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November 26, 2007

Eeee! Exclamation Point! Exclamation Point!

Sometimes, I wonder what is happening to the world. Like, Fergie and Josh Duhamel are still together...the Osmonds are toothily lurking wherever I turn...Spencer Pratt has a sister who is going to be foisted upon an innocent television viewing public on tonight's episode of The Hills...Greenlee referred to herself as a burn victim (!!!) because Zach and Kendall set her life on fire or something (!!!) on today's episode of AMC...

All of those are tragic in and of themselves and when you add them together, it is endlessly horrible and makes me doubt the existence of a kind higher power.

And then I find out (a million years after the rest of civilization, I know) that the book Kendall Hart is writing to deal with the pain of her husband going missing (because I know that when one of my loved one's is in mortal peril, I often write chick lit) is an actual book and it's going to be available in February and it's going to be THE MOST AWESOME(-LY CHEESY) THING IN THE HISTORY OF EVER BECAUSE IT IS CALLED CHARM! (EXCLAMATION POINT!)


Avery Wilkins is in her prime. She's 30 years old, living in Manhattan, beautiful, smart, and the head of her own cosmetics company, Flair. But her enviable exterior hides deep heartache and painful secrets. Determined to launch a successful perfume, and hopeful that her relationship with handsome and supportive Marcus is getting serious, Avery is chasing her dreams--and running from her traumatic past.

Just when things seem to be on an even keel, Avery is hit with a succession of shocking setbacks, surprises, and betrayals: A drug-addicted colleague who threatens the future of Flair, one boyfriend who is incapable of fidelity, another who may have committed a terrible crime, a long-lost sister who isn't quite who she seems, and most disturbing of all, the sudden appearance of a woman claiming to be Avery's birth mother.

Avery is forced to question the loyalty of friends, lovers, and colleagues, and even her own beliefs about where she came from and who she is. Through it all, she draws on her ambition, grit, and cunning to outsmart her enemies, keep her company afloat, and protect herself from emotional meltdown. But when her archenemy resorts to kidnapping, has Avery finally met her match?

Dramatic, sexy, and fun, Charm! is a wickedly entertaining roman a clef by All My Children favorite Kendall Hart. Brimming with scandal, romance, backstabbing, and unpredictable twists, it is every bit as shocking and captivating as the character who wrote it.

OH EM GEE! Is it February yet?

Dear Life,

I love you.




What the writers have been working on all these months instead of the scripts, finally revealed!

Will she appear on Mamma Erica's show to hawk it??? With a return performance by Celine?????????

Now if only they would spend half as much time on the scripts as they did for that description!

This has to be a joke, right? I cannot think of anything more ridiculous. Well, yeah, I can, but you know what I mean!

A whole new level of stupid!

Gee, that whole description sounds a little familiar...I can only wonder who's life experiences is being used for this basis of this "story" and who "Avery" could be? I'm rolling my eyes now-and I'm also laughing.

Let's see...this is thinly disguised fiction written by a fictional character which in turn is being written by a real person. Avant Guard, anyone?

Ah, you have to love the ABC Marketing people for bringing out such schlock at just the right time.

I love Kendall more than a straight girl should love a fictional girl, but I'm mostly just pretending that this book doesn't exist.

I'm torn about them showing it on the show, though. Will it be cheesy fun times? Will it be painfully horrible? A blend of both? Only time will tell.

oh my word...i just realized this....and i am a natural blonde so sue me for being slow...you all they are stealing from Passions! Yes Passions did the whole book that tells plot points things first...well that I can remember...Remember Hidden Passions written by Tabitha the witch? Frons is stealing from PASSIONS people...PASSIONS..... and at one point I am not ashamed to say I LOVED that show...but come on...stealing from Passions???

I think Guiding Light(yes, it's a real show!) did this too during the Beth/Lorelei saga. In fact, I think the actress even actually wrote the book. I am sure someone here can provide more details. And I think As The World Turns did this recently as well! It has never been a good idea and never will be. But I look forward to seeing excerpts here on Serial Drama. Cuz you WILL post them, right??

OMG. There's an About the Author bit on the Amazon page. For a FICTIONAL PERSON!

"All My Children's Kendall Hart, played by Alicia Minshew, is the daughter of the legendary Erica Kane. The founder and owner of Fusion Cosmetics, Kendall lives in Pine Valley with her husband and two children. A family crisis spurred her to write Charm! This is her first novel."

HA! This may be slightly more awesome than I was originally willing to admit. Does this display of enthusiasm mean that you'll be reading the book? If so, I respectfully demand that you post a full review. There is so much potential for comedy gold here.

Hee! Passions, Guiding Light AND As The World Turns did this as well? So ABC Daytime doesn't even have original terrible ideas...what a bunch of hacks.

You guys know that I will be posting reviews and excerpts as soon as I get my hands on that book and I cannot even wait! COMEDY GOLD, PEOPLE!

Apparently this is a very common ploy to create a new revenue stream. A couple of years ago, Marcie on One Life to Live also "wrote" a book, a thriller that someone (I can't remember who) used as a blueprint for his own murders.

Yup Alice they sure did....I had forgotten the Killing Club murders but Marcie did write that......

It's like Comedy SUPER gold....SUPER Gold.....

"unpredictable twists" .. yeah right...

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