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November 06, 2007

Fabulous or Hideous?

It's not featured very prominently, so you may have missed that Nikolas is having a Black and White Ball.  And shockingly, a storm is literally and figuratively brewing!  But ignore the nefarious goings-on -- particularly if you've ever watched General Hospital during sweeps before, because then you've already seen them -- and focus on the fashion.  Focus, vote, dish, weep -- and please excuse the fact that because they're screencaps and not posed, we don't have good shots of all the gowns. 
















Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


According to the fabulous-o-meter, it seems people are loving the snarkiness more than the gowns. Please, keep it up.

I voted ALL snarky. My favorite was Maxie retaining her bitchiness. I think maybe you should have commented on Sam regaining her backbone - could it be a result of the regular from Lucky? Or, I'm guessing losing that 220 pound weight has done her good.

Sam is now self-reliant, resourceful, and I think its time she saved the day instead of Jasus. Lucky, Jax and Sam to the rescue!

Sam dress was simple and to the point, if she would have worn a ball gown she would have look like a bridesmaid, Georgie dress was nice too, Elizabeth dress was nice but sorry she looks to thin she doesn't have much on the top, she looked nice when she had a little bit more weight on her.

LOVING Maxie these days. She cracks me up, and is so much better when she is not Lucky's drug snatching mistress.

It pains me to the core of my soul to admit this, but I'm actually enjoying "General Hospital" during this storyline. The writers ripping themselves off like there's no tomorrow is annoying, from yet another medical crisis to another veteran character being threatened, but Ric and Alexis have gotten their best scenes in months (not just Alexis telling off Trevor, there was also Ric's apology to Alexis; it's almost like he had character traits other than resenting Sonny!), Anthony Zacharah is lots of hammy fun, Lulu having to choose between trusting Logan or Jonathan on the spot was pure soap, and Sonny is actually acting like the ruthless and totally un-heroic thug he's supposed to be. Oh, and Johnny Zacharah in his tux ain't bad neither.

Of course, they'll probably squander most of my good will once we find out that Random Character Who Hasn't Been Used In Months is the mystery killer, but for now I'll just enjoy Anthony terrorizing teenagers for no reason.

What about all the grownup women being in black, and all the youngsters in white -- except, of course, bad girl Maxie. Not sure what two-tone Georgie signifies.

Georgie has both colors because she is buddies with both the good girls and the bad girls. So nice girl Georgie is the ultimate of the gals. She will soon don superhero gear and fly off the island.

Oh yes, I need to add to Sam, Lucky and Jax saving the day, to include Maxie; who will bitch slap all the others into submission. Liz - bitch 1... Emily - bitch 2... Lulu - bitch 3... and so on. I don't know if she'll have enough slaps left over for the males who are appalling and getting on my nerves like Jasus and Sonny.

Whoa, I've just written a script for Heroes. Maxie, powers of bitch-slappiness.

Robin looks gorgeous!

I'd like to vote for the rock that smashed carly's head. Best accessory ever Emmy consideration for the rock.

Frankly, I'm having a hard time watching anything past the annoying voice overs that are now at the beginning of each show.

Who cares about the clothing, you mean Jax and Alexis were in the same scene and I missed it? Dammit!

What is that dress doing to Robin's breasts??!

OMG---I am so glad that you all have managed to find SOMETHING worth paying attention to during this ABSOLUTELY AWFUL story line...The gowns, for the most part, are FABULOUS!!! It's too bad that they've ruined my love for fashion with this ridiculously hokey story line---The only bright spots have been Ric/Alexis and Kate/Sonny. Zacchara is such a cartoon, it makes me sick.
Yay for great ballgowns though!!!!

Alexis- Fab! I also can't wait for that clip to be put on YouTube- can you say 'favorite'!
Carly- Fug, but I went with the snark since wardrobe hates Carly and me for having to see her! Seriously its not Halloween anymore... oh wait it is on GH, soo spot on I guess!
Emily- Beautiful, I agree with the wedding dress thing tho. Whatever, if Em's really dieing I'll feel bad about the insults later.
Georgie- I love her dress, but NOT her hair. WTF is up with GH and the hair, if it's not a bun is uncombed...
Kate- I love Kate! And being the fab(est) one there reminds me why!
Leyla- I hate her. She's a whine and apparently stuck in high school(I'm not even there yet). She's crying over cheap pearls from the "classy" Clair's store and wearing a prom dress.
Elizabeth- Um... well either Becky has one clear push up bra, or 10?!, or she got them done. I still heart her but really, Becky is beautiful and her dress is... there(its nice, but table cloth nice).
Lulu- I like this dress better on Lulu then Nadine. I am biased Julie Berman tho. I'm also biased Johnny/Brandon, he plays crazy soo hot!
Nadine- She's cuter(and not as crazy?!)than the crazy sister.
Maxie-She's awesome! Didn't you just wanna scream, "Go Maxie" this week.
Robin- I love her and that dress is... amazing! Kimberly's soo pretty so it;s hard to make her NOT pretty but her hair is um... there and maybe it shouldn't be.
Sam- I like her dress. It is nice, but everytime I see her in it I wonder if its strapless and she pinned that, thing or whatever, on it or if she cut it or is that really just Sam's dress. Also after her "cat fight" while she was talking all I could look at was that shiny thing under her hair to the side, was it a long earring? A open necklace? It was just there... annoying me and making me scream fix it already!!! And Sam's hair seemed to inflate to me or get puffed up because it justed looked bigger and crazy.

Most gown were nice, not fabulous!

Sam almost has her boobs up her nose! Very funny!

Lucy knew how to dress and she probably went away with her dresser.

No award in the hair and wardrobe future that is for sure!

I think most of the dresses are nice, not fabulous. Elizabeth's doesn't look like a ball gown. Robin looks beautiful! Leyla what a baby...crying over a broken necklace.

best dressed are robin and maxie
the rest not so much
i also like nadien 1000000000000 better than lulu in the dress/ acting/ character

I know we only see her twice a year..but you guys forgot about Skye!

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