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October 01, 2007

It's Serial Drama's First Anniversary!

It hardly seems possible, but it's been a whole year since two girls with a dream and lots of pent-up soap anger started putting their criticism-with-a-Mean Girls-flare out for all of the internets to see.  We didn't think anyone would read, and for a while you didn't.  But then you did.  And you spread the word.  And you started commenting.  And now, we'd like to think we're a well-established online kvetching locale.

We really can't believe it's be a year!  (Yes, there are some posts from before October 1, 2006, but those are thanks to the magic of back-dating.  We didn't want people showing up and having almost nothing to read.  Which didn't turn out to be a problem because, you know, like seven people read us for the first month and by then we'd built up more posts.)  Anyway, so much has happened around here in the last twelve months.  Our first year, by the numbers:

We are still having an absolute blast with the site and thank you all so much for one of the most unexpectedly entertaining, life-altering, hilarity-filled years a couple of office-bound friends could ever have. 

To celebrate the first anniversary of this little bitch-fest that could, we're going to engage in a week or so of self-indulgent reminiscing.  We hope you would expect nothing less.  Sincere thanks for reading, and please stick around for year #2!

- Bec and Mal


Back in the days when S.O.Weekly and S.O. Digest actually published viewer feed-back that was something OTHER than desperate cheerleader tryouts, I used to think that the greatest job in the world would be reading viewer feedback from soap opera fans - because the fans' reactions to soap opera stupidity was SO much more entertaining than the shows themselves!

Your blog has brought back all of those wonderful memories.

You really SHOULD take on OLTL one of these days. Unfortunately, of course, to do that, you would have to actually watch the show and, these days, I don't think that is humanly possible any more. But, once upon a time, some of the most dazzling assessments of what was wrong with OLTL came from OLTL fans. Most of the comments from OLTL viewers were right on the money.

However, it COULD be possible that most of the THINKING viewers all jumped ship when Nora decided to hop in bed with Sam in order to give Bo an heir so Bo could recover from the loss of son Drew. Then TIIC sent otherwise smart and savvy Hillary B. Smith around to get interviewed by various magazines and attempt to explain that this really WAS the kind of logical conclusion that a logical woman really WOULD rush into if she was really Nora!

Once upon a time, you could actually DEFEND soaps as solid drama. Nowadays, unfortunately, the only thing soaps are really good for is taking them apart and examining the really ludicrous depths soaps have sunk to in the intervening years. More is the pity!

Sincerely, Deborah

Congratulations! You guys rock, and you're one of my favorite sites. Thanks.

Love reading this column and it still makes my day when I come on and see something new!

Being a long time Days and GH fan (if that's possible still), this site is the perfect running commentary.

Congrats, ladies! It's been a lot of fun reading you and I'm looking forward to many more Diet-Coke-Out-The-Nose moments.

Wow, a year! This occasion deserves not only a congratulations but also a thank you to both of you. You've created a must-read blog with intelligence, wit, humor, and dead-on sarcasm. And you can spell and use proper grammar... I can't tell you how much that means to me out here in the wilds of the internet. :)

May you both be blessed with hair as fabulous as Kate's on GH.

Mazel Tov!

Congratulations! I remember the first time I read your opinions on Days and I was like, "I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE!"

Here's to a new year with more scathing speaking!

Congrats on the anniversary! Here's to the next one...

I found you through TWoP boards, and I addictively check your site every day. It's actually a bit of a problem. But I appreciate every upload. I've loved your posts and hope to read many mroe. Hope you'll revisit the "most annoying character" awards portion. Possibly also add a "best chapter ever" for Cameron.

Congratulations!! I was wondering how you started, when you started, etc. You two are the best. Happy anniversary!


Although I only discovered this blog recently, I have to say that my life is richer for its presence.

Good work, and may the blog live long and prosper.

Always speak the scathing speak....always always always....

Happy birthday! Many many many more to come!

Happy Birthday!


I look forward to reading Serial Drama every day because I know I will get a good laugh ... you know, the belly aching, can't catch my breath kinda laugh!!

All the best !


Congratulations! So, will you be SORASed into a blonde teen vixen now, or will you stay an adorable, yet precociously biting, moppet?

Congratulations! I've been addicted to your blog since the first time I read it. I get quite pissy when I check in and there's no new post. You guys have done a fabulous job, and your hilarious commentary is the only reason I buy SOD.

Happy Anniversary! Time flies! I am a member on a few GH message boards and links to your blog kept popping up. I think after the third time, I bookmarked the sight because I realized I had found my Soap Opera Kindred Spirits.

*Rasing a glass to EBT & PI* CHEERS!

Happy Anniversary, ladies! To many more!

I read this site pretty much on a daily basis. And it is awesome. I've never left a comment before, but I will today, to say congratulations! Oh, and Nancy Lee Grahn rules.

I love you both, you scathing-speaking pepoles! Happy anniversary and many, many, MANY more! Well, at least until the idiots who run soaps now get all of them canceled. And I, also, vote for a revival of the Most Annoying Characters list-I won't mention names, o/c, but there are a few new ones to list *cough*Leyla*cough*. It's so nice to know that there are others who are as bitter and bitchy about their soaps as me.

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