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November 13, 2007

Dude, Finally!

General Hospital fans (and "fans") rejoice!  Lucky found out that Jason is Jake's father!  Hallelujah!  Of course, the heroic hitman had to be the one to reveal the "secret," but whatever, I'm just so happy poor, dim, gorgeous Lucky is in the know that I don't really care how it happened.  The fallout from the reveal was awesome --  Awesome Writer clearly escaped his shackles and whipped up a hell of a show.  It was an exclamation point kind of day all around:

  • Sonny stood up to Carly's insane jealousy, to her face!
  • Rageaholic Nikolas had Emily lock him in a dungeon, then busted out of it! 
  • Luke had a massive heart attack!  And Scott of all people helped save him!
  • Lucky punched Jason!
  • Lucky called Elizabeth a lying whore!  (Which was way harsh, and not factually accurate on the whore note, but nonetheless was soapily awesome.)
  • Elizabeth called Sam a bitch!
  • Someone [Lucky] only sarcastically referred to Jason as a hero and straightforwardly pointed out he kills people for a living!
  • Someone [Kate] told Carly to "act like a grown-up for once"!
  • Lucky called Elizabeth on her "I couldn't lie anymore" hypocrisy by pointing out she only couldn't lie anymore to Jason!
  • Sonny demonstrated emotional maturity!
  • Jax fake-died!  (Remember, Ingo darling, lots of SPF while you're on vacay.  And also get a haircut.)
  • Liz had moments of self-awareness, plus compassion for Lucky!
  • Jason demonstrated vulnerability!
  • Leyla was involved in an interesting scene!

That was a freaking awesome episode of General Hospital, start to finish!   I suddenly feel the need to get together with friends to watch a new episode of Seinfeld, discuss the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, buy a new pair of Gap overalls, and look into those flip-style cell phones that everyone's talking about!


Awesome Writer had me at "Lucky hits Jason". (not quite "you had me at hello" I admit but damn it was satisfying)

and calling Our Savior Jason Christ a "son of a bitch".

After that I was good.....

Of course I fully realize that now that Lucky is in the know his every action is now going to be explained in terms that he is just angry and jealous of Jason and Guza's evil plan to AJ him will be complete.

But damn for one day at least....it was good to be a Lucky fan.

Best episode of sweeps!! You could actually feel the tension between all four - nothing on GH has been this emotional in a long time!

I am with you 75%. But the painful constant reusing of plot devices, lines of dialog, and storylines is not swoonworthy!

"Not your truth to tell!"?

Jason and Ro...Liz standing on the edge of a bri...parapet ready to jump to die for love?

The endless surgeries needed during a crisis with fillament line?


If they AJ Lucky I hope Luke kills St. Jasus!

gawd that was good! finally, no more not-so SECRET PAIN! i hope i never have to hear that awful phrase again. GV showed range. real range. i actually teared up a bit when he remembered that the first time he ever saw jake was in jason's arms. i fear for lucky, though. now that he's free from being jason's plot device and they're sure to cut him off from sam booty-call duty, what's there left for him to do but be the cop with a grudge or go back to pills? the spencer family is practically caput--luke is nearly dead and is more involved with the q's, nikolas is in mourning and lulu will be dead to him when he finds out his beloved, dim little sister was in on the "secret pain". lucky's in limbo, and unless Awesome Writer locks guza in the closet with his burton shrine permanently, lucky is indeed headed for AJ-ville.

Oh Titian....see Lucky isn't finished being Jiz's prop angst. He's still the only thing they got, they only thing they've EVER had to be honest. So now his purpose to become the big bad evil person keeping Jiz apart to celebrate their "pure and innocent love" (Wow...a SBu quote comes in handy in sarcasm...who knew?) To be truly AJ-ed..his every plot will now revolve around his unending hatred and desire to get back at poor poor Jason who didn't do anything that Lucky didn't deserve. And watch...once it is found out that Screeching Mini Carly knew everything and STILL sided with Jaysus? telling you now...we'll know we're in AJ-ville when every last remaining Spencer insinuates to Lucky that Screecher there did the right thing and he's in the wrong for being mad at because of it.

And given Guza's penchant for re-using dialogue..I can already hear Nik now.."well what did you expect her to do Lucky?"

Yes, it was one of the better hours in a long time. I was yelling all for Lucky and Sam. Very soap indeed.

My only question has nothing to do with the Lucky/Sam/Liz/Jason world, but with Wyndamere. How does Wyndamere have a difibrillator for Luke but no thread (just fishing line) to sew up Ric? I would think a Cassadine prince would have some sort of stocked room filled with every possible thing ever.

Oh, Titian. There's no need to worry about the Spencer's: no matter what happens to Lucky and Luke, we still have Carly to carry on the family. And becuase she is brave and has great instincts and loveswithherwholeheart, the Spencer family legacy is in great hands. In fact, we already have Michael to carry it on! Aren't we lucky!

Oh, how I was filled with joy when Lucky called Liz a lying whore! I loved every minute of those scenes.

Hate Lucky, don't care about his pain.

Tired of Sam and her barron crap, get over it already!

Lucky needs to remember he's sleeping with a lying whore!

I'm enjoying the elements you mentioned and the fact that there's a gothic angle, but I'm still worried that Guza is taking notes from Reilly and his school of "Wouldn't It Be Kewl If This Happened?!" soap writing.

Okay, so not only are they all stuck on an island and Nickolas might be crazy, but there's also a mysterious killer running around! And a sociopathic mobster! And Leyla happens to look just like the wife he murdered! And there's also a bunch of armed hitmen running around! And Luke has a heart attack!

Plus there really needs to be a memorandum on killing off legacy characters.

Also the whole story is really straining the ol' suspension of disbelief. Why? Well, if *I* was there, I'd be asking Spinelli to go into the spooky, psycho-filled mansion to get me a soda.

And if he *still* came back intact, I'd just say, "Oh, I'm really sorry, but I wanted uncaffeinated. Jason wants some too. So would you mind going back? Thanks. I think there's some in whatever part of the mansion where it's easiest to ambush someone. If you see a crazy, mumbling old man, ask him. He'd know exactly where it is. And, by the way, if you see Nickolas, make a joke about catatonic patients. He thinks they're hilarious, trust me."

Beth R., Sarah and Titian always add to your fantastic commentary, Becca. I was thinking all the things they wrote, so I won't repeat.

I just agree. It was the only good day on GH for a long time and I'm thankful Awesome Writer escaped his/her bonds to write it.

I worry, like many, that now Lucky will be AJ-ed to St. Jasus. GV did such an awesome job and I hope he uses this clip when Emmy time comes around.

I didn't think Lucky calling Liz a "lying whore" was too extreme considering what she did - including committing a federal offense like perjury - to supposedly protect her son (code for covering her ass). I guess a mommy spending a lot of jail time is good for kids. I'm glad Awesome Writer remembered that Lucky is a cop and would think about something like that.

And given Guza's penchant for re-using dialogue..

Yep, I can hear it now.

"How much more is Jason supposed to take?"

I loved the past two days! However, the whole "lying whore" was just a wee bit too much for me. I'll give him a good intense heated "lying bitch" but Lucky is off base with the lying whore bit.

And, Sam, Oh SAM...Why is it I want to drive a sword through her myself?! Why can't SHE run into Zaccarah?! Ugh! Why is it not okay for everyone else to do what they did but it's totally fine that she watched a baby being kidnapped and hired gunman to scare the shit out of a woman and her two children?! I'm over her. I've been over her.

and I'm still confused as to why and how Lulu, Spinnelli and Nadine didn't hear all the baby daddy drama from the next room?! And LOVED Nadine calling out Lulu today. heeheehee

oh..such good stuff!

lying whore doesnt' bother me..and I'm a die hard, true blue LL2 fan. I'm fine with it..Lucky almost called his mother a similar name when he found out about her rape and only Laura almost slapping him stopped him.

V I agree. We totally saw Greg's Emmy reel yesterday...that and the divorce talk with Liz not THAT long ago? My boy KICKED it.

Oh well if I wasn't for sure Nadine was going to die becuase she dressed like Lulu..i know it for sure now since she called Lulu out! It's like how we all know Lucky will be in someway by AJ-ed now. He called out Jason....Nadine called out Lulu so she must die now......

Yes, Beth R., all who confront the gods must pay. LOL

Soooo...I'm assuming the interesting Leyla scene was actually when she and Patrick were all kinds of wimpering like 3 year olds on their first day of pre-school and Robin was all kick ass with "Cinderella!". Seriously, Robert and Anna would've been so proud!

I must concur with Kimberly.

Further, unless Patrick can pull it together and man up soon, Leyla can have him. And I mean it. I mean, RRNik was one thing, cause Nik's badass-but the little old man who's, like, Robin's size?! Dude, take one of those ladies' self defense classes or something!

And how much worse can Nazanin Boniadi's acting get?! My lord-I went to a children's community theater production this past weekend and saw better performers!

And Robin APOLOGIZING ! TO! HER! for.....well, for......hell, I don't know WHAT for, b/c Leyla's the boyfriend-flirting-with-eye-rolling-skank (HEE! Thanks, Maxie!) here. And Patrick being all emotional over her? I think I threw up in my mouth a little!

As a Scrubs fan, I'm about to cry uncle-can Robin have Leo now?! PLEASE?!

Finally it's out but is it over, I don't believe it, somewhere in the back of Guza's mind, jake is Lucky's baby, and in about a year or so this will happen, by that time Kelly has left to primetime and Steve will be producing something, and Lucky and Liz will remarry again.

Ayssa...I love the way you think girl...I'm with you....you are not alone at all.

That cracked me up too, Marianne. Besides the fact that patrick was too much of a dumbass to just grab the gun, he gets a beatdown from a guy who's twice his age and half his size? Oh, but I forgot, as Liz put it when she was trying to dissuade Lulu from doing something brave, "This place is crawling with heroes--I mean, GUYS! They're all heroes, let a dude rescue you!" Even guys who are 85 year old midgets can fight while the women start around wimpering.

For all those interested..the Awesome Writer of Monday's show? Karen Harris.

Karen Harris -- kudos to you! Monday was an amazing episode, one of the best this year. Fine job. Now, back in the closet with you!

BTW, I am going to miss crazy Anthony Zacchara...

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