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November 25, 2007

Days of Our Lives Couple of Weeks in Review

We've had very few Days posts lately, I know.  That's because of my aforementioned busy/laziness, and because of our oft-discussed dilemma around here:  how can you have lots to say about a show that's actually pretty good?  But if only so that you guys can leave comments pointing out things that I totally missed because I was shopping for handbags and Bobbi Brown eyeshadows on eBay while watching, I thought we were due for a quick recap.

First, let me start by praising yet another beneficial result of John's demise:  Marlena's time isn't spent behaving like a schoolgirl with a crush or engaging in increasingly disturbing make-out sessions, and she's instead getting involved in a battle royale with Stefano!  Wooo!


"A vengeance!"  I prefer campy, manipulative Marlena about 100 to 1 over moaning, faux-orgasming, teenybopper Marlena.  As long as they don't really cross the line into ridiculous again (Marlena is possessed, Marlena is the Salem stalker, Marlena is pregnant), I'm fine with her being front-and-center again.  You better bring it, Deidre!


And it's really good that she did have that scene with Stefano, because otherwise I was all aboard the Marlena hate train, due to her having committed one of the worst Days sins ever:  bringing back those fucking purity rings.  (Ooooh, what if someone started a parody jewelry line, demanding "fucking purity"?  Like, please don't let outdated notions of gender roles tinged with paternalism get in the way of lots of sex, Puritans!)  Anyway, when Marlena busted out those rings, all my James-E-Reilly-era hate came to the surface and I was all prepared to just drone on and on about how irritatingly self-righteous Marlena is. But then she went all campy evil, and I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Also, I am lazy and didn't really want to type a lot. 

Speaking of lazy, do you think Marlena's daughter will ever have a romantic interest other than the two guys she's been tripping over pretty much since the last century?


I still think Phillip and Belle have ten times the chemistry of Shawn and Belle, but 1) that's not saying much, and 2) my opinion is possibly based entirely on Jay Kenneth Johnson having been shirtless in a couple of their scenes. 

But back to the couple of the week Belle and Shawn.  Oh, how I loathe this pairing.  But I love a big soapy event, with lots of cast integration and returning veterans, so I didn't hate their wedding.


Particularly since it's clear the marriage won't likely even make it to the next sweeps period.  I even liked Belle's dress.  I liked something Belle wore.  I thought that maybe that meant I had lost my bitchy edge, but then I remembered how much joy I got out of Phillip messing with Belle's head before she said "I do" and I realized all is well -- I'm still not a very nice person.

For instance, I loved Phillip giving Shawn the watch.


It was very 1980s Victor-esque, by which of course I mean kickass. I don't know why anyone is going to such lengths to land Belle, particular when said someone has landed her before and contrary to recent re-writes had a loveless marriage with her while she pined after the guy she is marrying all over again, but setting all that aside, the watch was a nice bitchy twist to the wedding.

BTW, to the reader who found our little site by Googling "why can't belle just be single days of our lives":  You will fit in just great around here.  Not since Kelly Taylor has anyone needed to choose herself more.


Lucas using the wedding as a venue for what is starting to be a campaign to publicly shame and isolate Sami was a bit irksome.  (The mother of your child doesn't get to name your kid with you, really?  And you let her whole family know she doesn't?  O...kay.)


But I like the name Alice Caroline, so I'll give him a pass for now.  I do think the writers have to be careful not to make Lucas look like an ass in this whole triangle situation, especially when he's up against the inappropriately great interactions between EJ and Sami.

I have decided to ignore the events of 12/29/06, and the fact that Sami is only feigning affection for EJ, because James Scott and Allison Sweeney have off-the-charts chemistry. 



I haven't liked Sami this much in months.  I actually look forward to their scenes together, which is something I'd have found difficult to believe back when she was trying to murder him via lipstick.  (I lost IQ points just typing those last six words.)

James Scott's...James Scottness is one of the main reasons I can get past virtually anything bad EJ has done.  I swear to god, there is something seriously wrong with me, because despite being despondent, paralyzed, unshaven, manipulative, and the per-usual borderline-evil,




...I still think James Scott's EJ is The Hotness.  I feel like things are getting to the point where I'm going to have to do a 12-step program or something.  Adonis-Addicts Anonymous!


I love how Roman and Bo can totally investigate the attempted murder of their immediate family member and the son of one of their sworn enemies, with no thoughts about a conflict of interest.  Soaps logic, how I adore you.


Slightly off-topic, but always worth mentioning:  Josh Taylor's plastic surgery -- why?  I caught the 90210 episode on SoapNet this weekend in which Jack McCay manipulates Dylan into writing him a letter to help him get paroled, and Josh Taylor looked so normal!  Also, that episode (or the one right after it, not that I sat on a couch for two hours watching a 15-year-old teen soap opera) was the one in which we as viewers -- with the power of sight -- were asked to believe that someone was paying Donna to be a MODEL.  !!!  To bring this back on-topic, I think maybe Josh Taylor has his face work done by the surgeon who did Tori's boobs.

Speaking of Bo, he had one of my favorite one-liners in weeks:

Bo (about Phillip): I'm gonna have to bitchslap that brat one of these days.

I like Phillip, but come on, that was hysterical.  Someone on Days said "bitchslap"!  Can "asshat" or "dicksmack" be far behind?  I hope not.


I'm still liking the Ford Decker storyline. 


Billie finally has something interesting to do, Chelsea and Steph are doing something other than moon over their uncles/cousins, Morgan is (fashion crimes aside) mostly awesome, and they're dealing with a real-life issue without being too preachy or over-the-top. 


Most importantly, it features female friendships!  In which nobody is sleeping with one of the other's husbands, or secretly had the child of one of the other's fathers, or whatever.  Belle may be too lame to have friends, but other young women on this show are making up for her social awkwardness.  And they have nothing to do with purity rings! Woohoo!

But hey, what the hell?



Why did they recast Cordy?  I liked the first one better, but more importantly now I won't be able to randomly insert Real World: San Diego references into my posts.  Where will I shout that Brad ain't guilty of nothin' but livin'?!  Other than at my office during meetings, I mean.


The Ford Decker plot has also given Shelley Hennig a chance to shine as Stephanie.  I still think she looks nothing like her on-screen parents, and the writers' insistence on having her say "Papa" every 15 seconds makes me mental, but she is doing well with the emotional material they're throwing her way.



It probably helps that many of these scenes are with Mary Beth Evans, who continues to be fantastic, particularly when Kayla is in nurturing mode.


How much do she and Stephen Nichols rock?  And how much chemistry do they have as a couple?



So much, times two.  I love them.  In a totally non-over-invested kind of way, of course.


So, I'm too lazy to come up with a clever closing (are you sensing a theme here), and I'm curious as to whether others are as satisfied with Days' direction as I am.  Therefore, poll time!  Weigh in, please.  But note if you vote for Belle to end up with Shawn, you will automatically be banned from our site and we will send someone to your home to mock your terrible taste in soapy pairings. 


Thanks for the long awaited update. You forgot to mention how awesome it was of Chelsea to bust Ford's nose open but I'll let that slide with the other things that happened this week.

And I need to post this here just to make sure people were aware, Steve Johnson was in a tux!!

That last poll was a bit too difficult, Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, both rock quite a large amount.

Stephanie looks nothing like her parents but she does look a whole lot like auntie Adrienne, dont'cha think? I caught Days over the long weekend and loved what I Saw! The highlight? Chelsea's punch!

Oh no you didn't...
Shelley getting a chance to shine? I'm sorry... beautiful girl and all, but IMO that girl can't act worth shit. The harder she tries to more I hate it.

The show is getting downright interesting again - especially on a week where nothing at all interesting happened. Absolutely nothing important at all. It is almost as if the Shawn-Belle wedding was a MacGuffin for all the other interesting stuff going on.

Seriously, Julie Pinson's delivery of, "Single and fabulous!" outshone the entire wedding.

This show is ultra fab lately! The Chelsea punch was SO beautiful. I rewound it three times. Whoever the guy is that plays Ford is perfect for that role. He's downright creepy looking.

The scenes with EJ in the hospital almost made me sorry for him - and totally forget "The Incident" of last year. His hotness makes up for all his wrong doings. And there is no denying that his and Sami's chemistry sizzles.

I agree -- I kindve like what they are doing with Lucas. At least it's more refreshing than him continuously beggging Sami not to leave him for EJ. BUT I don't want to see him become a total asshole. It's not in him.

THANK you for the update! Your posts are way addictive. Keep em coming!

Thank goodness you finally had a Days Week in Review again. I was going through withdrawals.

The show really has been much better for about the last month. I agree with pretty much everything you said, but especially the stuff about the college storyline. Real female friendships. Chelsea rearranging Ford's nose. Kayla and Stephanie bonding time. Stephanie and Cordy helping each other. Billie having something to do. It's all been quite good.

Throw in some good Steve and Kayla moments, an actual musical montage at the wedding, Steve in a tux, JKJ shirtless several times, and Bo being a snarky detective and it's been good times all around in Salem lately.

BTW, they recast Cordy because the original actress got was in a pilot that got picked up by ABC.

My first choice was to have her chose herself, but after thinking about it I voted for Belle to chose Shawn. I CAN EXPLAIN! I absolutely do not want Philip with Belle, ever. And if Belle choses herself that will leave her free to get involved with any other hot guy that shows up. She might even set her sights on EJ! So, for the good of all the hotties in Salem, Belle should forver stay with Shawn--he sucks anyway, so who cares if he's stuck with her?

Chelsea punching Ford and Billie proudly announcing her single, sexy fabulousness were the highlights for me. And of course, Steve in a tux was awesome.

I think the show is finally improving, but it still has a loooong way to go. This show really needs a major kick in it's creative ass. It still feels like it's getting most of it's ideas from JERk, they're just better written now.

Love your comments - couldn't agree more with the off the charts chemistry of EJ and Sami.....

For the most part this past week wasn't fantastic, but it was so much better than some of the craptastic stuff on earlier this year...it's like getting a cracker after starving so long...tastes like a Ritz, when it's probably just a Saltine...but I'll take it.

For me personally, James Scott's hotness does not outweigh the evilness of EJ. And I'm not feeling the EJ/Sami chemistry.

I do think that Steve & Kayla are freakin fabulous. I think I love them more now than I did in the 80s. Bo & Hope were never a big deal to me.

I still like the idea of Shawn & Belle, though there is little chemistry between the actors. I'm not a fan of Philip & Belle either. The recasting has not worked to benefit the story. Perhaps Chloe will give this story some new life? I'm not holding my breath.

I started watching Days again during the "Chelsea killed Zach so Hope turns into a harpy who hates Bo and sleeps with whatshisname and also, Bo is kind of a dick" phase. I HATED Bo and Hope -- what a difference a new head writer makes!

I cannot believe how much better they are now. Bo is a wonderful doofus, so genuine and decent. Hope is sparkly and tough, and their chemistry is off the charts.

I expected the sorority thing to be ungodly bad, but it's working. It's given Billie a purpose again (and a job!).

I cannot believe how much I'm enjoying Days these days.

Couldn't agree with you anymore...100% word. Marlena is a billion times better without John and facesucking going on. EJami is HOT and I want James Scott to give me a baby (do you think if I went up to him and asked nicely a la Robin Scorpio that he'd give in? Friendly fan relations and all?) Lucas is being a total douche lately, but I'd rather see him be a jerk than scream and beg Sami to stay with him. Snarky Bo rocks. Steve in a tux rocks harder. JKJ gets hotter daily...Shelle sucks and they both should leave the show, all would be right with the world then. Thanks for your continually hilarious posts!

Re: the Cordy recast... RealWorld!Cordy left to star in Samurai Girl, a project with the ABC Family network.

Sorry, but I can't get on board with Sami and EJ after what he did. He calmly shot John in the head, raped Sami, manipulated others for his own benefit and has shown zero regret. That is a sociopath, not a romantic hero. He treats his son as a posession, not a human being. I don't care how "hot" he is. And that blinking drives me nuts!
The show rocks when Steve and Kayla or Bo and Hope are showcased. They could have their own show as far as I am concerned and drop the rest and it would be fine with me.

Correction, John was NOT shot in the head. He was shot in the chest while struggling with EJ (not so calmly, either, on either guy's part).

Totally agree and am cracknig up with all comments BUT - you liked Belle's gold lame cut-out wedding dress? Really? I thought that maybe it would have been awesome if Marilyn Monroe was getting married on the Love Boat or something, but today, it was... so... not cool.

I was more annoyed with Sami that she hadn't named her little girl yet. I realize she's busy protecting her family and all but give your child a name already. It's like they are going out of their way to make her look like a bad mom.

When I first glanced onto the screen and saw Josh Taylor, I thought perhaps he'd developed that old person grooves on the sides of his head from wearing glasses...but no, those appear to be the seams of his reconstructed face. The only thing scarier is when he's in scenes with James Reynolds and his permanently surprised eye lift expression.

The pic of Marlena and Stefano gave me a total Rachel/Carl from AW 'so wrong it's right' flash.

I love the line you wrote about how the writers have to be careful NOT to make Lucas look like an ass. I think he does that pretty well all by himself. He's too one dimensional to be useful to suite any other purpose. You are not the only one who is hung up on James Scott. There are a bunch of us who could use some intervention!

I have been watching Days for 20 years and I have to say I have NEVER been as hooked on this show as I am right now! EJ Wells has got to be my all-time favorite soap character! And it's not only because James Scott is the hottest man that ever walked the planet, but because he portrays his bad-boy/wannabe good character so well! He can be so nasty, but so appealing at the same time. And I totally agree that he and Ali Sweeny's on-screen chemistry is off the charts! But I am not at all surprised, who wouldn't have chemistry with that tall British drink of water! This current storyline is my new addiction! GO EJAMI!!

But EJami is not the only factor of my love affair with Days. I have always been a very big fan of Steve and Kayla. When Steve left so many years ago, it was devistating. So good to have him back! Love that character!

And I must say, it's just not the same without the old Shawn, and since Phillip is so much hotter anyway, I have to root for him and Belle. Who can resist those cheekbones!!

So I must say, as a long-time fan of this soap, this year has been the best I have seen in an extremely long time!

GO DOOL!! You're back!! About time!!

I´m too loving Days again!! I couldn´t watch a single episode back in JERk´s destruction, but now I am so hooked. The reason? Ejami. And James freaking Scott!! I mean not only is the man the hottest creature that has ever walked on this earth, but he knows how to act! Those hospital scenes? Emmy nom anyone? Amazing. And the chemistry with Ali? Incredible. Ejami is the next supercouple. Buh-bye Lumi.

I also flove Phelle! So much chemistry. I have zero interest in Shelle. Yuck. Let the forbidden love rule!

I am also so happy that the storylines are well written these days. I like the Soroty storyline. I absolutely adore the Marlena/Stefano encounter. Amazing scenes! I love Bo and Hope, especially Bo with his "bitchslap"-oneliners. I also love Steve and Kayla! I would like them to show Tony and Anna more. And I am not sure if I like Nick with Chelsea. I would rather see Chelsea with Max, but anyway, loving Days again! Thank you Ed Scott and Sheffer!

Days is so good I'm about to re-instate "Mommy hour" again & kick the kids out of the tv room! A 5 hour dvr session saturday night with James Scott can overload a girl, ya know? Ehh, maybe not. Anywho, I can't even express how much I love Julie Pinson as Billie with a story or for that matter Chelsea with a violent streak!! Love, love, love it! As for Lucas, mehh, whatever keep on digging yourself in buddy, fine by me! Shelle smelle. That's it.

I tell you, I bet James Scott could make out with a tree and look hot. He's just got it going on. And freaky bad Marlena is quite amusing. She's really got the eye thing down! Josh Taylor? I totally don't remember him on 90210! I'll have to catch up with that sometime.

I say, as long as Ejami is so caliente, I'll have to keep tuned in! (It took the stupid SSK storyline or the Marlena possessed storyline to make me tune out before.)

The show is improving but it would be a lot better without Sami and EJ crammed down my throat day after day. I like EJ but he needs to stay the bad guy. He's done too many things to too many people to be reformed IMO and Sami better as a bad girl.

Loved seeing Chelsea bust Ford's nose. How many times to we get to see woman throw a punch like that? Ass kicking!! I'd love to see Stephanie grow some balls too. Maybe she could set his room on fire like dad to to his abusive dad, lol. Julie Pinson is beautiful and a good actress and it was great to see her in the story. Get this woman in a story of her own!

Belle and Shawn are so bad together. How long does it take TPTB to realize this? You'd think they'd have noticed they sucked back in the spring but nooooo we have to suffer and suffer watching them. These are such boring characters that you wonder why Phillip is so hot for her. Jay is hotness and makes Phillip and Belle work but I'm not sure if I'd want this long term.

Steve and Kayla still rock and their kissing scenes are hot. I'd love to say their love scenes are hot but we never get one. How about a few Hogan? We need to see more of them and I'm partial to shirtless makeout scenes. Steve in a tux this week! Just hose me down! How about a real story for them? No babies, just a real story with lots of love scenes. :)

Bo and Hope rock too and like S&K we don't see enough of them. How about a real story for them too? Anna and Tony were fun for a while but where have they hidden? It would be nice to see them more too.


Frankly I've seen enough Sami/EJ/Lucas and Belle/Shawn/Phillip to do me for a while and I'd like to see the other actors more.

I have always loved Days. I started back with Doug and Julie. Then Bo and Hope and than Steve and Kayla. I have seen its ups and downs and now it is starting to get interesting again but they do need to put on the couples that gave them high ratings like Steve and Kayla mainly. We would love to see a little more of them on.

I absolutely love James Scott. His scenes the past two weeks have been phenomenal. His chemistry with Alison is so electric and I can't wait to see more of it. It's about time they gave Lucas his own storyline away from Sami and away from Kate for once. Give BD a chance to shine on his own.

Um wow... where to start... Bo saying he wanted to bitchslap Philip? Yeah that was amazing - enough to where I actually called my husband and told him about it! Made me laugh out loud.

James Scott - no words can capture what that man does on screen. People hate him so much because his acting was f'ing fabulous on Dec 29 and he made you believe he was the scum of the earth (believe me, it made me physically ill and I turned the channel). But the man works wonders and no one could redeem himself onscreen the way he has transformed EJ.

James and Alison have amazing chemistry, no one else really compares to what they have and I hate it when they take time away from them!! They even "hate" eachother with sexy passion ....

steve and kayla rock! they were awesome
in the 80's and i love them now.

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