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November 22, 2007

I'm So Thankful For GH and Days

Okay, that title is a little misleading.  It should have read [Dude,] I'm So Thankful For Certain Aspects of Some Facets of GH and Days, Which Unfortunately Rarely Co-Exist in Any Given Episode and Most of Which Involve How Hot the Men Are.  But I thought it was a bit wordy. 

Certain aspects of some facets of General Hospital and Days of Our Lives for which I am thankful include:

  • I get to look at James Scott on an almost daily basis
  • I've been exposed to almost no monkey-based viruses
  • despite having many generations of Irish relatives, few appear in ghost form to berate me for my life choices
  • due to the writers' strike Bob Guza might not have the opportunity to inflict his "craft" on audiences for an extended period of time
  • Jason Thompson's hotness
  • I have relatively few ex-boyfriends who are mobbed up
  • I am virtually assured never to be involved in a "who's the daddy?" scenario (having escaped the summer of 1997 unscathed)
  • someone Googled "what the fuck is going on with general hospital november sweeps" and Google led that wise soul to Serial Drama
  • I have better hair and a more tasteful wardrobe than at least a handful of Days and GH characters
  • I, unlike several actors on the shows that I watch, can still express emotion with my facial muscles
  • the Days supercouples of my youth are back, front and center, and still look fantastic
  • I've never had to have emergency surgery that involves fishing line
  • the police where I live are considerably more capable than the Salem and Port Charles PDs combined
  • I rarely attend formal events that end in bloodshed
  • the vendettas being pursued against my family involve only board games
  • my hitman/babydaddy/confidant has really great hair
  • even though I'm in my early 30s, I have fewer than a half-dozen marriages to my name
  • I didn't mar my spectacular good looks by getting such an obvious boob job that dozens of people everyday are Googling my name and "boob job" (my boob job is fantastic and subtle)
  • most of the time I am really clear on the concept that people who kill other people for a living are bad, and not sexy, and not a good moral center for a soap opera
  • I've never dated my cousin or uncle
  • my employers are unlikely to ever replace me with a broomstick and a wig

Any soap-related thanks you'd like to give?  Head to the comments.

And Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


I'm thankful for Serial Drama. You both rock big time. Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm also very thankful for Serial Drama. It's been a wonderful accessory to to my Days addiction.

As for some other things to be thankful for:

Steve and Kayla back on Days, together and still bringing it.

A rich, layered, wonderfully evil Stefano who simply rocks in his scenes with any character.

Bo and Hope being cute and schmoopy on a regular basis.

A "younger" storyline that is actually working and has not resorted to two-dimensional stereotypes. Aside from occasional bad wardrobe choices, Morgan is simply awesome.

The hotness that is James Scott.

The hotness that is Jay Kenneth Johnson (who has really upped the hotness lately).

The cuteness that is Nick and Chelsea.

Jett being gone.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.

I'm thankful that in my life, there are a few more days in between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

And of course for Serial Drama, because without you two I would probably go insane and lack the ability to laugh at GH on a daily basis!

A big YES for Jason Thompson's hotness. I am still hanging on to hope that the writers will give him material that will allow Patrick to reclaim the "hotly" mantle.

I'm thankful for places like these and the TWP (Television Without Pity) boards that have funny, intelligent soap fans where I can feel like I'm not alone. You ever been to those other GH boards like the ABC and Soapnet ones? *shudders*

Anyway, thanks for the snark and keep it coming.

I am thankful:

- for the hotness that is James Scott!

- that unlike the Quartermaines, members of my family do not have to be afraid to leave the house during the months of February and Novemeber out of fear of being killed by a raving lunatic.

- for the amazing chemistry between James Scott and Alison Sweeney!!!

- that thanksgiving came and that GH remembered that Mac, Bobbie, Mike and Ned exist!!!

- that Days is actually using Bo and Hope and that they made Bo fun again!

- that there were a few times I was actually able to sit through some episodes of both Days and GH this sweeps and enjoy the whole show - that is probably the biggest miracle of them all!

First and foremost, I am thankful that there is a Serial Drama and that Mallory and Becca and all the wise and funny posters here take the time to share their insights.

I am also thankful for the opportunity to see Jason Thompson move and speak and just be adorable and hot on a (semi)regular basis.

And for the fact that my community has more than 30 memebers so people do not have to date their ex's sister-brother or their mortal enemy's sister-brother, ex-wife etc.

On the other hand, I would be a little more thankful if my town had as many hot men as Port Charles, Salem and Pine Valley seem to attract. On that note, I remember watching AMC when James Scott played Ethan. He was involved with Kendal and they had a post-coital scene with him just in his boxers. I remember being so startled by the perfection that is a half-naked James Scott, that I taped the episode and sent it to a friend across the country. And he's got an accent!

Mallory & Becca! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Things to be thankful for:
1. In my neighborhood, there are plenty of really hot, really dumb guys, but they are not cops.
2. My grandfather's will didn't force me into a business partnership with the rest of my family.
3. The hotness that is Greg Vaughan.
4. That I wasn't forced to marry my rapist to keep his father from killing members of my family.
5. The extreme hotness that is Greg Vaughan in a hot tub.
6. That every time I've woken up with a dead body next to me, I've been fairly certain I was not the killer.
7. Did I mention the incredible hotness of Greg Vaughan?
8. Serial Drama. A place where no one comments on how sad they are that Soily broke up or what a cheater Jax is. Thank whatever god(s) you worship for this blog.

My soapy thankfulness

1- I am thankful that when I find out I have been blatantly lied to for over eight months by the man I claim to love my first response is to kick his ass for being a lying bastard, not to worry about what everyone else is doing about this knowledge I was pretty clear I didn't want them to know about.

2- Can I get an AMEN for Lucky punching St. Jason, calling the newest savior of the free world a son of a bitch, calling PodLiz out on her hypocracy AND being the only person in the Quad of Doom to think "hey you know who would find all this lying sucky? JAKE!"?

3- The glory that is Greg Vaughan shirtless.....

4- Ok the glory that is Greg....

5- The trend of telling the freaking truth on GH lately...Georgie telling Spinelli where it really is at in regards to Jason, Jax and Lucky only saracastically calling Jason a hero, Kate telling Carly to grown up, etc. etc.

6 - The glorious buzz one can get if you drink every time a GH Novemember sweeps ANYTHING resembles anything from a previous GH sweeps. (I was drunk before Sonny and Jason EVER showed up at Wyndemere)

7- NS isn't a year round horror.

8- sing it loud, sing it proud...NO MORE SECRET PAIN!

9- Even though it is short lived and always random...the rightness that is Robin/Lucky scenes.....Scorpio/Spencer the next generation!

10- Fanfiction, mvids, scene edits....all the ways I pretend the current shit ain't happening.

11- That I don't have a Spinelli type ANYWHERE near me

12- Last but in no ways least...SErial Drama...for saying what I always think..just way funnier.

And as one of the few, malingering AMC fans,
there are a few things for which I'm thankful, as well:

For example, I'm thankful that my children have seldom been kidnapped, switched at birth or given to a crazy woman.

And I'm glad to know that they're really MY children and not spawned by my worst enemy or my brother. OR both.

I'm grateful that almost all of my blood work has been done by certified lab technicians in, well, labs.

There has never been an occasion where my best friend was mad at me for boinking her boyfriend, who is my ex-husband, who was a willing substitute for the newest town psycho that I really lust after.

I'm grateful that none of my dearly departed family have ever come back to life, only to wreak havoc and/or get killed by a serial killer who'd also been "dead" at one time.

Thank you thank you thank you, I've never fallen in a Hole, not even a really neat Hole, with food and water and working flashlights.

(But, hey, if you're listening up there, if I ever DO fall in a Hole? Let it be with Thorsten Kaye.)

I'm thankful for all the laughs...thanks!!!

"Can I get an AMEN for Lucky punching St. Jason, calling the newest savior of the free world a son of a bitch, calling PodLiz out on her hypocracy AND being the only person in the Quad of Doom to think "hey you know who would find all this lying sucky? JAKE!"?"

Hey Beth R., AMEN & AMEN!

I am thankful for this blog. As for the soaps, I'm thankful that "One Life To Live" is becoming sort of fun again, rather than hovering somewhere between "mediocrity" and "Bob Guza."

I am thankful that my husband does not think flirting w/everything in a skirt and big hair is harmless, and that my having a problem w/it does not make me "insecure", "territorial", or "foolish".

I am thankful that I have the good sense to, should my husband ever take a blow to the head and think either of the above scenarios is rational and should he be so grievously stupid to express said opinion out loud to me, beat him like he stole something.

I am thankful that I live in a town where being a decent person who mostly tells the truth and is not a whore does NOT make you a prime target for a serial killer, rapist, continually being shit upon by men who claim to love you, etc., etc..

I am grateful that I have the good sense not to listen to exes berate me, with 99.9% false shit, without smacking their faces off.

I am even MORE grateful that I have the good sense not to APOLOGIZE to said lying-ass, emotionally-cheating ex and the aggravating bitch he emotionally cheated with in the first place.

I am grateful that, at the rate she's going, someone WILL drop a house on Carly very soon, and we shall ALL be done with her. HEE! (Okay, I know it's delusional, but I can wish at the holidays, can't I, damnit?!)

I am grateful that Serial Drama has stripped Patrick of his hotly qualifier until such time as he ceases acting like he's been possessed by the crack-smoking, Satan-worshipping, demon-possessed spirit of some horrid 70's lounge lizard!

I am grateful for Serial Drama period, at which site I don't have to hear things like, "Robin was just as much to blame as he was-she didn't communicate!", "Oh, his flirting was harmless-I don't care that he slept w/Leyla 5 mins after they broke up! He was NEVER untrue to Robin in his heart!", "He has the RIGHT to not want children!" (always said in such a way as to imply that you said he didn't-even though you had conceded that point, ad nauseum, several pages ago), "Patrick treated her better than Jason did!" (which I will concede-but it's kind of like saying, "Well, he never shot her in the head while she was giving birth!"), and any and all attempts to defend any of shitty Patrick's shitty actions on shitty Night Shit.

Oh, and I'm grateful that Night Shift is over!

In light of today's episode...I am thankful for Lucky, Cameron, the Lucam relationship and the all important "Bitch please!" Bless you Brady Walkes....Bless you!

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