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November 04, 2007

Days of Our Lives Couple of Weeks in Review

Well, it really shouldn't be surprising that Days' ratings have taken a sharp upward turn, because the show has improved over the last few weeks.  And I haven't done any recaps.  Coincidence?  Will I once again have to confront the reality that I won't be able to blog if my shows get good?  (I'm in no danger of that with GH, thank god.)

At some point if this show gets really, truly good, I may be reduced to just posting screencaps of James Scott.  He provides a range of entertainment services:

giving bitchface


being handcuffed


laughting semi-maniacally


waving at babies


seething quietly


being an unsettling ghost in the nightmare of his future wife (as you do)


...yes, even as an un-dead zombie, he could still get it.

Sure, EJ's still a lunatic, shooting up cars


cutting up Kate's face (he's not the first!), plotting against Sami's relatives, obsessing over his son, being devoted to his psychopath father, yadda yadda . . . but James Scott is insanely hot, and that wins.  (I know I sound a bit like those "Jason and Sonny are so hot with their guns" crazies.  But James Scott is hotter than they are, which makes it totally different.)


Sami finally had the elephant babies!


Sami: It's too soon!
Marlena: Come on, not unusual with twins. Here we go.  What we know is, the last ultrasound showed that their lungs are completely developed.  So they are ready to join the world.
Sami: But I'm not ready.  Mom, I haven't decorated the nursery, and Lucas didn't put together the second crib.  And we haven't baby-proofed the apartment.

You've been gestating since 2006!  When were you going to do that stuff?

So first Belle, now Sami.  Is Marlena just going to deliver all her grandkids?



Part of my total discomfort with this situation is that it brought back one of the most awkward moments of my life.  In college I was home on break and took a really bad fall waterskiing, and there was, among other things . . . an injury to a private area.  So they pull me out of the water and my mom's in the boat and is somewhat freaked out.

Mom of Becca: Let me see!
Me: !!!!! What? !!!!!
Mom of Becca: Becca, relax, you know my dad was an ob-gyn!
Me: ?!?!?!

One of my good friends was there and we laughed for months over her imitation of my facial expression.

Aaaanyway, yay, babies!  The twins are adorable -- Johnny/Gianni and . . . what is the girl's name?  I've already forgotten.  Oh dear.  This must mean that Lucas is totally right and not paranoid, and his daughter is going to end up a depressed overweight alcoholic.


Now that she doesn't have to walk around with a couch pillow under increasingly heinous maternity dresses, and therefore might return to her previous curvaceous cuteness, I need to mention something.  Allison Sweeney's eyebrows.  What's going on there?


Yikes.  As her hair has gotten lighter, her brow makeup has been getting darker.  It worries me.  I'm distracted by their caterpillar-like nature, particularly when Sami has been having basically the same conversation for five months and as a result my mind is predisposed to drift.

But back to the babies, I'm so glad they decided to do a split-paternity storyline.  There was nothing soapy about both of them being Lucas', or EJ's.  I did feel bad for Lucas finding out, though, particularly the timing.  However,


I love his expression.  It's a one-sentence note, Lucas, not long division.  It's shocking, but not terribly confusing.

I like the battle they're setting up between Lucas and EJ.  That could be soapy goodness for years.  And while he's suddenly adopted his father's surname (did anyone else think it was a bit late in the game to decide Kate had finally crossed some point of no return?), I think they could still re-do the paternity of Lucas himself to make that story even more interesting.  I thought maybe that's where they were going with the DNA -- that in addition to one of the twins being EJ's, the tests would reveal Lucas and EJ to be half-brothers (due to Kate having been Stefano's call girl).  But the twins having different babydaddies, and all the drama likely to result, is good enough for me.  For now.


I'm starting to like Belle.  Or at least, I'm starting not to hate her, and I've lost my desire to make fun of her hair.


Sami to Belle:  You came to me for good advice?  You must be hard up.

Seriously!  Unless you are inquiring as to the advisability of selling yourself on the black market, I would seek advice elsewhere.  But then Belle got all snarky with Sami, and it was kind of awesome.  Of course, she was asking what she should do about having had sex with Phillip


when it seems obvious to me that the answer is do it some more.

Part of what I love about Belle cheating with Phillip is that it shows that one of things that didn't work about their earlier pairing is that Kyle Brandt was a chemistry vacuum, a fact that delights me because he was such an arrogant ass on The Real World

Anyway, Belle cheating on her fiancé, being snotty with Sami, rolling her eyes?  I always knew Martha Madison gave good bitchface, but she is much better playing snotty than the stupid 1950s-robot version of Belle they had her doing before.  (Her work during John's death was strong, too.)

Oh, and if you're keeping track,


I still can't stand Shawn.  He's a legacy kid, his parents are kick-ass, and he's tied in with a bunch of other characters I like.  But I find him boring and smug.  Which is how I used to feel about Phillip. I'm willing to admit the problem is that I'm utterly fickle and also not paying attention a lot of the time.


I hated the sorority storyline(s) at first, but now that it's not about stupid boy-auctions and pledging, it's growing on me.  I like that they're basically just using the house as a place to pull together the younger characters, as opposed to having stories actually about the sorority.  I didn't see the Chelsea twist coming


I just assumed her kidnapping would be the work of the Campus Rapist.  And that the resolution to the twist also means the end of Nick as parental unit is a fab bonus.


And Nick and Chelsea are back together!  Maybe the writers will actually let them have a relationship for a while this time.


They're almost unfairly adorable.

Back to the Campus Rapist story, while it's been fairly well written, I have to say that Days doesn't need another sexual assault storyline, maybe ever.  They've had virtually all of their female characters raped, and now they're bringing on new ones to make them victims.


Cordy could be an interesting character, but she wasn't on long enough to get very invested in her before the rape, and while she's not bad, the actress is very green and the material was a bit beyond her reach.  (Apropos of almost nothing, I'm going to take this opportunity to say that the whole "Free Brad!" incident was the best on The Real World: San Diego and one of the top ten on all seasons.  Unintentional comedy of the highest order.)

The webcam stuff was creepy


but it was an interesting and probably realistic update on old stories, and it gave Max a chance to be a hero and actually start developing as a character, which is refreshing.


Um, I promise, he was being heroic at that moment.


I freely admit it's possible I'm biased by having fallen for them as a kid, but Steve and Kayla are made of awesome as far as I'm concerned.

Stephanie:  You talked to Aunt Adrienne?
Steve: I sent her a text.
Stephanie: ::incredulous::
Steve: Hey, I'm with it, baby.  I got thumbs!


Their parting with Pocket was predictably heartbreaking.



And the wonderful conversation Kayla had with Stephanie when Steph said she'd let some stranger make out with her at a party was very realistic.  Of course, it turns out there's more to Steph's story


which is, again, numerically disturbing, particularly given that Stephanie's mom is one of the show's many other rape victims.  I really need for daytime TV to learn that young women can have life-altering events that don't involve being brutalized.  Damn.  But the actors in this storyline will play it well, for what it's worth.

On a much happier topic, I've said it before, but damn, Stephen Nichols is in amazing shape. 


The dude is 56 years old!  And speaking of looking fabulous,


Kristian Alfonso is 44 and has had two kids.  She is amazing. 



Hey, did you know that EJ is good-looking, Marlena delivered Sami's elephant babies, Belle is getting to be pretty interesting but Shawn still bores me to tears, Nick and Chelsea are cute together, Max makes a good hero, Steve and Kayla are awesome, there are too many rape stories on this show, and Stephen Nichols and Kristian Alfonso are in amazing shape?  Yes?  Because you just fucking read it five minutes ago?  Right. 

Enough with the flashbacks to a day ago, Days.  I thought we got rid of those with Reilly.

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


The flashbacks are beginning to bug me too. They seem to keep getting longer and longer.

And while Mr Scott is the hotness, EJ is beyong bugging that crap out of me, and that's starting to diminish the hotness. I may have to resort to watching him with the sound muted.

i don't watch Days, but i just wanted to say that james scott is hot. so very very hot!

You know, the sorority campus rapist is a fairly well written story, but like you said, it's rape story #198 that Days has had (and those are just the ones I recall). Now that Stephanie is probably a victim, it's not just a mother/daughter thing here, her Aunt Adrienne was raped, Aunt Jennifer was raped (then married to her Uncle Jack who was her own mother's rapist), her cousin Sami has been raped twice and those are just off the top of my head. Wasn't Marlena raped years ago too?

Nick and Chelsea are cute and adorable. And nothing beats Chelsea dissing Jett!

I would say I want Steve and Kayla to be my parents, but then that would mean I would lust after my own father and give me more in common with Belle than I want.

You're right EJ is hotter than Sonny and Jason rolled up together.

Salem wouldn't be nearly as much fun without Ej in it.

James Scott does it all, humor, happiness, bad boy and love.

Not many actors can convey all that without speaking a word.

Gotta love Nick & Chelsea! Best young couple (or couple, period) in daytime right now. IMO.

James Scott's hotness makes just about every other soap hunk come off like trolls (except for maybe Tyler Christoper on GH but that's a whole other story).

Anyway, I can only imagine the folks at AMC kicking their own asses for firing him but then again they would have to be smart enough to find them let alone write a decent show (except for Richie...he is awesome) and I bet secretly, when no one is looking, James Scott is laughing his cute butt off in sweet revenge.

Of course, that's probably just me. Oh by the way, this is my first post. Sorry for not mentioning that earlier. It's nice to find intelligent soap fans that have some clue of what's going on. Great to be here.

But you forgot the best line of all!!!

Belle tells Sami that Hope caught her after she had slept with Philip and that she just knew what had happened, that there was no denying it.

Sami tells her that there is always a way to deny something, and then says...

"Have I taught you nothing?!?"

Hee!!! I loved it! Even my husband (who despises Days and soaps in general) heard this while working on something in the kitchen and laughed. Of course, he didn't truly get it, but I about spit out my water. I had to rewind it and watch it again. Love it!!!

Oh, and I'm personally loving Belle and Philip! Holy hot chemistry batman!!

(And Chelsea and Nick are totally adorable. I love them too)

And while I must wholeheartedly agree on the hotness that is EJ, I just cannot support a relationship with him and Sami. I love him as a villain. I really hope the writers don't redeem him (which it does not appear is in the works, at least not based on what I've seen lately).

Keep it up Days! Although the flashbacks truly must go. WTF?

Those really are the best screen caps I've ever seen. I especially like the one of Shawn getting his butt handed to him by a one-legged ex-Marine.

Days really has been much better lately. They shocked everybody by writing a story for the younger set that is actually interesting, well-written, and not filled with stereotypes. Morgan is great, Max is becoming interesting, and Stephanie and Chelsea have a wonderful friendship vibe. I'm not thrilled with the return to rape as a requirement for all Days females, but there is a mountain of history there to mine for Stephanie if they do go that route.

The other great change is conversations that aren't completely plot driven. Marlena/Belle/Sami after John's funeral. The Johnson family midnight meeting. Bo and Hope last Friday. Even some of EJ and Kate's discussions have been less about plot than about expanding on their motivations. This something that has been largely missing from Days for months and I hope the trend continues.


Marlena was raped by Kellam Chandler (I know, who?) in the late '70s/early '80s. I also sort of remember that it was implied that Stefano raped Marlena in the '90s, during one of the many, many, many "Marlena abducted by Steffy" stories, but that might have just been the general creepiness that seemed to accompany so many of Reilly's stories...I mean, "stories."

Anyway, I still haven't started watching Days on a regular basis, but what I have seen has been better, treating characters like characters rather than plot devices. I also think it would be interesting to have Lucas turn out to be one of Stefano's 101 bastard children, although it would involve dumping the Horton family (unless Alice and Nick still count).

They need to recast Shawn. Putting Phillip with Belle after he tried to take their kid and almost got them all killed is too dumb, they need to even up the "triangle" with a hotter, more charismatic actor.

Where have the ratings gone up? Aren't they still like 2.1 or 2.0?

Why does the ratings post link to Celine Dion singing on AMC?

The scroll bar is your friend, Carl.

Although now that I look at the #s again more people aren't necessarily watching days, but fewer are watching at least three other shows.

Chad, "Kellam"? Seriously? Whoa.

I really like the sorority storyline as well although I wonder how long it will be before all the characters end up dropping out of school. And I loved, loved, loved "Free Brad" as well. The best was his profanity-laden phone call to his roommates to spring him from lockup.

Watched a whole episode of Days today, first time in ages, based on this review. It wasn't bad.

I have to agree with Zarathelawyer. As hot as James Scott is, EJ is irritatingly smug. I'm so looking forward to him getting shot.

First LOVE this site..thanks !!! Now on to DOOL...Phillip and Belle...HOT HOT HOT...I will settle for them till we get some HOT EJ and Sami action !! I could give a rats ass if Shawn gets on the force....this guy needs something new and fast !! So happy that Nick and Chelsea are back together..Lucas well have nothing really to say about him other than give this guys some new dialog...it seems like he may have the same problem as Shawn..they are both part of a couple that on paper writes good but when on screen it just falls FLAT..both these guys need out of their current storylines and given something new so I can like them again..because right now I am getting bored with both of these dudes !! I hope that we continue to see more vets..and still holding out that John is not REALLY dead !! Oh and agree about the flashbacks..if you are going to do a flashback..make sure it was not from the day before..I like the older ones..but come on the day before..can we say FILLER !!

Looks like the ratings took a sharp turn right back down to a sucky 1.9 and a tie for last place.

The show focusing almost exclusively on Sami's rapist forcing her to marry him has severely limited the entertainment value I find in the show. These days, it's virtually nil.

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