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December 09, 2007

General Hospital Week in Review

Here's my introduction to the Week in Review:  I hate this show.


I adore Alexis, and Diane has her moments of awesomeness, so of course the writers have to make them suck.

Their professional rivalry is just so over-the-top and ridiculous. Please promise me that if you ever see me react this way to a colleague getting a new client


or accept shoes in lieu of payment for professional services


or end a business meeting with a pout


that you will take me out back and beat some sense into me (without scuffing my shoes, which would of course be fabulous, and had been paid for with cash).

Now that they've torn down Kate, made Diane a caricature, given Robin the baby rabies, and continue their commitment to painting Alexis as the unlovable bitch, can we just get a final verdict from the soap judges on high that General Hospital is incapable of having any strong professional women characters?

I hate this show.


I try to avoid criticizing actors who are forced to play terrible storylines, but sometimes it's clear that regardless of the quality of the writing, an actor just isn't at the same level as those around her.  Such is the case with Nazanin Boniadi.  I just find her wholly unconvincing.  I don't know that she is a bad actress, period, but this role is a terrible mismatch for her.  That's especially obvious when she's in a scene with someone like Nancy Lee Grahn, who, let's face it, rocks everyone's socks off.



("Hear me roar."  Hee!)



You can see the inequity even in screencaps, right?  Even without a great scene partner you can:



Now, I love a good drunken soap scene.  Truly I do.  If you can't make a post-break-up, drunken night out scene in a shady bar fun, I don't know what to do with you.  Leyla's was snooze-worthy.

It does not help that Nazanin (or maybe Leyla - could this be an acting choice?), as many have noted, has this bizarre Eliza-Doolittle-post-makeover-in-My Fair Lady diction that is so distracting I can hardly focus on her performance.  Which is good most of the time, because it doesn't fare well under scrutiny.

Speaking of which, has there ever, in the history of the world, been a less rhythmic or sexy table dance?


I freaking loved, however, the girls' reactions.  Shock:


then horror:


Hee!  Those are both contenders for the Expression Hall of Fame

It really ticked me off that they had to go and ruin a fun girls' night out with Liz's horrible berating of Patrick.  As usual, with these writers, it's one step forward, 13 steps back.

I hate this show.


Well, Emily [note: who is dead] continues to be SUPER THRILLED about having been brutally murdered, possibly by the love of her life.





I don't understand how anyone thought any aspect of this storyline was a good idea.

Emily: Nikolas, if I told you that I love you more than life itself, would that mean anything?

No.  Because you're dead, you loon.

I hate this show.



I'm telling you right now, if I ever have the need for the services of a cardiologist, and he shows up in a concert tee and a ponytail, I reserve the right to pitch a hissy fit of epic proportions.

Of all the online petitions the various fanbases start, someone has to have one demanding that Dominic Rains cut his hair, right?  Or maybe we can do it just by the power of thought, and blog-based bitching.  I'd like to think that's what finally worked with Steve Burton!



The only way Kate's decorator could have been more of a French cliché would be if he were wearing a beret and eating brie.  What the hell was that?

I hate this show.


So, a couple of weeks ago, I had a "Georgie gets dressed with her eyes closed" line to go along with this screencap


but I decided not to use it because Lindze Letherman is suffering the ongoing indignity of having to play an unrequited crush on effing Spinelli, and I didn't want to contribute to her pain.  But I use it now to demonstrate that fashion-wise, things appear to be getting even worse.



I'm sorry, is that a hoodie sweatshirt, with gathered shoulders, and appliqued lace lapel panels?  Do any of the clauses in that sentence go together?  No, they do not.  That top is a travesty. 

At least her sister Maxie is looking adorable. 


Though there's the very real possibility that as of the end of Friday's show, she's Mostly Dead for the 17th time in the last two years, and it looks like they're going down the road of Cooper being the serial killer.


I hate this show.


GhostAlan is back.  (I know he claims he's not a ghost, but he's dead, okay?  I win.)  Will dead Alan run into his dead daughter in the hospital?  Will Tracy and Nikolas enter into a torrid May-December romance, fueled by their shared haunting by dead Quartermaines? 


I love Stuart Damon, and I was outraged by his firing.  But I really only tolerated GhostAlan for the Alan/Tracy/Luke scenes, and since he's supposed to be Tracy's conscience or some shit, now that Tracy has acknowledged the wrongness of what she did to Emily (to Monica, after Emily was dead, but still...), I think it might be time for Alan to be Truly Dead.  I can't even believe I'm typing this, but there are too fucking many ghosts on General Hospital right now.

I hate this show.


In case you're keeping track, yeah, I still think these two are pretty hot together.


Dammit.  I try to focus on his hair to remind me of the error of my ways.



When the haircut shows up on screen, I am in serious trouble.


I went back and forth, but I'm now reasonably certain I hated Kate's blazer early in the week.



And her blouse on Friday?  My grandmother is 93 and would deem it "too dowdy."


Megan Ward's hair, though? 


I'm pretty sure it could end the writers' strike.



Detective What'sHisFace is pretty hot, but where the hell did Det. Rodriguez go?  Come back, Cruz!



Jerry continues to skeeve me the fuck out.  First, he is flirting with the woman whose nephew he nearly killed, and for reasons still unclear to me he is walking around free despite the fact that Emily is dead and therefore he can't follow through with his retaliation plans if anyone turns him in as James Craig.

Second, his "I had no idea she was intoxicated!" bullshit about Leyla was thoroughly disturbing.



Yeah, she certainly looks sober and capable of deciding to have sex with a stranger.

Ewewewewewew.  I hate this show.


Elizabeth may have unfortunate highlights and a lamentable soft spot for a hired killer, and she may have had a seriously shrill harpy moment this week, but I continue to adore her bitchface.



Cameron comes by his mad skillz honestly. 


Greg Vaughn is devastatingly handsome.





(I love that last one.  It's so Zoolander.)  Lucky, however, I have a bone to pick with that dude.  Because he's doing the honorable thing by still wanting to raise Jake as his son, I am at least temporarily deprived of Carly finding out that Elizabeth had Jason's baby.  I was looking more forward to that than Christmas and my birthday combined. 


Lucky's dad Luke, meanwhile, has become that Chris Farley character in those old SNL "Superfans" sketches.  "Aaaaah.  I just had another heart attack.  That's my 22nd.  Pass the sausage and beer.  Da Bears!" 



I love him, but Tony Geary has become about as hammy as an over-the-top SNL sketch, too.  Is this his way of rebelling against crappy writing, now that he can't turn to a bad perm?

I hate this show.


Continuing the theme of crappiness foisted on Spencers . . . Lulu needs to stop hanging out with Spinelli.  His weirdness is catching.



It's bad enough the writers have decided to turn her into a mini-Carly, she shouldn't have to look like an asshole too. 

How bad was her Crappy Life Olympics routine with Johnny late in the week?  I see your paralyzed crazy father and raise you a catatonic mother!  So there!  Ugh. 

I hate this show.


"Let's talk babies."  Um, okay.  And a million fangirls squee!



Who has that kind of conversation in front of friends, though? 




Early in the week, while I was disappointed that the apparent Patrick-Robin reunion of last Friday wasn't going to happen, I thought at least they were maturing.  Patrick and Leyla broke up, Robin admitted that Leyla wasn't the reason she and Patrick had broken up, Patrick didn't slam Robin's decision to have a baby....I thought we were going somewhere!  But then everything got screwed up by the "Patrick is a selfish asshole for not wanting children" BS.  The writers' attempts to make me hate Patrick are not working.  Robin's desire to have a kid came on suddenly and then turned her into a crazy person.  To add on now her belief that Patrick is selfish for not "giving" her a child is really super-crazy and just make me remember when I didn't like Robin very much. 

Oh, Robin.  Remember when Robin came back from Paris a couple of years ago to fix Jason's brain, and increasingly became preachy and shrill, like Carly except smarter, shorter, and with fewer mobsters on her list of exes?  You know what fixed that?  Hooking her up with Patrick!  Kimberly McCullough is great, regardless of how unevenly they're writing her character, but seriously, Robin was getting really annoying!  As was one-dimensional Playboy Patrick.  They are good together, and why this show isn't making them their centerpiece couple is beyond me.

I feel like I should mention as often as possible that I absolutely will not stand for Bob Guza doing an HIV+ pregnancy storyline.  I forbid it!  Can you imagine?  Robin would get cured by Ghost Alan via a magical antidote that Emily (note: who is dead) picked up on Sonny's island, which she traveled to and from in 27 minutes, then Robin would give birth to Jason's child even though Jason had never donated sperm or slept with her because much like the man himself, Jason's sperm is strong and determined and magical and better than any other in the world.  But as the baby came out it would shoot Robin in the head.  Jason and Liz would raise Robin's kid, and Carly would comfort Patrick, who will be haunted by Robin's spirit, except for the times when she and Emily hit the outlet mall for apparitions on Long Island.

I hate this show.

Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


It's like you're reading my freakin' mind. Well said, especially about the Robin/Patrick fiasco.

One thing, though, that I have often wondered about. If the writers don't like Greg Vaughn enough to have him on for more than a day a week, why give him the pivotal role of Lucky Spencer. That role has been a gold mine since Jonathan Jackson's Lucky showed up in his parents' diner way back when. Both Jackson and Jacob Young won emmys ( if I remember correctly) for the role. Now the character is just a doofus meant as a foil for the almighty Jason. What a pity!

I too hate this show.

However, I effing love this blog. Thank you for providing us with a ray of sunshine in an otherwise pitch black soap world.

Oh and I am now officially beyond terrified of Guza writing an HIV+ baby storyline. I want my mommy.

Jesus, Greg Vaughn is...Mmmmmm! Jason Thompson ain't too bad, either. Okay, stating the obvious, I know.

It's weird, because I've watched this soap off and on, and on through many of the fantabulous years, but I'm totally uninvested in these characters. That goes for the ones who were part of those fantabulous years, too. I watch it here-and-there with a certain amount of detachment, so I can't muster up the hate that I normally would have for the lameness of my soaps. While there are many, many, many atrocities of TFGH, there are a couple things that keep it's head above water, like it's ensemble cast. It's a pretty well-rounded cast with attractive, mostly competent actors in the prime demographic that makes it more watchable when everything else sucks. Even if I don't like some of the actors and I'd rather see more of the vets, I think it's the ensemble that carries this show through so much backlash and crap writing/producing/soap-making. Compared to other soaps, I think GH has them beat in that department and it helps with swallowing the kook-aid.

Plus the boys are really cute.

"Cameron comes by his mad skillz honestly." -- Haha!

"I am at least temporarily deprived of Carly finding out that Elizabeth had Jason's baby. " -- Even better! That's gonna be some story, when it happens.

I think that's a capelet Kate is wearing.

I love Alexis, too, and think the lawyer vs. lawyer crap is. . . well, crap.

I didn't know that being dead changes one's personality so much. Emily was never this happy, not even when she beat cancer. Great screencaps.

What oh what have they inflicted on poor Georgie, both sartorially and Spinelli? How can Maxie consistently be best dressed on the whole stupid show, while Georgie is in Holly Hobby hell?

Despite my friends' attempts to lull me into complacency and start watching this show again, this blog is the closest I will come to this writing crapfest. The strike should be all about the ruin of this once entertaining show - and the ruining of Robin and Patrick.

Speaking of the crapfest - has anyone heard that Sarah Brown is coming back as yet??! A ghost, perhaps?!

Like killing her character and firing her is not enough.....the heinous evil wardrobe from hell continues.

What did the talented sweet adorable sexy LL do to Guza exactly to earn her this kind of vile hatred and disrespect?

And on that note what do MB, LW, and SBu do to warrant his massive infatuations?

Seriously, I want to know.

That last killer paragraph was such a hoot I couldn't stop laughing.

"....Jason and Liz would raise Robin's kid, and Carly would comfort Patrick, who will be haunted by Robin's spirit, except for the times when she and Emily hit the outlet mall for apparitions on Long Island."


I love Diane, but they make her an immature little, whiny girl around Alexis? Why do they feel the need to destroy strong, career women? WHY???

I still don't see the Jiz chemistry, but I'm sure if I look hard enough it might happen. I just need to seriously re-program my mind and not hate the fact that every word that comes out of Liz's mouth now will be, "Jason... Jason... and Jason...." It's good she's there to comment on how wonderful he is, because we were so lacking in people telling us how wonderful Jason is - oh yes, and he has a secret pain that never ends and will probably not end in the foreseeable future.

I so hate this show too.

Man, Greg Vaughn looks so hot! Isn't it great that he is now the evil nemesis for JASON? That way we can get more Jason in our GH, since that was lacking.

It's so sad GV won't be allowed as a competent cop and merely a stand-in prop for making us all understand Jason's secret pain - because Lucky - bad; Jason - good.

I love how the writer's make things simple for us.

I really hate this show too.

LUKE?! I was never a big fan of Luke, but he grew on me. I love him and Tracy together (sorry Becca, please don't be upset). But, how did he find Lulu and Johnny? They looked to be in some remote place on top of a bridge. You hit the nail on the head - this was simply an SNL skit to get us to laugh-out-loud love that show!

I feel no love for this show.

Skeethy Mr. Craig luring a drunken young woman to his hotel room just didn't get my heart pumping and craving those madcap 40's comedy's - even with the unexpected Alexis kiss at the end. I wasn't feeling the need to laugh or think it was cute.

Wow, Friday's show was a hoot! ...hmm

Poor Georgie. What can I say? Maxie always looks so awesome and she'll be less another boyfriend if Coop is going the way of most guys who create great chemistry with a female on the show.

We all know GNO was ruined - nough said.

What bothered me almost as much as French designer's comical cliche of a French designer, was the fact Sonny tells Kate's designer he will break his leg. Wow, Kate, what a nice boyfriend you have? I'd love for some guy to come to my house and prove his love for me by threatening my hired help.

Man, this show is so stupid.

I guess if I start feeling down about this show I can simply think over how happy Emily is and everything will be alright.

This show, to me, has one of the best ensemble casts and what they make them do and say is so sad and pathetic your blog is the only bright spot. Thank you for putting up with this show and giving us something to laugh about.

I am glad im not the only one who just doesn't get the leyla actress or character and was completely underwhelmed of her scenes opposite some of the shows top notch actors. Also im confused as to what from nightshift im supposed to remember and what im to pretend never happened cause this week lainey mentioned cody and her dad but robin never has mentioned stacy which i find odd since that is how she caught her baby rabies. but whatever ghost emily's hair was awesome guess the after life has fantastic hair stylists

"Emily: Nikolas, if I told you that I love you more than life itself, would that mean anything?

No. Because you're dead, you loon."

This was a total "hee" moment for me. I think it was "you loon" that put it over the top for me.

I HATE Leyla and I don't think the "actress" who plays her is anywhere near competent enough to share scenes with NLG and SR. I'm not even sure what the point of that scene was? - to impress upon Alexis that Jerry really is scum by propositioning an obviously drunk woman? Wouldn't you think that shooting Robin and poisoning Nic drove that point home already?

Alexis and Diane - that was just SAD. Why do all strong women have to be, in some form or another, in Sonny's universe, thereby stripping them of any and all likeable qualities they might have.

On a positive note: GV = Yummy. JT, so glad the "hotly" was restored. While Patrick might not be deserving of it as yet, JT certainly needed something to put up with the crap he has been subjected to lately.

My two cents:

I heart Lucky Spencer. I heart Greg Vaughn too.

As for the rest of your blog: WORD!!!

No need to add anything here other than the obvious: I hate this show too. So much so that I'm boycotting until the reruns from the strike kick in-and they better the ones from the times when this show was actually good.

Also, GV is hot and I will always side with Lucky over Jason (then again, I would side with a broken toaster over Jason) no matter what the writers tell me.

From now on, I will get my GH fix from here because Becca tells it like it really is and we thank you for that. Now if we can get the same from AMC (*shudders*) and DOTL (*shurgs*), we'd be set. I don't watch Y&R...I tried but I couldn't get into it (and Gloria...not to sound like a pimp but man I want to choke her). If GH is getting too crappy for your taste, try watching OLTL instead. It's actually not that bad these days.

I'm not sure what to think about this show anymore.

If I had a friend like Patrick and he told me that his girlfriend had pulled some of the stuff that Robin's been doing - I would tell him to run away from her, fast!

Why are they doing this? Robin is so great (normally) but the baby-brain garbage is making her more self centered that Carly!

Patrick is being reasonable, kind (and of course, hot) - and everyone's acting like he's the one who's out of line?


Jerry wanting to sleep with Leyla while she's toasted is bent, but sadly her stunningly bad acting made it more painful to watch than outrageous.


I don't know what to think about Luke. Tony can act but if this was my first time seeing him I wouldn't know that.


"What did the talented sweet adorable sexy LL do to Guza exactly to earn her this kind of vile hatred and disrespect?"

I believe you just answered your own question, Sarah: she's talented, sweet, adorable, and sexy.

I must say, though, my brain must have shut down before taking in the hideous wardrobe, because I was just happy about LL's hair! It actually looked cute and normal in a girl going to class way.

"I'm pretty sure it could end the writers' strike."

Get MW to the negotiating table, STAT! Totally with you, Becca, on that blouse. I was just sitting there with my mouth agape at that. And the walking French stereotype? Sacre bleu!

I'm really glad you got that last screengrab of Lucky, because that look at that moment almost made me need to change my underwear. Hot!

I must say, though, that I would TOTALLY watch the show described in the last paragraph. It'd be entertaining in an totally insane way!

And about Alexis and Diane, I said this on TWoP on Friday: if this were a different, infinitely better show, they'd play with the old cliche and make their rivalry mean they TOTALLY want to do each other. That would be hot!

"They are good together, and why this show isn't making them their centerpiece couple is beyond me."

Thats easy...they aren't Jason and Liz nor is either one Carly.

While I agree wholeheartedly that the rant Liz went on against Patrick was out of line for the reasons she sited, Patrick's "compromise" earlier in the week was one of the most selfish things I've ever heard so I don't think I can in good conscious rant against Robin and not him.

Besides, its the writers who suck. And I'm unfortunately agreeing with you on the HIV pregnancy storyline. As much as I would love to see it play out, some of the crap I've heard speculated on how it would go down would make all our heads burst. I'd rather not go down that dark scary road. He'll totally screw it up, thats a guarantee.

I think the Leyla drunkess subplot was a dubious ploy to make us like and dare I say it, feel sorry for the character. What it made me realize is that nobody does drunk better than Sam McCall and that Leyla is still too boring to care about. Also, I know plenty of female attorneys and I've never heard them discuss high fashion or barter retainers for shoes, so hats off to GH for realism!

I did love NLG's expressions during her whole exchange with NB. She had a look like "Why me? What did I do to get stuck with this?" Unfornuately, the whole week of Leyla propping did not make me like her any more; in fact, I like her even less.

There's no one on the show now they can pair Alexis with, and maybe that's why they're pushing her toward Jerry. But if they go withh that, it will be the worst indignity they've inflicted upon her yet--and I didn't think they could take her any lower than Dobson.

Also, GV is hot and I will always side with Lucky over Jason (then again, I would side with a broken toaster over Jason) no matter what the writers tell me.

I heart you Charlie...

And V i'm with you as well..I see no chemistry...and did you really think Lucky was OUT of that storyline? Jiz hasn't had a conversation that hasn't mentioned him, Sam, or Jake in over a year. They more any of those three out of the storyline and they have NOTHING to talk about. Nada...well except how great Jason is......cause we dont' hear that NEARLY enough.

I hate this show. I truly do.

The best of GH this entire week was the shot of GV's oh-so-sexy backside as he followed SBu into the PCPD interrogation room. More, please!

I must concur with Jessica-I can't rant against Robin without ranting against Patrick's hateful, selfish, dickish ways of the last, oh, six months or so.

Firstly, she was leaving him alone. He said he didn't want kids, she said okay, she did, and she bounced. She was, while hurting and missing him, obviously, pretty much leaving him alone-save the ill-advised trip to the MC on the day of his date with Leyla. But she pulled her shit together after that, left, and set off in search of someone to father her baby. So? Lots of single women ask friends-yes, even married, involved friends-to father their children. The point is, SHE WAS LEAVING HIM ALONE (so f-you, Leo!)-AND HE GOT ALL UP IN HER GRILL ABOUT HER DADDY LIST! And everyone was like, "Oh, well,she's nuts, he's looking out for her, oh, he's still not over her, isn't that sweet, etc., etc." So, in essence, they excused PATRICK trying to change ROBIN'S mind about HAVING a baby. And that wasn't wrong-in fact, he was being reasonable and sweet, according to most. Oh, and one MORE little detail-during his whole stupid Sperminator phase, Patrick was STONE COLD SOBER! Now, jump back to this week, and Robin-who is hurting, and drunk, and, I'm sure, a little sad because she has actual, human emotions and can't screw someone she barely knows on a couch she shared with her ex about 2.5 seconds after breaking up with said ex-has a few moments of weakness and tries, FOR THE FIRST AND ONLY TIME, to talk Patrick into considering fatherhood. Oh, and one MORE thing-this was after he SAID he would be willing to consider fatherhood after a year-which, as he admitted on Thursday's episode, was A BIG-ASS LIE to get Robin to come back for a year (selfish much, Patdick?)-so I guess she was trying to see if there was any hope. Probably because she knows he's full of shit and didn't want to waste ANOTHER year of her life on his sorry ass.

Further, I both agree and disagree that Leyla was not the reason for the break up. Well, first I have to object to this idea that Robin "blamed" her for the break up-um, she set Leyla straight back on the week of the break up when she told Leyla she had nothing to do with it and that she (Robin) and Patrick broke up because they wanted different things. Now, I agree that there were far bigger issues that were, in no way, related to Leyla that caused the break up-HOWEVER, issues LIKE Leyla were. Namely, that Patrick, as Robin so excellently stated on Thursday, "wanted his freedom to pick up whatever he could on the side". Robin told him how she felt about the flirting, Emily told him how it looked, as, I believe, did Liz-and he paid no attention. He kept on with it, and made it all about Robin's insecurities, territorialism, etc., etc.. And that would have been fine, had he not, oh, I don't know, SLEPT WITH THE VERY PERSON ROBIN ACCUSED HIM OF WANTING TO GET SOMETHING GOING WITH BEFORE ROBIN'S SIDE OF THE BED WAS EVEN COLD! GH KILLED Patrick's credibility-and made him look like an asshole for every time he called Robin unreasonably jealous and acted like she was nuts-the moment they had him say he liked that bitch and had from the beginning.

And, I gotta say, I NEVER saw Robin as preachy, controlling, bitchy, etc., etc.-that's certainly how Guza tried to portray it, but I never gave that any credence. Mainly because he had her preaching such radical concepts as, oh, I don't know, YOU SHOULDN'T KILL PEOPLE FOR FUN AND PROFIT! Or that Carly is, perhaps, the single most selfish female character ever to grace the soap opera screen! And I always thought pairing her with Patrick saved HIS character-because, frankly, the handsome, womanizing doctor character was played out on soaps about the same time Rick Springfield left the first time.

Now, I'm not saying that EVERYTHING has been Patrick's fault-but it's kind of hard to feel sorry for him about the whole Liz-bitchout-for-the-wrong-reasons thing when he SOOOOO had that coming for lots of OTHER, VALID reasons. Like being a giant dick for the last 6 months. And it's ALSO hard to feel outraged on his behalf when he just, about 3 weeks ago, screamed accusations at Robin that were, frankly, pretty much giant-ass lies-a)she played the victim to her family-LIE!, b)she told Maxie to attack poor widdle Weywa-LIE!, c)their breakup was ALL the fault of Robin wanting a baby-LIE!, d)she refused to take responsibility for her actions and wanted to blame everything on he and Leyla-LIE!...oh, AND, pot, I would like you to meet kettle!, and e)she was refusing to move on with her life and was, instead, acting immature and desperate-LIE!..and, she WAS trying to move on, asswipe, until you jumped in her way every chance you got...oh, AND, pot/kettle/black, Patrick! And though I am, most assuredly, NOT a Liz fan, I was cheering her on-because, obviously, Patrick's never going to be held accountable for any of the shit HE'S done (even though Robin has to apologize to everybody and their freakin' mama for even BREATHING!) unless it's by one of Guza's faves. So BITCH ON, LIZ, BITCH ON!

I, of course, have only this to say about your comments re: Prop Leyla Week-WORD! AMEN! PREACH IT! I just-does she not SEE how bad she is?! Because I'm fairly certain I would be investing in some acting lessons at this point if I were her. And I understand about every third word out of her mouth-which may be a blessing, as the ones I do understand make me want to bitchslap her. And as a very minor (comparatively speaking) irritant-um, Robin, daughter of international spies extraordinaire and goddaughter of more spies and niece of the police commissioner, is supposed to be afraid of Leyla because she knows tae kwon do?! PFFT. As Madea would say, Robin knows whoop yo ass, so f-you, Guza!

And I, too, just love Megan Ward's hair, hate that blazer, and wish they would quit putting myRobin, tiny little thing that she is, in GIANT PLAID 70'S-SOFA-UPHOLSTERY COATS! Hasn't she suffered enough?

You guys, however, are hilarious as always!

There's no one on the show now they can pair Alexis with...

Aydee, bringing Ned back full time would be an excellent start. I'd be up for another round of Nexis.

Some people some things way too seriously. Goodness.

I don't get Jiz as hot. Separately they are as annoying as hell and together they're so lackluster. Better hair won't matter. Of course Liz has perfected the bitchface. It's the only expression she ever wears anymore.

Leyla is useless and being propped almost as much as Courtney was back in the day. Blech! TG is obviously tired of the crap they're giving him to play. LL should sue the wardrobe department. GV is all kinds of hot and I wish Awesome Writer would write for Lucky. I still like Alan, ghost or not. Emily is freaking me the hell out. The attempts to make me hate Patrick aren't working but I continue to hate Liz. I don't hate Robin, but I am not liking her either. Same with Leyla.

Robin has always been controlling, preachy and judgmental but it didn't bother me in the past. Bugging the crap out of me now though. They're dressing her badly, her hair is awful and the baby rabies is making her one dimensional and boring. The baby obsessing hasn't been good so far. Do we have to endure an actual pregnancy written by these losers? Nothing good can come of it, that's all I'm sayin'.

"bringing Ned back full time would be an excellent start. I'd be up for another round of Nexis."

You don't have to convince me! Or, alternately, I'd love Jax & Alexis, but ain't gonna happen unless they both end up retirement age and still single, and figure they might as well.

I'd be up for Nexis part two! of course my real secret never going to happen couple is Alexis/Mac......then again I think the cops should be the heros of the show...so Obviously I'm crazy!

Oh--yeah, they DO have someone on the scene they could put Alexis with: Mac. Didn't even think of that, Beth R.

Anyway, another reason to HATE this stupid show: Skye! As in where is she, most of the time? Robin Christopher is one of the strongest actors they've got, IMO, and she's so beautiful--and they barely use her. What's wrong with these people?

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