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November 27, 2007

The Day's [Month's? Year's?] Most Awesome Dialogue

Awesome Writer was on fire today, you guys.  I don't think I'm going to be able to get used to established and respected Port Charles-ians calling Jason and Sonny on their Golden Men of the Mafia BS.   But I'm willing to try.  Really, I am.

All hail Monica, speaker of truth.

Monica:  Emily is dead because of you, Sonny.
Sonny:  If it's my fault, then it can't be Jason's, right?
Monica: Oh yes.  But mostly I blame you because you were responsible for destroying Jason's life so he in turn could destroy his sister.
Sonny:  Monica, I know you hate me.  But Jason's your son.  He's walking around like he's in a cloud.  I think he needs to go to that funeral and I think maybe you need it too.
Monica:  I need the Jason that I had before you made him a criminal.  I need the AJ I had before you hounded him to death, and I need Alan, whose heart you broke before his heart should ever have failed.  I need Michael, who you stole from me and my family.  And I need Emily, who you seduced, and you left unprotected so one of your rivals could have her murdered.  I hope you rot in hell for what you have done to me and my family.  You are an evil, selfish man, Sonny.  And I really hope that one of your enemies tracks you down before you destroy your family like you have destroyed mine.  Now get out.

That was more satisfying than even the most fattening chocolate dessert.  And there was more!

Sonny:  Kate, Kate.  I never set out to hurt Monica's family.  But the truth is, I have.  If anybody ever did to my kids what I did to Monica's, I'd kill 'em.

Dude.  I think that was self-awareness.  Cannot process.

Also, for good measure:

Maxie:  I never hated you, Dillon.  Just your hair.

Hee!  I heart Maxie.  And I still hate Dillon's hair.

Today's whole GH was actually good.  I hate to say that about an episode focused around the killing off of yet another Quartermaine, but there you go.


OMG...can i get that speech on a t-shirt? Perferably so I can wear it around SSW or FCW and point at all the Sonny fans and LAUGH....

I think i found my presidental canidate right here! Monica/Georgie in 2008!

Awesome Writer...i bow to you. to quote Wayne and Garth...(yes I'm a dork what of it?) "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"

For all that is good and holy...was Guza in the hospital or something when this was written? Is he aware of what just went down? And more importantly how can we cause whatever caused that to get written to happen again????

oh and that my friend is the freaking CENTURY'S most awesome dialogue.....

I'd be happy with a tee-shirt saying "All Hail Monica." More Monica=Better GH.

I see you had the same reaction I did. I was cheering for Awesome Writer. Monica gave Sonny a verbal smackdown and mentioned not only Jason's criminal life, but got in a mention of AJ, Alan and Emily.

Can we get something like this every day, please?

And Sonny admits to Kate that had someone done to his family what he has done to the Qs, he'd kill them. I'm thinking this would be an awesome lead in to Sonny's murder and a 'whodunit' type of story. Now that would be a sweeps I would get excited about watching!

Is everyone else as jaded and cynical as I am? Are you expecting the Jason/Sonny propping to return full force and that Monica will have to pay a huge price for daring to speak such a truth? I never trust this show to let Awesome Writer get away with awesome writing for very long.

I'm with you Becky...as much as I cheering Monica..I totally realize that in about three months it will be proven that it wasn't the mob...it was some random ELQ created product that killed Emily...and with one fell swoop tht plot point will both punish Monica for daring to blame Jason becuase it was really all HER fault and exonerate Jason as he lords it over Monica that he was right and she was wrong....

This is TFGH, folks. Enjoy it as I do-one day at a time. Moments like Monica's kick ass speech (I was actually pointing and screaming thank you at the screen when she was done. I also did the "world smallest violin" gesture when Sonnny was talking...it was mostly for Jason but you get the idea) are like finding diamonds in poo. Enjoy them as they come. But then again, if this strike can cause LML at Y&R to leave that show, maybe an actual miracle can happen and Guza gets fired and Awesome Writer is the one put in charge.

Yeah, I know, I'm deluding myself too. But hey, a lady can dream...

wow...when I watched today's episode and heard that speech Monica gave I knew it would be in your blog today. That was amazing. Today's episode was definitely surprising but in a good way, finally.

I know! It was so far beyond awesome! Monica is a goddess.

However, I was pretty displeased with Kate. For once in his life, Sonny was being all self-aware. And Kate decided to tell him not to blame himself, and that accepting guilt would only make it worse. Um, what? Plus, her hair looked terrible. That Sonny taint is starting to set in.

ITA. Monica was brilliant in her rage and pain. She was even generous in saying she hoped one of his enemies killed Sonny before he destroyed his own family like he did hers....too late! Michael is a blood hungry preteen and sounding like Sonny and Zacharra more every minute. Jax was disgusted for a minute hearing him talk like that, but Carly...was she proud or stunned? I couldn't tell. Either way, she IS responsible for the nightmare Michael is becoming and likely the homicidal maniac he already is!!!!!!!!!

Monica was even more powerful when she told Jason the truth. He offered to get someone to help her, but she wisely pointed out to his brain damaged holiness that there was noone left! Dawn died before the mob arrived. JQ vanished in the accident. Carly Jason and Sonny hounded AJ into insanity and death. Alan died because of the crime prominence in PC led by Sonny and Jason. And now Emily is gone too either from Zacharra or Cooper who is paid by Sonny and blackmailed by him because he was 3 for Jerry.

Monica was right, Sonny did destroy her family. And the self awareness when he admitted that to Kate was shocking. Kate however is now too stupid to run for her life. We have another new Carly/Moll, how sad.

ITA, Sarah, rockin' as today's speech was, I thought Monica's earlier confrontation with Jason was even more powerful. Her grief-stricken acknowledgement that she'd been wrong about Jason lo these many years was heart-wrenching -- especially since it carried an undertone of pain that she couldn't tell Alan that she *finally* knew he was right ... because he was gone too. The juxtaposition of her life's work -- elbow deep in blood, desperately trying to save lives -- with Jason's where he's equally as committed to taking lives, well, that was just brilliant. It was harsh, painful and so well delivered that in one short scene Leslie Charleson managed to school the entire GH cast on how to TRULY act. Someone give this woman more front-burner time. John Ingles gets a lot of attention as a vet and drama coach but his grief was a pale imitation compared to LC's anguish. And as happens with truly GOOD actors, her performance spurred Steve Burton to up his game as well. Their scene was so ... raw.

Sadly, I'm going to have to agree with the poster above: Zaccara will have nothing to do with the murder and thus pooooooooor Sonny and Jason will have been punished unfairly. Monica will be made to eat crow for having dared to doubt the dynamic duo. However, even with that sword hanging over our heads, that shining moment of self-awareness by Sonny when he admitted that he would kill anyone who had done to his family what he did to Monica's family was awesome. Any bets we won't be hearing a followup to that?

The only other subtly brilliant moment for me, strangely enough, was Michael's blood-thirsty mantra throughout the show, "He's supposed to kill 'em." It's about time we saw how warped this child MUST be living in a pretty guilded cage surrounded by death. It was good to see Sonny twitch when his own ethos spewed from a 10-year-old's mouth. (Ten? 12? 14? It seems like the kid's been on forever. Ugh.) Jax's appalled reaction was also on the money. It would be too much to hope that Carly, witnessing their interchange, actually saw that Sonny's life-style is destructive and could cause a psychotic disconnect once her "boys" have to reconcile some sort of real morality to a world where death has been easy and abstract. However, that calls for a bit too much self-awareness from such a co-dependant .... (is it wrong if I call her a cow? I've never used that term with another woman in my life but seriously, when she was running all over the mansion, wilfully ignoring danger and risking leaving her kids orphans, I couldn't help but think "What a stupid ... cow!" I'd call Luke a cow too for getting out of bed like an idiot for the umpteenth time in 3 days. How many times do I have to watch that man clutch his chest?)

In a world where awesome writer reigned supreme we'd see Carly start to have twinges of awareness as to just how twisted her "boys" might become. In that world, Monica's salvo to Sonny that she hopes he dies before ruining his family like he did hers (grammar??) would be brilliant foreshadowing. It would lead to a complex morality tale where the writers admit that 10 years of slaughter have devastating ramifications when viewed through the eyes of a child ... and eventually chickens would come home to roost in a most brutal way.

Oh well, I can dream, can't I?

OK, here's the storyline I am envisioning. After the death (or is it "death") of Emily, and at the urging of his new girlfriend Kate, Sonny decides to become a legitimate businessman. Jason also makes that choice because of his love for his new son and his desire to protect him.

Oh, but as Al Pacino said in one of the those Godfather movies, "I try to get out but they keep pulling me back in." The opposing mob boss, now Johnny Zaccara, wants Sonny dead, although I can't think why right at this moment. Sonny and Jason both have to get back into the "business" in order to protect themselves and their families. And all is right with the world again. They can go back to killing people for a living knowing it is what they have to do to keep their loved ones safe. Isn't that a beautiful thought?

The Awesome Writer we all bow to this morning for this genius?

Tracey Thompson

Oh, but as Al Pacino said in one of the those Godfather movies, "I try to get out but they keep pulling me back in."... Sonny and Jason both have to get back into the "business" in order to protect themselves and their families.

That's the thing, Alice. Reality has no meaning on GH; cops and nurses make no money, and they have to live in scary hovels and their insurance ends the very day they quit, COBRA be damned; DA's with blood ties to the mafia are allowed to prosecute said mafioso without anyone bringing up Conflict of Interest; geography is a static thing where previously land-locked countries have seaports, and one can fly from New York to any spot on the globe and back in two hours; and a brain surgeon tells a medical student that she and she alone gets to decide which dying patient gets a life-saving serum.

If they can play with all that reality, what would be so hard about Sonny and Jason getting out of the mob?

i've never liked monica, but i did during this speech. she was so spot on, listing all of sonny's crimes against her family. it's as if he's held a random personal vendetta against the quartermaines for years. but will he be punished for it? a little bipolar disorder and several marriages to carly do not add up to retribution for me. sonny needs to go. he's overstayed his welcome, his purpose and my patience. maybe, just maybe when he's gone General Hospital can be about General Hospital again, instead of the Mildly Demented Gangsters vs. the Deeply Demented Gangsters.

Did anyone else notice how everyone was wearing sunglasses on during this episode?

Aside from that, well done Awesome Writer.

The moment left me speechless. It was so not what I expected. Not a single Sonny apologist in sight to set Monica straight about her misplaced blame.

It was such a study in contrasts of acting styles. MB, with his patented tics, the mumble, head duck, stammer and blink-blink-blink. And then, LC, her unfortunate facial immobility aside, conveying through voice, eyes and posture Monica's barely contained grief and fury.

And, on a more objective level, one of the iconic characters from GH's glory days bringing to the tiny, greasy upstart who sent the show plummeting into the sewer it's in today.

Well done, Awesome Writer. Well done.

Monica's speech was brilliant! I felt better just hearing her ream Sonny out! It was like she was reaming him out for all the GH fans who are thinking the same thing about how he (and the moron writing him) have completely destroyed the Quartermaines and our show!

Last week, I saw Scott Clifton at Pinkberry, and sadly, he's hair even worse in person.

How did I miss this post? I am so glad you copied that dialogue gem down. Yay Monica and Awesome Writer! It was a breath of fresh air from the dank basement of GH.

I had been anticipating her speech and it was perfectly given - not too much, not too little, but all that was needed.

I'm with many of the naysayers and feel saddened that a few months down the road Monica will be made to eat crow, and Sonny and Jason will be back on their golden pedestals. Ah, let us bask in the glory for now.

"Not a single Sonny apologist in sight to set Monica straight about her misplaced blame."

Give them time, Brett. Give them time.

Yeah Brett...Kate's already started. Liz too with that eulogy and the JAson was always Emily's hero stuff. (She never called Jason when she was in trouble...always expected Lucky to bail her out but JAson was her hero. Ok Guza!) Give Carly another week, two tops and she'll run Monica down like she ran Alan down for not accepting Jason's life of crime. They'll come soon.....

Aydee, Beth:

I know. I know. I'm just savoring the moment.

It sort of balanced out all of Sonny's insinuations over the years that Alan and Monica were evil for wanting to protect their (brain-damaged) son from tiny scowling mobsters with Napoleonic delusions of grandeur.

Sort of balanced it out. But not really.

Oh yes this moment is being savored....and feasted on.....

And it does almost balance it out...but not quite....

Now if Monica was successful in stealing that Evil Muppet Grandchild of hers away from Carly and Sonny and reprogramming him to come as close to normal as he can possibly come given his DNA? Now that might tip the scale just slightly more towards the even mark...

I can dream...don't destroy the dream...yes I don't know why anyone would want the world's creepiest serial killer in the making...but stealing him away from Sonny? I'd be down.

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