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December 20, 2007

Is Crazy Contagious?

First the epic crazy of Robin's Daily Dose, now a loony fan campaign to bring back a dead GH character:

This is actually pretty simple. We want to flood TPTB and actors mailboxes at GH with Kleenex boxes, yes Kleenex boxes.. And we want to flood the mailrooms at GH and ABC with Kleenex boxes symbolizing our grief and  sadness over the death of the beloved  Emily

I think my reaction can be summed up eloquently as:  "Um...?" 

We witnessed her survive cancer, a multitude of murder attempts, rape, divorce, and finally her death. 

I was going to make fun of the grammar in this sentence, but then I realized that Guza actually did have Emily "survive" her death.  The writers of this show are making me AGREE WITH CRAZY PEOPLE. 

I also enjoy that they feel it is necessary to provide photographic evidence of what Kleenex looks like, and step-by-step instructions that include:

Go to the post office and mail them

I predict big things* for this campaign. 

* "big things" = those associated with restraining orders and padded rooms


Like someone higher up is going to listen.
Did anyone give a thought that this whole year of GH could end up being a dream like Dallas?

now see this is why the internet in kindergarten is a bad thing.....

they already have her as Emily the Happy Ghost...what more do they want?????

It's a soap...like she isn't going to come back to life at some point? Robert and Anna were blown up on a boat with Faison and I'm told they are still alive somewhere....apparently locked in the closet iwth the Awesome Writer...but they are there...

If this were Days tptb would totally take that campaign seriously. Please tell me Guza's crappy stories are his own and not taken from crazy fan mail?

"Did anyone give a thought that this whole year of GH could end up being a dream like Dallas?"

That is my most fervent hope. Wait, not exactly true. I actually keep hoping that more than just this past year of GH is a dream but unfortunately, in reality, it's more of a nightmare.

Ahhh...soap fandom. Does me proud. Maybe all the kleenex boxes are supposed to represent all the snotting Nik did to bring Emily back from the dead the first time.

Maybe they should change the campaign to 'used' Kleenex instead.

*Grins evilly at the thought of GH getting thousands of used tissues in the mail*

Don't worry, I won't provide photographic evidence...

ahh magic snot! Good times...good times...thanks for the great memory smirks!

Its so sad to think the days of magic snot are now almost loving referred to as the GOOD old days ain't it?

The soap show runners don't care what the fans want or their inane campaigns. They live in their isolated worlds where it just so happens that the shit they crank out resembles the stupid ideas obsessed over by the fervent fans. Look who's been running these shows. It doesn't take anyone who's actually qualified to come up with this fucked up garbage.

Why am I getting so grossed out? LOL

I love how they give such thorough directions on how to mail things. I haven't much experience in mailing things in the mail. Things like Kleenex must be awfully cumbersome. I wonder if they want you to mail the square, or rectangular boxes? Or, would the small packets for your purse work just as well? I mean, so many hard decisions when mailing tissues. Do you have a box limit? I mean, is it like voting for your favorite American Idol and you can send multiple boxes, over and over, because you want to make a strong point and let them know how you really feel? ... perhaps a box per dead person? What about Alan's tissue boxes and Georgie's? ...

Okay, I'll stop.

Can you save a character that doesn't want to stay??? Have these people put any thought into this campaign?? They want Em to be magically alive (and NOT a ghost) and portrayed by some random actress. That would be a clusterfuck of epic proportions!! And what if (god forbid) they got Sabine Singh as the nuGhostEmily recast? Perish the thought!!!

Guza will just use the Kleenex while he's writing another scene about Jason firing his big gun.

"Is crazy contagious?"

Well, have you been to the ABC Message Board?
My money is on "Yes".

I know this campaign is nuts, but I can kind of see why people resort to this kind of stuff. No matter how we complain, or what good arguments we have for the need for change, and no matter how low the ratings, nothing seems to matter. The mob still rules, great characters languish on the backburner, good storylines are ruined or dropped, legacy characters are killed or corrupted, Jason still triumphs and Sonny gets all the women (and apparently the children, too).

I think these people are just looking for some control, some input that might not be ignored.

Having said that, I do think used Kleenex would have been so much a better representation of what this show has become.

Did anyone give a thought that this whole year of GH could end up being a dream like Dallas?

Yes. Melaswen has also come to mind.

Or that it's all taken place in the head of an autistic teenager staring into a snow globe, per St. Elsewhere.

Or that it's the dream of a comatose Jason, who's been asleep since his accident and when he awakens, GH is much like it was in 1995, only everyone's older.


"Or that it's the dream of a comatose Jason, who's been asleep since his accident and when he awakens, GH is much like it was in 1995, only everyone's older."

Ask and ye shall receive:


Ms. Chicklet:

Wonderful stuff (what I've read so far)! Would that it had really taken place on-screen...

I don't really care if Emily comes back or not she does nothing for me, but Georgie yes, it hurts me more that they kill off this charcther they could have just send her off somewhere, Guz'a what do you do were your bore kill off woman on GH, Merry F Christmas to you.

Ms. Chicklet! I've only read the first chapter, love it already -- a GH world that includes Lucy and Kevin?! Were we ever so young?

I don't know what TFGH means, but you had me at Elsie Mae Krumholtz Theatre!! And then tango lessons with Anna & Robert!! The Floating Rib!! (Though I wouldn't mind seeing The Bucket of Blood, too.) Brett, is this your handiwork?

Oops, sorry-- Ms. Chicklet, is it YOUR handiwork?

The Barge is a joke from the Television Without Pity gang. It's where we go when we can't take the goings-on at TFGH (Typical Fucking GH).

I just do the writing. Another TWoPer came up with the art.

Well, Edward died and came back as a ghost and Lila used to have conversations with his portrait for years (he'd answer), but then it turned out he was alive but in trouble somewhere tropical and Anna rescued him. And frankly, I'd be delighted if they brought Alan back from the dead, no explination necessary. Nobody bats an eye when they guy who held them all hostage and tortured serveral of them walks around freely and gets welcomed at their parties, it doesn't have to make sense.

As many posters have stated, no one running GH or ABC Daytime gives a rat's butt what the fans want. They had Georgie strangled at Christmas, for God's sake.

And if I was going to spend the money to mail them something, it would not be a box of Kleenex. Now if someone wants to start a campaign to send poison ivy disguised as Christmas wreaths, that I could get behind.

I am loving the barge opus 163.
thank you so much for making it.
It is so much better than the show. And you were so inventive about characters, etc. and it reads like a soap.
you are super!

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