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« Night Shift Episode 13: Time Served | Main | General Hospital Week in Review »

October 06, 2007

Night Shift in Review: "Primetime Spin-off" Means "Late-night Crap-fest" in Los Angelese

Since apparently the wise powers-that-be who oversaw the train wreck that was Night Shift in their infinite wisdom have decided to now bring a ton of the crap from that show to OG GH, and because many of you were luckily spared the spin-off viewing experience but will now be in the dark about some of the "storylines" that happened over those painful 13 weeks, here are some handy links to our recaps of the entire [almost exclusively awful] series. 

Disappointment, disgust, and expletives, ahoy!   Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to comfort Jason Thompson in his time of need.


Friday GH left me confused. It was one of the most WTF episodes I've seen in awhile.

It's like they realized they had a bunch of leftover NS footage and since they used up coughwastedcough all of their NS episodes, they just tossed it into OG GH. Like, literally just tossed it in. With no attempt to blend or explain what the hell was going on. Whatever happened to 'what happens on NS stays on NS'?

I mean I'm willing to overlook a lot for you GH. Horrible hair, Courtney, inconsistent storylines (Johnny jumps off a ledge...2 days later Johnny plays balance beam on very same ledge), but you need to give me something non-crap to cling to. This NS spillover is just mean.

I actually watched (a lot, but not all, still too much of) Night Shift and Friday's GH episode was the most randomly horrible and confusing thing I've seen grace my soap screen in quite some time. And that's coming from someone who jut recently watched the scene on Y&R where Brad told Sharon that they were "the couple". More WTF than THAT? That takes talent.

I hate them! I hate them! Such stupid liars! Guza should take a bullit in his stupid mob wars!

GH friday was the most fucked up episode ever. Some of NS is true, but other stuff is not. I LOVED Andy summing up is character in one sentence for the non-NS viewers to bizarrely try to figure out who all these people are and what they talking about.

Good job, Pip recapping in 10 sentences what was real and what is not on the fucked up thing that is appropiately referred to as Night Shit. I so understand now. NOT!

Let me just repete, because it is worth repeting. I hate them! I hate them! Such stupid liars!

it's a really bad episode when you look forward to SONNY's scenes. i never watched NS, but i got the gist of it and, i wasn't interested enough to watch. so what made them think i wanted to see their sorry plotlines show up on GH, which has it's own rancid bucket of problems? the only good scenes from this episode came from diane and alexis. everything else was a waste of a friday.

Man, y'all deserve hazard pay for recapping all that. I weep for the wasted potential of GH:NS. Established dharacter annihilation, introduction of one-dimensional and useless new characters, the dragging over of GH's "The mob is cool and awesome" virus to infect yet another soap, the continued propping of Jason as a character who farts puppies and purple rainbows and is the Truth and the Light and The Way and -- AAAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!

Seriously, there should be some sort of blogger Medal of Valor for you two...

OK, I watched the nightmare that is Nightshift and I honestly thought I could have ONE day reprieve to even try to figure out what had happened the night before (which 2 days later I am still at a loss) and I turn OG GH on and got a shovel to the face with all the same sh** I watched the night before minus a few storylines. UGHHH!!! Why the hell would I want to see that again? I would like to start forgetting the nightmares I have been having since July when Guza decided to lure me into his trap of false promises!! I guess the only way to do that is to stop watching GH since obviously the writers like one dimensional characters!!! Why, oh, why couldn't the writers be some of the victims of the gang war from Thursday night?

It made no sense on Friday's GH. I actually watched the last episode of NS in anticipation of your recap. I was so looking forward to the recap, not the show. It was horrible and your recap was much better. I loved your recap!

BUT... what happened on Friday? WTF?! I thought NS was over. I thought the horror was finished. I want to like GH and why, oh why do they keep trying so hard to make me dislike it?

So, am I to interpet that NightShift is the Zombie of Crappy Shows?? Cut off its head, and it reappears in a more insidious form on GH??? *shudder* Do I need to release a virus into the air to eradicate this plague? Sure, I know some innocents would be taken out, but that small sacrifice would benefit the greater good. I'm willing to take the Machiavellian approach to rid the world of this.

And now I see, on my ABC Daytime newsletter this week, that NS will be released on DVD in January 2008. I'm torn, frankly, between my desire to never have this wretched filth be seen again, and the perverse hope that Guza and Jill Farren Phelps will provide commentary. 'Cause God knows we need some clarification on...well, everything.

NS ON DVD? Is the end of the Earth coming?

Man I had this strong suspicion Guza was going to fuck everyone over when this thing was being pimped as the "Not at all like Grey's but a return to the REAL GH" that it was. Then the cast list came out. Then it started.....and I realized I gave Guza far too much credit. I had thought only mild sucitude would be achieved. He reached a level never before reached and now i'll have to see it on the DVD displays? Greg save me.

Oh man, I feel a "DVDs I Would Rather Purchase" list coming on if it's true that they're releasing NS on DVD. Who the HELL would buy that?!

The three Spinelli/Jason slash writers...that's who.

"Oh man, I feel a "DVDs I Would Rather Purchase" list coming on if it's true that they're releasing NS on DVD."

May I start with the entire Dolph Lundgren ouvre, and work your way down? ;)

We all KNOW why GUZA suddendly changed Patrick into PatPRICK!! Frons wanted Scrubs to be the lead and Guza man (jason) stupid storyline was for a gift (wink wink give steve a small story on NS to keep Bobbie happy)!
He was pissed the Jason T who IMO is WAY the better actor than Steve was the STAR of night shift and he hadn't been on GH long and STeve was like Susan Lucci of GH.

Jason and Kimberly were the ONLY reason the beginning ratings were sooo high and once Guza "got evil" and penned Patrick "PatPrick" scrub fans left and so did the record breaking numbers.
They called Nightshift Nightshit. And that it was.
I just hope Kimber and jason saY "thanks but..... no thanks to TPTB" this time around. Let super hero Jason have his own show called "soprano's 2".

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