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November 08, 2007

Apparently There Are People at ABC Daytime Who Don't Find Violence Sexy

... maybe they should drop some knowledge on the people who run General Hospital

My friend just sent me this link (and rightfully questioned why they're still using the "dreamy" modifier for this guy).  Holy crap!  Regular readers know I don't watch One Life to Live, but I did see that one episode and I thought Nathaniel Marston was kind of hot.  But it turns out he's kind of an unbalanced rageaholic.  (Isn't that always the way?  It isn't?  I need to expand my social circles.)  Anyway:

Troubled soap opera star Nathaniel Marston has been dumped from "One Life to Live."

Marston, who played dreamy Dr. Michael McBain on the ABC soap, was facing trial in February for allegedly attacking three people and brawling with the city cops who tried to arrest him in Manhattan.

. . .

Speculation began building that Marston would be forced to hang up his stethoscope after the 32-year-old was arrested Oct. 20 on charges of assault, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest.

A 6-foot-3 former amateur boxer, Marston appeared to be crazed on cocaine when he allegedly screamed, "I'm going to get you!" and assaulted his victims with a metal crate, breaking one man's leg at 45th St. and 10th Ave.

Good god.  I hope the victims are recuperating well. 


You know this is confusing Guza to no end. I can see his thought bubble now..

"Wait...people are punished for acting like rageaholics? Women weren't lining up to sleep with him? No one wants to leave their legitimate life to have his illegitamate child? The police weren't acting in a vidictive fashion because they were jealous?"

Prayers out to the victims.

I agree with you about Nate Marston. The few times he took his shirt off, WOW that was a hot body.

Sadly he has a long history of these problems. In 1999 he was fired from ATWT for beating up an ATM machine. He was fired from OLTL in 2003, for personal problems, and fan backlash saved him.

OMG - Thank you for this posting. I've just come from another soap opera forum and the fans who are actually supporting NM are livid that they're fans of NM who aren't only thinking of him during this unfortunate time.

Some of them are actually thinking that NM was somehow "baited" into assaulting these people (including a police officer). I'm glad that ABC let go of NM.

This situation could have happened on the set. ABC has every right to let him go.

I have to agree, Nathaniel is a looker! I felt really bad about what happened with him and miss him in his role. Nathaniel, I hope you are doing well!

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