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November 28, 2007

So Not Brutally Hot

Okay you guys, I was all wrapped up in Monica verbally bitchslapping Sonny, Carly being sympathetic, Maxie being catty, Sonny being self-aware, and GH being overall decent, so I totally forgot to mention how completely upset I was by this:



I mean, on Dancing With the Stars, Mel B and Maks didn't win and Celine Dion sang that effing Titanic song, so that hair-glasses combo wasn't the worst thing to happen yesterday.  But it's a really close call.

Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


Is he doing...Elvis lip?????

All he needs is an earpiece to be mistaken for a Secret Service agent.

Dude, "Men in Black" is so over.

I know!!! What was that?
(LOVE the second screencap, by the way.)

Ladies---you are awesome....when watching this episode on SoapNet this morning, I thought to myself "If Mallory and Becca don't comment on this I will pierce my lung and spork my eye!"

My vision and my respiratory system thank you!

Oh, this was SO sad for me, b/c I do love me some Brutally Hot Logan. That was just tragic. And I completely agree with you about Mel and Maks. What moniker can we bestow upon Maks? 'Cause that man is UNBELIEVABLE!

Anyone who wore sunglasses looked odd because it didn't seem like the sun was out at all!

When it was said that Celine was going to sing "My Heart Will Go On" I said loudly "Oh dear Lord, WHY?!?!"

My daughter and I laughed so hard when we saw Logan. I'm old enough to hear "Secret Agent Man" in my head.

So true on all comments. I was so down after Mel B. and Maks lost. I think it's official - only sports personalities win DWtS from now on.

Anyway, my heart will go on, I guess. :P

As I watched it, I wondered if the hair/makeup department were punishing him by styling his hair with a Flowbee???

And you totally need a moniker for Maks, b/c in my opinion, he is some serious competition for "hotly" title with Jason Thompson!!!

Talk about redacted modifiers....so long "brutally hot"!

Dude! That was hideous without kinky. All he needs are the jodhpurs and goofy hat with rain cap protector to be a highway patrolman in Alabama. Ewwwww!

And even more shockingly horrific and offensive...Lulu telling Carly she is just like Laura. VOMIT! Guza rot in hell!!!!!!

Add in Lulu's helmet head, and it's like Elvis and Priscilla crashed Emily's funeral.

And gee whiz, Lulu, SO glad Emily could die so it wouldn't be Carly, therefore losing your BFF. She is SO deadtome.

Yes Lulu because the important thing here is not that your one brother lost the love of his life or your other brother lost the first friend he ever made in his life...its the fact that Carly didn't die. Way to prioritize the grief there!

Of course I was expecting her to run to Liz and tell her how glad she was Liz was with Jason now and how glad she is her "sister" wasn't killed and how Jason will protect her and Jake forever and ever and ever....which is what I suspected was going to happen.

And who cares if Lulu thinks its ok for Carly to get pregnant? I know I consult my 19 year old cousin with crap relationship skills on that decision.

Lulu's been dead since she started to believe the twaddle Jason was pushing that Lucky brought everything on himself. The second she decided to go with Jason told her? She turned in her Spencer card.

The mob can have her. This Spencer family fan doesn't want her.

It's so weird, because I don't think Logan is hot at all, but I kind of like that pic with the sunglasses. I think he looks good. :/

Flowbee--LMHO! (I remember the commercial with that cute little boy getting the treatment!)

Logan's just a good old boy tryin' to look cool in front of the Port Chas elite.

Lulu's rat's nest was awful, but her choice of coat was good.

Ugh, he's so NOT brutally hot. Just brutally ABUSIVE.

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