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November 18, 2007

The Decade's Most Accurate Dialogue?

I'm both really busy and really lazy (not as difficult a combo as you might think), so I don't think GH will get a Week in Review anytime soon, but I could not let this gem go by without comment:

Kate: Sonny, did it ever occur to you that you might be just as successful legally?
Sonny:  I like what I do.  I mean, you know, I know it's wrong, but I'm willing to, you know, do everything I can to get what I want, and I do everything in my heart to protect the people who are around me.  I don't -– I don't want to. I don't want to stop.  Whatever it costs.

I have recovered enough from my shock and awe to say:  THANK YOU, Awesome Writer, for having Sonny finally speak the truth.  He knows it's wrong and it will hurt the people around him, but he LOVES being in the mafia.  Now can you talk to your colleagues and explain that it's fine for this guy to be one of the bad guys, it's when they hold him up as part of the moral center of the show (the other half of said center being his hitman) that they run into problems?  By "problems" you probably know what I mean -- shins, pointy heels, the usual.  Thanks in advance for your help!


Becca, you are a genius. So few people truly understand and accept the recconciliation of being both very busy and very lazy. It's a baffling life we lead to many of those less intelligent!

As to the inane chat between Sonny and his newest "moll" ....all I can say is.... doy!

Kate honey, he likes to steal, cheat, and kill for his blood money and not pay taxes on it. He likes being feared, he considers it respect. He likes custom made shiny suits and lots of hair gel. Consider yourself lucky he was almost honest enough to tell you some of that.

That along with how his chosen life kills and or destroys many around him and that too is acceptable in the balance of his life. Like he said, he does his best to protect them. His best often sucks and if you piss him off he will drop you in the middle of hell without ever looking back.

His love of the mafia comes first always. His own son (sort of his own son, as he basically kidnapped him from his hitman the other kidnapper and destroyed the birth father for fun) is a blood thirsty 10 year old. Charming huh?

Not to mention what has happened to the other women in his life. Karen, Brenda, Carly, Reese, Lily, even Robin and Alexis. Death and crime surround him endlessly and he likes it. Even if it breaks those he claims to love and protect.

Smart solid choice Kate. Enjoy the downward spiral babe. You were once interesting, independant , and fashionable. Original you is missed.

I had exactly the same feeling hearing those words. I couldn't believe it. Honesty. Wow. I don't ever want to hear Sonny whine about how his wife and unborn child were blown up in a blast meant for him. He "tries" to protect those he loves, but, no matter how unsuccessful he is at times, he won't stop. Not because it's wrong, or dangerous.....he likes it. I think I am actually for the first time, wanting to see him in leg irons and an orange jumpsuit.

There was a similar line that struck me recently where someone (gah, who was it?) pointed out to Jason that he loved his son, but not enough to leave the mob for him. Same thing. He doesn't WANT to. I had FFed through that Sonny/Kate scene, so thanks for sharing. That is indeed pretty stunning.

OMG, thank you, teller of truth Becca! I was hoping you would remark on that dialogue. In fact, I would have thought less of you if you didn't. Hah... I'm just kidding.

I too, understand being so busy your mind begins to hold signs, "I want more pay," and pickets where your eyeballs make everything upside down.

I was watching that scene and I don't have TiVo so I can't go back and hear things that are like, "WTFudge, did he just say what I think he said?"

What I can't believe is Kate just listens along and will still love him. I thank Sarah for saying it best:

"Smart solid choice Kate. Enjoy the downward spiral babe. You were once interesting, independent , and fashionable. Original you is missed."

She surely will be missed, yes indeed.

I read that Monica will totally rail on Sonny before Emily's funeral. You have to watch that. I hope AW wrote that scene. I just hope Monica totally annihilates the "glorified pimp."

Also awesome was crazy old man Z taunting Sonny about getting his start by running a strip club for Frank Smith. I'm assuming Awesome Writer was responsible for that gem too.

International Order of Lazy & Busy People unite - I'm with you all the way on that!

I'm so glad you referenced that Sonny quote (which I think I also mentioned in a comment). Yeah! The weasel finally admits he loves his life of crime more than he loves any human being. "I do everything in my HEART to protect..." Hunh??? What does he do, wish upon a star? Like JL, I also enjoyed hearing Z taunting Sonny about--what was it called, the Paradise Club? (I admit I've never forgiven Sonny for what he did to Karen.) I think Z said something else, too, in addition to the "glorified pimp" comment, that was so right on the money, but I can't remember what it was; I just remember how cool it was to hear it!

You know I'm beginning to get the impression that AW is thinking they won't be back after the strike and expects to be replaced by scabs who don't sneak in truth telling moments like this one. You know the ones who will drink the Kool Aid with abandon and just spout out the greatness of JAson and Sonny all the live long day.

I agree dianorra..its exactly like Jason and his secret pain. We've been written into a freaking corner that Jason's life is too dangerous for Jake...but the concept of Jason leaving the mob has NEVER come up? He likes doing what he does....even when he had the brain clusters he still did it.....If Sonny was tired of the life he's had multiple opportunities to quit it and go straight...and since all he's importing is coffee then there wouldnt' be a big violent struggle right? the truth is they both love what they do and they are good at it. They don't know how to function in a legitimate world. Even in murder cases with the "evidence" being as ridiculously bad as Jason's last one...there was still bribery going on.

And it was the Paradise Club that Sonny ran for Frank Smith...And we'll go with the only reason I remember that one is Karen....

How clever of you to note that a person who purposely chooses to do something they know is bad time and again is not a hero. Now if only AW could find a way to explain that to all the idiots.

Actually, V, I think Monica is supposed to rail on Jason, not Sonny, prior to Emily's funeral, and Liz will come to his defense. Lookin' forward to that, I must say: Liz on her self-righteous soapbox preachin' it to Monica, who has had her family members torn from her one by one by the orgy of violence that is now Port Chuck.


he likes it! hey mikey! so one is left to wonder why all the friggin' angst when someone he "cares for" gets hurt, goes nuts or dies. shouldn't he just shrug his shoulders, grimace (for the dimples) and say, "you knew what you were gettin' into when we met." now, that's a sonny i could appreciate. not this "mobster with a heart of gold" crap, 'cuz hunny there ain't no such thing!

Amen Titian...I'm beginning to think we share a brain at times. Yes where is the drama or the story for Sonny to be all regretful, sorrowful, smelling the fart whenever the inevtiable "they got too close to Sason and now they must die" storyline comes up. Then I could dig on Sonny like I dig on Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl....yes he's a creep but he admits it and doesn't pretend to be otherwise....he even hates feeling butterflies. (Seriously..I heart Chuck Bass! Chuck & Blair forever!) Ok basically my tangent in summation....if Sonny gets that he's never leaving the mob (oohhhh shocker on that one! what a shocking surprise there Guza!) and he doesn't ever want to...what the heck is the point of any story regarding him being concerned about the violence? If he likes the mob...fine...no sweat of my back...but then don't tell me he's sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and purple unicorns.......

Hey Brett, you are right that Monica rails on Jason first, but then she goes after Sonny a little later. At least, that is what I read in SOD. I guess we will see how accurate it is after all is said and done.

I'm just thankful momma Monica will finally tell off Jason and Sonny - if it does come true.

Monica needs to enter the picture and finally put the only child she has left (Jason) in his place, and the Svengali, Sonny, who stole sons, daughters and grandchildren from her, needs to go crawl in a hole where he belongs. I just hope AW has a hand in writing her lines.

Oh, V., I fear you are too hopeful. Monica surely will be shown to be wrong, wrong, wrong. After all, Jason and Sonny are Good Men. They are Great Fathers. They don't run drugs or prostitution. They would never hurt anybody they love. And though they've been arrested, even more than once, they've never been convicted.

LOL! I feel you just smacked me in the head, Aydee, and told me, "I could have had a V-8." You are so right. ^^ LOL! I can dream. *lalalalala*

Aydee and V, not only will Monica be shown to be wrong, but the sole dramatic purpose of her outburst, from the producer's standpoint, will be to give Jason another opportunity to suffer silently, no more and no less.

Oh, and to emphasize the great love between him and Liz as she Stands By Her Man.

I hate this crappy show.

you got it Brett...cause we all loved secret pain so much....now we get MORE SECRET PAIN!

Adn yup...we will be shown that Monica was wrong wrong wrong and of course she should ever see any of her children or grandchild because well never fear...Sason will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was NOT the mob that killed Emily...it was defective Q family produced hair care items! (Seriously..wtf is it that ELQ does? I have NEVER figured it out!) so not only will Monica be wrong...Spinelli will be able to prove beyond the shadow of a gibberish that it was really all the Q's fault anyway for not supporting Jason.

"it was defective Q family produced hair care items! "

Hahaha! What does ELQ do? Oh, all kinds of things. In fact, maybe aybe it was botulism-laced PickleLila that they served at the B&W ball that killed Em. (You have to go way back for that one: Lila Q and a friend of hers had a sideline business making chutney many years ago!)

Was Monica upset with Jason? I could hardly tell -- her FACE DOESN'T MOVE!!!

I like Nadine more each day...

Johnny Z is tortured hot.

Ok, I am having another one of my 'future plot' moments: Johnny Z. takes over his father's territory and Lulu and he get 'involved.' Guza & Co. can recycle old Sonny & Carly storylines!

Scrubs fans, take heed. I think that you are on the eight-year wait list (think Liason). If the crowd reaction at the SSW 2007 is any indication, Jason Thompson is the next super-hearththrob on GH (think Rick Springfield or Jack Wagner or even, ahem, St. Jasus) and Dr. Patrick Drake & Dr. Robin Scorpio may have a long, bumpy and angst-ridden ride before they can finally be together. As Agnes Nixon said: "Make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait". I'm just sayin'...

I'm gonna let you all in on a little secret: it's not his mob ties, it's not the guns in the house, it's not his silly sidekick -- Elizabeth won't marry Jason until he does SOMETHING with that HAIR!!!

Did I mention that Johnny is painfully hot...?

I just have to say something. I can't believe that so many people think Johnny is hot. To me he seems supremely ordinary looking except for a shock of black hair which I could see appealing to women, just not me. On the other hand, Jason Thompson, one of People magazine's sexiest men. Whoa baby. It always amazes me that with this divine creature at their disposal, the powers that be seem more interested in spotlighting people like Johnny or Logan or even Spinelli. What's up with that?

johnny z is 100 alarm blazing hot! patrick thompson does nothing for me (along with most of the folks that make that stupid People list). it's all a matter of taste and johnny z is my flavor!

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