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November 09, 2007

The Day's Most Infuriating Dialogue

You guys, Guza has got to stop with the Laura bashing, or I will not be responsible for my actions.

Luke: Tracy, I'm serious.  This marriage has changed me.  It's kicked me out of the rut I've been in for so long.  And now, no matter where I go, or how long I'm gone, you've given me something I never had before:  a reason to come back.

"Never"?  Really?  Look, I love Luke and Tracy together, I do.  And I otherwise loved their scenes together today.  But this "you're so much better than my other wife" stuff has got to stop.  Since the people who produce and write GH apparently hate Genie Francis, I've tried to stop bitching about how they have to bring Laura back, and have really just enjoyed the hell out of watching Jane Elliot and Anthony Geary together.  But I seriously cannot sit through one more goddamned speech from Luke about how Tracy is so much better than Laura.  Among others, remember this gem from last year?

Luke: Ok. Ok. I like being Mr. Tracy. First time in my life there's a woman in it who pushes to the edge of my experience, who challenges me. I am your husband, you're my wife, and it will remain that way until you decide otherwise.

I hope Bob Guza has as good a security system at his office as the one on the closet where he keeps Awesome Writer, because otherwise one of these days I'm heading over there with a few cases of eggs and a dream.

P.S.  Between saying that line and playing a heart attack like it was straight out of a cartoon, I'm not having an "I heart Tony Geary" kind of day.


I completely agree. It is not necessary to crap all over Luke & Laura to make Luke & Tracy work. I liked Luke & Laura. I like Genie Francis. I think they should get her back. But, being that they are stupider than dirt at GH, I have accepted that it will not happen. I think Jane Elliot is fabulous and I am willing to go along and enjoy the ride on the Luke & Tracy relationship, but this is pure shit. This is done purely out of spite and it needs to stop.

Perhaps TG played the heart attack like a cartoon because he considered today's show more cartoonish than usual, particulary if he had to utter such nonsense as "you've given me something I never had before: a reason to come back."

I was thinking Guza needs to be tarred and feathered, but eggs are much easier to carry. Good thinking.

I can't believe I too am not loving AG today. Luke, Tracy, and Scotty often rescue a rotten GH day. The punches to the gut where Laura are concerned are painful enough. But how about Luke returning for his kids, sister, nephew (namesake), or even his friends. TIIC are ruining Luke too. He and KM and the other vets should go on a strike of their own!

Well, Becca, I heard something that might truly disturb you about those scenes. I heard that Tony Geary writes his own scenes. If he in fact has written these scenes (and I really think he did) I think Tony is trying to say that Tracy pushes him to be a better man and father while Laura accepted him as he was and didn't try to change him... Just a thought. It might help to keep your head from exploding.

I need to write the disclaimer first so that I get no eggs thrown at me (however, I am aware they will come): I am, and have never been, a Luke and Laura fan. I hate what they did to Scotty. I hate that they continually changed the rape and it's history. I think as a couple they irritated me. I didn't get back into the show until the Scorpios came along.

Now, after having said that, I liked the speech today. I like that Luke and Tracy are an older and more mature couple. Laura was naive and put up with everything to make Luke and Laura work. She was naive and an enabler.

Tracy is strong. I mean, I love Luke and Tracy together.

Yes, the speech should not have crapped on Laura the way it did - but, there were truths spewed during said speech which brought me to understand they are simply an older couple who have resigned themselves to comfortably being together. That's just the way it is. Maybe even AG understood that - it's just the way it has to be.

I think we all need to realize Genie Francis is not coming back. Guza is truly the lying liar who lies, over all those false and lying-like things he has said about bringing her back (all CRAP). But, I think Genie Francis is better for not coming back. She has the chance at a life away from the Guza show.

You should be happy for her, and sad the writing has brought on the death of a once pretty good soap.

Anyway, poor AG. If he dies then he will be free to pursue Hallmark movies with GF.

Sorry for your loss, Becca.

This is my first time commenting though I've been reading (and laughing) for awhile now. I love Tracey and Luke together and crack up at their scenes. When he calls her pet names like "popsicle" or "spanky" it always makes me giggle. I got up in arms today about his little speech as well, but it wasn't in regards to Laura. When he said, "you give me a reason to come back" I immediately thought...

Ummm...you have two children, you DIPSHIT!

that line irked the hell out of me and just rubbed me the wrong way.

on a lighter note...I heart Johnny Zacchara.

Thank you! I totally agree with hating Laura bashing and re-writing Luke and Laura history. I watched every minute of their story and never was there a stronger and more enduring love. This is basically Luke bashing too. Watch any You Tube clips of them with their kids and you know that Luke loved his kids and Laura to death.So having Luke say Tracy gives him a reason to come back is a slap in the face to his kids.
I like him and Tracy as a comedy team, but the idea that she's better for him and Laura was an enabler.....ridiculous. I think a woman who puts up with her husband taking off with his ex-wife, or just taking off period is the enabler.

I am so glad I quit watching. How dare they keep up this Laura bashing nonsense? I get that Luke and Tracy are fun together. With those actors, they were bound to be. But that's no reason to destroy history.

By the way, given how Lucky turned out, I don't blame Luke for not wanting to come back to him. But Lulu is another story.

I believe that he was saying Tracy has given him something he'd never had before....when he was in the rut. In other words, since Laura was "lost," he'd been in a rut, spinning his wheels, not caring where he went or what he did -- and Tracy changed that. In fact, I'd bet money that's what the line meant. It was referring to the past few years, not to his entire lifespan.

And I would venture to say that Tracy does challenge him in a way Laura never did -- it's not like Laura was coming up with her own crazy blackmail schemes, for example -- but that's a whole other issue. ;)

That "I never had a reason to come back before you" line ... um, even if they're talking about after Laura lapsed into the catatonic state - he had two reasons you know LUCKY and LULU his freaking CHILDREN that I don't care what the writers say he had one time loved and wanted.

*shrugs* I love Genie and all, but no matter how many supercouples a character has been part of, it's always, "I Have NEVER loved anyone but you! You are my whole life! I will never feel this way again! Please discount the 37 other people I have said these exact same lines to" Many unambiguous declarations. It pisses off the fans and often makes no sense, but I guess they feel it's necessary to sell the new couple. Rarely do you hear lines like, well, you're cool and all, but I'd drop you in a hot minute if my true wife woke up, of all my wives, you're my second most fave. And to be fair, Tracy probably does need some reassurance that Luke really does care about her. Plus, with Guza's enormous ego there's always the element of if I didn't write it, it doesn't happen, I say what matters because I can.

Like you V, I have to apologize first about an anathema I am about to write. I no longer love Luke or Tony Geary. I did once, like everyone else, when Luke and Laura were at their height.
But now Luke is a deadbeat dad whose main occupation seems to be swindling people out of their money (Did we forget he changed Alan's will to his own benefit?). He seems to care nothing about his children, except to scold Lulu about her choices in men, as if he wasn't worse when he was younger. Then when he does deign to come back for one of his short visits, he gets in everyone's face, like he has some divine right to be boss. How did he get in the position of telling all the ball-goers what they should or should not do? And what does he have to do with Anthony Zaccara, that he should feel the need to confront him?
And Tony Geary is hardly any better. On the few occasions that he returns from his real home in Amsterdam, TIIC give him prime scenes, during which he proceeds to chew up the scenery, big time. I just don't care about him anymore, I don't want to see his scenes and I don't want the show to continue to kneel at the altar of Luke or Tony. There, I've said it!
On the other hand, Becca, you rock!

I was surprised when I actually started liking Luke and Tracy together..their banter is hilarious. But this particular scene was really in bad taste. Give me a break! One would think his children would be reason enough to come back, even being the crappy father that he is, he does love his children. AND no reason to insult Laura's memory to boost Spanky's ego. AND, be serious...ANOTHER heartattack?!! Since we've already witnessed the required emergency-he's-gonna-die-if-we-don't-improvise surgury, a major explosion or fire must be next. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I, also, viewed Luke's "you give me a reason to come back" as being "since I lost Laura". But no, that does not excuse the fact that he has two children to come home to - and I remember when Luke thought there was absolutely nothing better in the world than being a father to Lucky, going so far as to say that Lucky was HIS hero.

As I posted elsewhere, I think TG's cartoonish portrayal of a heart attack was his way of saying FUCK YOU to the showrunners - you're not gonna pull a Stuart Damon on me and have me running around in a track suit. Besides, it seems as though all the veteran actors (age-wise) have figured the only way to play out this crap is to be over-the-top campy. I'm not sure they're wrong as that is the only way I can view it without wanting to storm ABC daytime.

How about the comment, "You are the best scam I ever played." Is it possible that Luke never did marry Tracy after all? I love Jane Elliott, but she is just a stand-in for the glorious Genie Francis. Scott spoke the truth when he told Tracy that Luke is deluding himself that he is through with hoping for Laura's recovery. It is a complete tragedy that this show does not see fit to bring back the one character that the audience really wants to see. I too was angered by the line of coming back to Tracy. That is some marriage that they have...he runs off with his ex-wife after he pretends to marry her (I don't think that marriage was a fake), and she is having an affiar with Ramon, her masseur. Luke has been reduced to comic relief. It is a crying shame that this show has chosen to backburner these vets in order to give us a daily dose of Sonny and Co. They wonder why their ratings hit 2.1 in Oct.? I don't!

In the Lunacy relationship, I always feel sorrier for Tracy than Luke. Luke forced her to get married then we are to accept his going off on his "vacations" and then marriage to his ex-wife. I hate the characters of all the Spencers b/c they don't have the edge anymore and aren't written well. But same as the Quartermaines.

I can not stand Luke & Tracey! I have never liked her. I am not liking Luke this time around. The way he & Tracey act, it's all about the money for them ,nothing else!I can't stand them!!!

I used to like Luke and Laura, and I totally didn't feel this scene was an insult to their history at all. He was saying, as far as I interpreted it, that since he lost her, Tracy got him out of the rut he was in. That she gives him a reason to come home. Yeah he should have mentioned his kids, etc, but the bottom line is, Luke and Tracy fans have been waiting for years now for him to admit his true feelings for her. They are grown up and she doesn't expect fairytale love, but come on...let him at least give her that...that he cares about her and he realized that Laura is never coming back and he needs to move on.

This is becoming an epidemic on GH. You know, someone said awhile back that GH is the only soap that has no SuperCouples (except Luke and Laura).

Well, even that's not sacred anymore. GH has this rather annoying penchant to destroy other former couples history, pasts, moments, in order to build up the couple of the moment.

It is completely and totally unnecessary. It's a little patronizing as well. We're all grown ups here. We know that people love different people in different ways at different times in their lives. Sadly, GH has no respect for the fans and thus feels we need to hear that: "They've never loved anyone as much as ---" "It's the first time they've felt this way..." Blah. Blah.

They also don't care about respecting former scenes that were written before. I just recently watched a SSW promo that featured Jason climbing up on a bridge to hold Liz's hand. It looked eerily familiar. And then I remembered....I'd seen this scene before. 10 years ago. With Jason and Robin, the night of their first kiss.

I understand that soaps recycle stories, but to have the same character perform the same action, shoot the seem the exact same way, edit the scene the exact same way??? Uhm, that does not respect the history of the couple. Nor does it leave me happy that Liason, a couple that is growing on me has this taint on their love story, because they are shooting the same scene again.

Let me state that I am in no way a J & R fan anymore. Liason is growing on me. But this is a slap in the face to J & R fans AND Liason fans. It shows that they don't respect couples or history.

I don't think Luke was insulting Laura at all in that speech. He was referring to his life after her breakdown, and complimenting Tracy for her role in his life since then.

But he was insulting Lucky, Lulu and the grandkids he doesn't seem to care about at all.

Has Luke even met Jake at this point? Spent a minute with Cameron? I love Geary's acting, but his character has always been a charmless jerk. In a just universe, Luke would get the abuse Scott does from everybody for being an amoral dweeb. Scott, for all of his faults, loves his kids.

Yup it is totally typical of Guza's writing. Because he obviously doesn't understand how real relationships work...he must make sure every other previous one was destroyed in order for his current shiny object to be adored.

Jiz is a PERFECT example. Forget the two times Jason told both Sam and Courtney that he didn't love Liz. Forget that bridge is JaRob's and Jake's is Jarly's. Forget the fact that it was Ric and Lucky who were with Liz during both her miscarriages and it was Lucky when she was raped. Forget it was Ric and Lucky who were willing to destroy their own careers to protect her when she just THOUGHT she killed Zander. Forget that Ric and Liz had a civil divorce and were friendly until about two weeks ago. (Anyone else remember Ric's bedside confession to coma Liz that he would never do anything to hurt her, Lucky or Cameron again? And then three weeks later Guza has him putting Liz on the stand and forcing the perjry?) Forget dialogue from three months ago that indicates the opposite of what Guza wants to show right now. It's the exact same principal as that line right now. Scorch earth, burn, destory. Now watch...they put JaSam back together and LL2 back together? same thing will apply to what is going on right now. (Laugh at me if you want...but Sonny shot Carly in the freaking head and THAT got glossed over. I admit my deluded optimism with the best of them...but come on...THAT can be overcome but nothing else? To quote my boy Cameron..."Bitch PLEASE!")

For the record...Luke's not met Cameron and only mentioned him twice...once in terms of "One kid that's not yours" to Lucky and then after Liz was in the coma....obsessive? me? Comes with the Spencer family fan territory.

I agree that more and more the vets are realizing this story BLOWS CHUNKS and the only way to take it seriously is to act like the bad B movie it is.

While I'd love to be funny and lighthearted about this, I can't help but to see this as yet another disturbing precedent taking place on this show. It's pretty damn transparent that all Bob Guza wants to do at this point is get rid of everything and everyone that he didn't have a hand in creating. Genie Francis obviously doesn't have a place in his twisted Sopranos-lite universe, but even if he bowed to pressure and brought her back, she'd never be written for, much less written for WELL. Same for the Qs. Three Qs killed off in a little over two years? That writer can wax rhapsodic all he wants in the mags. He doesn't care about them and wants to get rid of them.

I also just came back from SSW (OOOO, Jason Thompson is hot. And tall. He's a tall drink of water.), and I'm more than ever convinced that Frons and ABC think their entire audience is composed of horny teenagers. History has no place in their universe any more. It's depressing, but the writing's on the wall. Here's hoping to GH losing sweeps.

Honestly? I haven't been feeling Luke's return since he came back. I always look forward to his coming back from those insanely long summer vacations but this year it has been 99% depressing.

I'm in the exact same boat as you are regarding the whole Luke-Laura-Tracy thing. Should you ever carry out your plan involving eggs and dreams, please do let me know if you need any help. I'd gladly just stand there holding the egg carton.

GH has nearly committed suicide by not getting Genie Francis to come back on this show. If they think that Luke/Tracy is any substitute for Luke/Laura, they are completely delusional. I love Jane Elliott, but Tracy and Luke are not particulalry endearing as a couple. His pet names for her are derogatory and insulting. They have a sexual relationship, and Tracy might have real feelings for Luke, but the Luke that we know has only one love, Laura. I don't know what their gripe is about Genie Francis. The last time she was on, she lit up the story and the whole landscape like a beacon. She won them an Emmy. Genie is thin and gorgeous and a fabulous actress. Her character, Laura, is one of the most beloved in all of daytime's history. The fans, Tony, and Genie herself have begged for her return. Now that Kin Shriner is back, the stage has been set for a huge dramatic story involving Tracy, Scott, Luke and Laura. What is preventing them from taking that step? It is a sad day when Tony Geary has so little power on this show that he cannot force them to bring her back. It is sadder still to hear Luke trying to justify Luke/Tracy in his own mind, the pathetic story they have given him to subsitute for the one we all want to see. I am all for a mature relationship for senior characters. However, this one is not memorable or particularly satisfying. It tells you how far off-track they are when they use an actor like Tony Geary for comic relief.

This is why I'm not watching. They were watchable in the beginning, but now I really despise them. I see Luke and Tracy as friends...that's about it. They are too much alike...opposites attract you know. They are comic-relief...that's their appeal. I understand that Luke has a right to move on. I can accept that - hell, I even liked Luke and Skye together, but I just can't except Luke and Tracy. I mean all she do is put down Laura and say how inferior she is and Luke like a dumb dumb agrees with her. When have you ever seen Luke agree with someone who talks bad about his angel...NEVER. I never thought I would say this, but at this point I don't want Genie to come back...at least not now. This show is getting worse and worse and she's too good for them. I love Jane Elliot and Tony Geary, they are fabulous actors and it is a shame TIIC is destroying their characters. Luke is ridiculous and Tracy is an enabler - come on. They just about destroyed the Quartermaines and the Spencers. GH is SAD.

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