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November 21, 2007

Dude, Where'd They Go?

So remember a couple months back when I got all snotty about the crappy makeup work on GH and how Logan's fake tattoos looked like the work of a grade-schooler



(Photos re-posted purely for non-prurient, scientific comparison purposes.) 

But then helpful reader Bri pointed out that those were, in fact, Josh Duhon's actual tattoos?  Striking a blow against my GH criticism and Logan's brutal hotness all at once?  Well, helpful reader #2, Maria, emailed me today to put me on the lookout in today's episode and, sure enough, they're gone!



That is some awesome cover-up.  If, hypothetically, I got the occasional huge break-out, I would totally want to know what they used.  I love me some Bobbi Brown, but that GH makeup department stuff is MAGIC.

Something to truly be thankful for.  Brutal hotness, restored.

Some screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


Damn. He is soooo hot.

Not to mention the presence of actual veterans on the show today! And families in the same room!

I thought he looked different today. Seriously. Is it the hair, or the tatoolessness?

Too bad there isn't "magic" cover up makeup for the crapilicious writing and storytelling. They are far more offensive than JD's ridiculous crayola looking tattoos.

I can't stop drooling over him in today's episode. Well, I normally can't stop drooling over him period, but today...Holy Lord. I want tickets to his gun show.

"Boy stop," I think he's getting buffer. JD is the hotness and it gets "brutally" better by the minute. I loves me some Logan!!:)

That man is so incredibly hot!!!!!!!!! Tattoos or no tattoos thjose arms are amazing!

Well, yeah, but what's with the hair yesterday? Is he trying to match Pop's longtime strangely behaving do?

I'm thankful that, every time I've woken up next to a dead body, I can be reasonably certain that I am not the one who made it dead.

Also, for the glorious hotness that is Lucky. Boy may be dumber than a box of dirt but the hot makes up for it in a big way.

And for Logan, in any color wife-beater. With or without tats (although I liked his ink). Just. Oh.

I'm thankful that my grandfather's will didn't force me into an active business partnership with my family.

I'm thankful I wasn't forced to marry my rapist in order to keep his crazy father from killing my family.

Oh, and for Serial Drama. Certain soap mag editor/writers - who shall remain nameless but who are nothing more than butt-sucking sycophants to TPTB - wish they had this kind of snark.

tats or no tats, the brutal hotness i do not feel. his character either. i kind of wish he were the port charles strangler so that he can go away. but right after he makes lulu his last victim.

it's makeup, Ang.Jolie, they use makeup to cover her up.her tatoo, they could be using that for Logan.

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