least make her interesting.

Come on. This is All My Children. Richie's going to die in a few months, then come back in a couple of years and randomly murder kickass characters like Simone and Dixie... oh wait! They're already dead. I guess there's still Kendall and... and... who else is likable on this show? Seriously. Who else are we supposed to care about on AMC?

I have to confess, Aiden paired with Greenlee has finally made Aiden hot, sexy and interesting to me. All these years I've wondered how a good-looking British guy could be so boring and unattractive to me. I love ugly men just for their accents!

I'm also getting a hoot out of the idea of a Greenlee and Annie BFF relationship! How pissed would Ryan be (not that you could tell, he growls and grimaces for everything)?!!! It might even tick off the nutso Kendall who is thankfully back, this Kendall as Saint was icky and weird.

I hope that Annie gets sick of Ryan and helps Greenlee and Kendall throw Ryan off the cliff he so enjoyed pretending to die on in the same manner as Leo's death. And then maybe give Zach a forcible vasectomy (hey, it's ABC, it could happen!) and force him to be in a room with Hannah for a week. That ought to teach him for not getting revenge on Ryan over the whole going off a cliff debacle and setting this whole insanity in motion that resulted in a kid being named Spike. In America.

Then the power of 3 can set their sights on other characters who need to be offed Krystal. Babe. JR's hairdresser, Ava's hairdresser. Then they can take over the Outback or whatever they call their bar and open an Anorexia Feeding & Rescue post.

Just please, don't give Richie a brain tumor to keep him on the show. No matter how kickass he is.

i can't find a man who already adores babe kickass even when usurping ryan. i can't. i'm so sick of men in love with babe the second she enters their life!!!!!! blech!

i can't like greenlee, adore kendall, and wish aiden would come to GH and be his kickass non-boring scary torture dude over there. why was he mad at zach today anyways?? HE'S THE ONE WHO PUT THE GUY IN A NOOSE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

that's my random aside. i think richie is lame. how many psychopaths can one town have? i think they have more than salem now!

Richie kicking that chair out had to be one of the biggest OMGWTF Soap moments of 2007. Out of habit I have SoapNet on when I am getting ready for work in the morning, but this whole Richie SL has me actually turning the volume on and paying attention. Richie is TEH EVUL. Richie broke Annies dollie when they were babies! Richie pushed mommy out the window! Richie replaced Babe with an imposter and implanted chips in everyones heads so they wouldn't notice. RICHIE RULES!

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