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October 23, 2007

The Green Butterfly Has Lost Her Damn Fool Mind

So, we're going to see a story about how Greenlee has TOTALLY GONE INSANE, right? Because not even the AMC writers can expect me to believe that she's behaving like someone who isn't crazy.

For starters, she's got shirtless Aidan in front of her, and though he's turned into a Lavery worshiping attempted lyncher, he's still the hottest guy in the show and yet she's all babbling about having Ryan's spawn. This was the first thing that made me wonder if she had a brain injury.

Then there's her attempt at "flirting" with Aidan which included the line, and I quote, "Has anyone ever told you [that] you put the 'special' in 'special ops'?" Props to Sabine Singh for saying that with a straight face, but come on! What's next? "Are you okay? Because heaven is a long fall from here".

And then there's the scary monologues she's been having that are just prolonged sentences FILLED WITH CRAZY delivered with CRAZY EYES and a forced chipper tone of voice. And by "forced chipper", I mean "CRAZY"

Maybe people won't be as harsh as you think they will. Kendall and I -- we're getting closer every day. Maybe there's a chance that someday, down the road, I could be -- I back into their lives again.


Come back, Aidan. Come back and tell me that the car's all packed, and you're just waiting on me and the kids. And we're going to the beach for the weekend. And we're going to pick up Ryan and Annie and Emma. And Kendall and Zach and the boys are meeting us there. They rented a boat for the weekend, and we're going to spend the whole time on the water, just swimming and playing and having picnics and laughing -- one big, happy extended family. Come back, Aidan. Come back and tell me that.


The woman is a nutter. We're supposed to think of her that way, right? I mean, all the evidence is there. She seems two steps away from boiling pets and shaving her head in front of the paparazzi. Like, she's crazy enough to perhaps join forces with the awesome, albeit unstable, Richie to wreak havoc on people. Which would be kind of fantastic, now that I think about it...


Greenlee has a major TBI. Not licking a shirtless Aiden within an inch of his sexy ass life is a crime against hotness.

If they can't find HIM a semi decent woman what the hell is wrong with ABC daytime?

HOTNESS MURDERERS!!!!!! First Patrick now Aiden. Talk about organized crime. Adam 80 year old Chandler gets more hot nookie than these two. WTF?!?!?!

I was about to ff these scenes until I realized this was a bigger disaster than Y&R's Out Of The Ashes story. OMG! Kill me now. (BTW? I still hate what Zach is doing to Greenlee...)

I resent being called crazy. I am a perfectly sane person and why is everyone picking on me! Afterall, I'm the VICTIM! I was forced to take advantage of Kendall going into premature labor and possibly losing her baby to kidnap Spike. That was baby Ian's fault! Afterall, if he hadn't come early, I wouldn't have had my chance to take Spike and declare myself his mommy. And of course it's perfectly normal to look down at the car floor and bend over to pick up my dropped cell phone as I'm driving at a high speed near a cliff. That's not my fault! So why do Kendall and Zach continue to blame me? I mean, I know they told me to stay away from their babies, but I can keep going to stare at Ian at the hospital. None of this is my fault! I'm the victim! The victim, I tell you!

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