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October 29, 2007

Our Column In the 11/6 Issue of SOD

Be sure to check out the November 6th issue of Soap Opera Digest, which should be landing in subscribers' mailboxes around now and will be available on newsstands Tuesday.  In this month's My Take/My Take Too (pp. 66-67), Mallory wonders if she's being to hard on The Young and the Restless (answer:  no), and Becca laments the pitiful state of young romance on Days of Our Lives and General Hospital

Bonus:  On page 47, we get a Waglear update and Becky Herbst makes a crack about Steve Burton's hilariously awful hair!  We will restrain ourselves and not point out that elsewhere in this issue, Night Shift inexplicably gets the Editors' Choice nod.  On second thought, we're not especially good at restraint.  At least we didn't use expletives (effing Night Shift?!).


*lol* Waglear!

I gave up predicting what would get Editor's Choice just over a year ago. I am, however, very good at predicting what scenes were written to court that. NS was a total court the EC.

Is there young romance on GH? Or is that the problem???????

Beth R, my basic theory is that there are about a dozen, and they're all inexplicably Lulu's.

Well of course..because she's LULU...the center of the sun....well the center that Jason isn't...

Watch....when the truth about Jake finally comes out in 2090...the fact that Lulu repeatedly betrayed her brother will be treated as no big deal and Nik, Luke and the whole Spencer family will be let out of hiding to yell at Lucky if he dares gets mad at LULU for it.

Is it lame that I was a little nervous about the column? I checked every October issue at the grocery store, and none of them had it. I seriously breathed a sigh of relief when it turned up in the Nov. 6th issue.

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