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December 13, 2007

Fun With Search Terms

In an effort to distract myself from how bad Y&R is right now*, I turned to Google for amusement. I'm always far too amused by the random search terms that lead people to Serial Drama. I don't know if they are actually funny or if I just have very low humor standards, but I really get a kick out of them. However, I felt it necessary that I do a public service announcement in response to a search that sent someone here today:

Who was the Ashley that played on the Young and Restless that has a sex change?

Poor Eileen Davidson. Like her life isn't hard enough! She got shitcanned from Y&R for no good reason and even though she rebounded with a gig on B&B, she found herself in a story crossed between Ronn Moss and his decadently 80s scarf/mullet combo and Kyle Lowder's fivehead (sixhead?). She has horrible fashion sense and, despite playing like forty six different characters on Days of Our Lives, she still lost the Daytime Emmy that time to Cynthia Watros. All of this, and she still can't seem to shake the persistent rumor that she was once a dude. Tragic!

Dear readers, let's put the rumor to rest: Eileen Davidson is not a man. I repeat: not a man. Snopes backs me up on this one. I'm far more intrigued by another Ashley Abbott mystery: what species is Shari Shattuck? There's no way that she is human. Remember how horrible she was at emoting, speaking, and even standing? I apologize in advance if you had all been trying to repress her memory.

That is the end of today's public service announcement. Tomorrow: a lecture on Stranger Danger!

*Seriously, what the hell? Why does Jeff want to marry Gloria? If he wants her money, can't he just blackmail her? It would require less macking on her and also prevent the risk of being suffocated by one of her ugly feather and bead adorned coats. And did I really watch JT have a meltdown over manicotti? I hate so much about the way this show chooses to be.


Mallory, I don't watch Y&R, but maybe that outfit was Aufed from Project Runway!

Shari Shattuck. Gross.

Being the masochist (or is it sadist?) that I am, I decided to give ole Shari a googling. I challenge anyone to make it through the youtube commercial for her new novel. Yes, she's an author now, and yes, she's promoting her novel via youtube.


Being married to Ronn Moss must have really been hard on her. Eileen better get the hell out of dodge, lest she become the latest Ashley Abbot that monster marries in real life.

People still search on that ED rumor? I remember hearing about that when she first started on Days back in the yearly 90s.

A The Office reference? You guys get more and more awesome by the day. :)

I feel like Shari Shattuck being married to Ronn Moss explains a lot. He is FREAKY.

Also, because I am a double-poster now apparently, I think part of my problem with all this weeping over Victoria is that I think Amelia Heinle is terrible in that role. She's really chilly and distant as an actress, or so it appears to me, and so I've never found her to have chemistry with any of her co-stars on any level (dating back to The City). Obviously Heather Tom is hard to follow in that part, but she's just kind of a bad recast, I think, and so it makes me not give two hoots that she's in a coma and might die. Which is terrible. I feel like I could sit through all the fake backstory and memories and tears if the actress didn't make me think, 'Yeah, RIGHT, like Victoria was ever any fun, EVER.'

I have never really gotten what was so great about Ashley. She was a cold, self-righteous, judgmental, sperm-stealing scold. Never a smile on her face in all her years that I can remember. She should have been written out long before she was.

HA! I just spit coffee all over my monitor. Poor Eileen,indeed. This has gotta be the oldest, most persistent, and still kinda hilarious, rumor in daytime history.

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