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October 23, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Carly: I mean, there's obviously no comparison between Sonny and Anthony Zacchara.
Jason: You're right, there's not.

Dear Writers,

Yes, there is.  In that they are basically the same.

No matter how many times you have some character say it, it will never be true that Sonny is better than all other mobsters and at his core is truly a good person.  He's a gangster who has people killed if they interfere with his "work."  He's bad. 

Hope this helps,


But he's a wonderful father.

Amen Becca!

The only difference between Zacharra and Sonny is different colored track suits.

And as wacko as Johnny is with bridges etc... He hasn't shown the blood thirst of little Michael yet! If I had to take in one of this mob sons I'd pick Johnny over creepy Michael any day.

And Carly's tirade about Robin and Liz made me vomit. Carly doesn't love or want anyone but Jason. Which makes me sickly root for Liz and Jason. They can share mousse and curling irons. Every morning they can compare feathered coifs.

Carly said Robin was evil for trying to make Jason live up to her lofty standards. Not kidnapping kids is so lofty. Maybe this should be the barometer by which we evaluate Presidential candidates?

The propping of Carly and her buddies Mumbles and Blinky is so sad. Why does anyone like those characters? Seriously, why? LW has great hair. What else?

I also liked when Kate said she knew there were "some lines" Sonny wouldn't cross. Unfortunately, murder is not one of those lines.

"I also liked when Kate said she knew there were "some lines" Sonny wouldn't cross."

I know. What the hell is that about? I know the poo flinging monkeys that current "write" for GH think their are "good" mobsters and "bad" mobsters. Sonny and Jason, with their empire built on importing gay porn from Canada and flooding the US market on fake Crocs are "good." Alcazars I and II and Zachara commit worse crimes: drugs, guns, gambling. Typically I don't have a problem with moral relativism, (I'm a Sami/EJ fan) but when you start killing people to protect your territory, you don't get to make a distinction between yourself and the rest of organized crime.

Thank you, Becca. It was hard to listen to that convo. Today, with Kate... AGAIN, they were trying to justify Sonny as better and different than Zacchara. *rolls eyes*

This is a perfect opportunity to end the mob insanity of GH; but, will Guza do this? Probably not.

And, I hate the idea of Liason. They have zero chemistry. Jason actually has little chemistry with anyone these days except for his greatest love, SONNY. Jason seriously needs to take a bullet to the head for once and change back to smiling Jason.

Sam, now she deserves a nice guy for once and I'm liking her with Lucky. I am an old Jasam fan, but since there is no more Jason of old, it works. As strange as that seems, they are both hot and deserve a little love for once in this sorry soap. Since Guza chose to destroy their characters - what the heck! :D

That's my two cents and I ain't makin' change.

Hah, I have to admit, I kind of floved when Anthony was going on and on about roses and Sonny looked at him like he was seven kinds of crazy. I just kept thinking ... "when they did the Sonny is manic storyline didn't he have a fit about his rose garden?" ... and a big PFFT to Kate's "I know there's a line you wouldn't cross" BS. He has people killed. That does not a "good" man make!

How about when Kate told Jax she wasn't "one of Sonny's women"!!!!!! LMAO

Oh honey, wake up and smell the coffee masking the scent of cocaine hiding underneath the beans!

And Jax's response should have been, not totally, once I claim to love you and take you from him after he dumps you for betrayal then you'll officially be one of Sonny's women.

dear dumbass gh writers,

here are the many ways sonny and zacchara are the exact same person:

1)both are mobsters
2)both are murderers
3)both are criminals
4)both have wives who are dead thanks to their mob activity
5)both have warped children
6)both are clinically and criminally insane
7)both have lawyers to cover their various felonies
8)both fight over "territory"
9)both hide behind "enforcers", "handlers" and various goons so that they don't personally get their hands dirty.
10)both are evil and choose daily to continue to be so.

giving sonny love interests and a family does not make him a hero or excuse what he does or orders done on a daily basis to maintain his lifestyle. he's a gangster, and the last time i checked, gangsters reformed or died, or both. so please, dumbass writers, kill him, redeem him or redeem him then kill him.


fed-up GH fan

I think maybe you're being a little too hard on Jason and Carly. I mean, doesn't everyone think their own personal mobster is the best?

"kill him, redeem him or redeem him then kill him.

haha -- I'll take the one from column C!

Why was i supposed to want to watch mob war part 185136463416341646541654365464654684 with the newest "bad" mobster so i can see how "good" and "Right" Jason and Sonny are again? If I had ever wanted to watch the effing Sopranos...then I would have watched it when I had HBO. But even then oh He Who Thinks He's Borgie.....they didn't make Tony Soprano look like a fecking god. If you are going to steal from every idea out there would it kill you to steal the WHOLE idea?

He was looking at himself twenty-years from now,Johnny would be Morgan,Michael won't be around.

Well, I get why Jason would say that because from his point of view, Sonny is nothing like Zacharra.

And I don't think that dialouge is lame or stupid, it's Jason's opinion.

The part that I thought was strange was the way Sonny went on and on about the FACT that Anthony Zacchara tried to get Sonny to play Russian Roulette with him - and that was how Sonny KNEW that Anthony was certifiably insane!

NOT SO LONG AGO - Back when Sonny leaped to the conclusion that Jason was dead and it was all Ric's fault, Sonny marched in to Ric's office with his gun - spun the chamber around once and took a shot. Fortunately for Ric, Sonny ended up with an empty chamber. (Fortunately for GH also - since Rick Hearst brought home one of the FEW Emmy's that this miserable show managed to collect last year.)

So am I to understand that what the writers NOW want us to believe is that Zacchara is certifiably insane because Zacchara tried to get Sonny to play Russian Roulette with him - but, when Sonny did EXACTLY the same thing with Ric - Sonny was really macho man and Ric was just a wimp because Ric just stood there and let Sonny go ahead and pull the trigger on him?

What is most unfortunate with TIIC suddenly discovering Russian Roulette is that ABC-Disney-GH-Soap Net honchos have said, over and over again, in MANY public presses - that the PREFERRED viewer of ABC soap operas is TWELVE YEARS OLD!

An article at SNOPES.com observes that: :"A quick scan of old newspaper articles finds too many documented accounts of 'Deer Hunter' suicides to chalk ALL of them up to overblown radical anti-violence rhetoric.' The article then goes on to focus on a number of the reported incidents of young people imitating the Russian Roulette players in that particular movie -- with lethal consequences!


When Wendy Riche accepted the Emmy for General Hospital in 1999 - in her acceptance speech, Riche promised 'Programming that will make a difference' in the wake of the tragic shooting rampage at Columbine High School.

So teaching their PREFERRED audience of TWELVE year old kids that Russian Roulette is cool and macho when SONNY plays the game but dangerous and 'insane' when Anthony Zacchara wants to play is GH's notion of 'programming that will make a difference"?

Footage of Columbine shooting cafeteria (History Channel)

Sincerely, Deborah

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