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October 03, 2007

LML: Evil Genius?

During today's horrifically painful scenes where Lily and Colleen had a stilted, poorly acted girl talk about how dreamy Cane is, complete with giggles and the line, I quote, "Oh, my gosh, shut up!", I kept getting distracted by Tammin Sursok's rapidly appearing and disappearing accent and Tammin Sursok's enormous head (which, technically, is not her fault and is something I shouldn't mock her for, but, you know...heartless) and then I thought to myself, "Wow, Christel Khalil is pretty good".


Seriously: Tammin Sursok made Christel Khalil look like Michelle Stafford. That is how bad Tammin Sursok is.


And then it hit me: what if Lynn Marie Latham is a diabolical mastermind who decided to hire a terrible actress to play Colleen so that her decision to bring Christel Khalil back to the show would look like a pretty decent idea? I mean, more than likely, that's not true and LML is just inept in every facet of her job, but, you know, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and, if it's true...well played, LML.


Ha! You know I don't watch Y&R so I haven't seen this Tammin person, but your description reminded me of one of my favorite Google searches that led someone here: "christel khalil is boring, terrible and sucks on y&r."

I'm just glad that I can now hate Brad's daughter every bit as much as I hate Brad. With LF and AL, I always felt bad that I could not hate Colleen with quite the level of loathing I hate her daddy with. But thanks to LML's evil genius, this is no longer a problem. Thanks, LML!

OMG!!! Tammin Suresucks is awful!!! I can't believe they replaced Adrienne Leone with her! If they just HAD to bring her on to the show, why not as Cane's slutty niece--at least she'd have an excuse for that accent.

on another note, i am now officially Hot for Korbel. not because i want his body, but because every time he said brad's name in that ridiculous dinner scene, you could tell he wanted to call him george. and he performed the monumentally important task of leaving brad speechless with his "simple minds" line. anybody who can do that deserves a good tumble.

I'm still not anti-Tammin yet, randomly manifesting accent notwithstanding. She's not AL, hell no (and thus her extraneousness cannot possibly be denied), but having partaken of MyNetwork TV's grand telenovela experiment before they killed it...there are still worse things in the universe than long-legged Aussies with fiveheads.

Lynn Marie Latham... Evil Genius.... Nope still only works for Wile E. Coyote. But good effort.

"and then I thought to myself, "Wow, Christel Khalil is pretty good"."

I think that needs to be retracted. Forever seared into my brain will be her reaction to Dru falling over the cliff. It made the appearance Will from Big Brother All Stars made look like gold.

If Rachel Bilson and Amber Tamblyn were able to produce a child, that child would look like Tammin.

I just got around to watching this weeks' episodes and here's Lily:

"Do I look like a dumbass to you?"

Nah, too easy.

Tammin Suresucks is just awful, though. I got excited when Soap Opera Central had a headline of "Fan un-fave recast sent packing", but it turned out to be about Christina Chambers as Marty on OLTL. It's not even that she's laughably bad, which would at least be something; she's just...a complete void. An actor in a scene with her may as well turn to the wall and be like, "So anyway..."

No bad recast will ever top Very Experienced Charity Rahmer as Belle on DAYS, though. Perhaps the two of them should team up for a Not Ready For Any Time Players' production of "'Night, Mother".

I can't hate Tammnin yet either. I think she is a cutie-pie and definitely has potential. Considering that the only thing I found appealing about Adrianne's Colleen was that she helped to integrate Prof. Korbel.

IMO she makes this 'giggly' Lily look amateurish.

You hit the nail on the head: Tammin Sure Sucks! I could get past her Fivehead (not her fault) and her Aussie accent IF she could act and IF she had any chemistry with any of her cast members. To call her performance wooden would be an insult to Pinocchio! There's plenty of blame to go around for her hiring. LML did fire her. But someone at Sony wanted Tammin in the role of Colleen Carlton. How else to explain how an unknown (in the US) with a resume the size of a G-string lands a plum role on the Number 1 soap without an audition -- except probably the old fashioned Hollywoodland way. Her "connections" or "friends" account for how she's keeping her job despite the nearly universal audience backlash. And this really does SUCK!

I'm curious: Are you a frustrated actress who has never appeared in anything more than an infomercial?

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