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December 05, 2007

No More Nookie, Please

If I hadn't already solidified my Church Lady status, this post would do it.  That's because its sole purpose is to plead with the Days of Our Lives powers-that-be:  Please, put down the sexy and back away slowly.

I know I've said that Days is mostly great lately, but I've finally identified what it does really, really badly:  Sex appeal.  Sure, Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla are hot couples, but that's mostly just the actors' chemistry.  You could have them recite the alphabet and pretty soon you'd feel the need to get them a room.  And the show is good at letting James Scott . . . exist.  James Scott and sexiness are as inseparable as Lindsay Lohan and skeevy men, or Dancing With the Stars and spray tan.  There are the occasional chemistry-filled moments between other characters, but of late when the Days folks are really aiming right for "hotness"?  Beware!!!

Because seriously, what the HELL was that sex scene with Sami and Lucas today?  And that Shawn-as-cop role-playing thing with Belle and Shawn?  That insane "Belle is a hot old-Hollywood vixen" fantasy of Phillip's yesterday?  I thought once they killed off John -- eliminating the possibility of him continuing to hook up with Marlena (because this is not General Hospital) -- that I wouldn't have to bury my head under my couch pillows out of a combination of revulsion and laughter-induced-delirium during Days' attempts to bring sexy back, but I WAS SO WRONG. 

On the bright side, I still have use for the term "guffudder," and if I fast-forward through all of Days' intentional attempts to heat things up, I will have way more time during the week for more important things, like buying handbags on eBay and trying to create the perfect smoky eye.


What can you do? They take a young couple with some great chemistry and give them bad!sex (is that going to get resolved by the way?), but then continue to knock us over the head with Shelle sex. Throwing Phillip in with Belle doesn't make the sex hot just cause I love him (like mixing chocolate with squash will not help me love squash more).

Then we have more Lumi sex which is the one couple that has had more than anyone else on the show (or at least presented getting more).

It's very frustrating.

I actually think that scene was pretty well written, but both actors are bad, not to mention bad kissers, so making it sexy was doomed no matter what. Plus, neither have ever been capable of pulling off the intensity or vulnerability required to convey the level of desperation needed in that kind of scene. It'd be cool if there were some actors in that demo who could pull off that kind of intense desire.

Thanks for the smokey eye link. Youtube is the bestest.

The monkey's paw has well and truly smacked us around lately. They've teased us with little Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla moments, but reserve actual love scenes for couples with no chemistry (and, in the case of Shawn and Belle - anti-chemistry).

The sad thing is that there are younger characters who could pull of great love scenes. EJ and Sami (except for the whole Event that ruined them), Nick and Chelsea, Max and Stephanie (yes, I don't care that he's her adopted uncle, they have good chemistry). But, they don't use them for love scenes any more than they do the vets.

Apparently all of us screaming for more love scenes on Days were not nearly specific enough in our requests. The only thing that gets me through now is the hope that the sudden need to sex things up will eventually transfer to characters I actually want to see have love scenes.

Oh, so true. The fantasy sequences with Philip and Belle were hilarious even in fast forward. Though you forgot to mention Sami's shirt with no front, which she then had to hold together with her hands through 2 episodes. Plus, didn't Sami give birth like 2 weeks ago? I know they had a line that said the Doctor okayed her having sex again, but that totally skeeved me out / made me laugh at how unrealistic it was.

Don't they realize the hottest thing that's happened on Days in months was Sami climbing into bed with EJ to "give him a reason to live?" I'd much rather see more of that, or EJ adoring his baby.

And on an unrelated note...Dr. Rolf showing up in bloody scrubs and wearing them through all of yesterday's episode with absolutely no explanation (I think) until 3/4 of the way through the episode combined with the awesomely cheeseball portrait of Stefano in the background may have made their scenes together my favorite scenes between the two of them!

I couldn't agree with you more on everything (especially about James and sexy being inseparable- God the man is gorgeous). If I have to endure one more cheesy, over the top "love scene" that looks more like a low budget porn, I'm going to hurl or break the tv. Which ever comes first. Hogan wouldn't know romance if it bit him in the ass.

Gorgeous Billie needs a hot man on this show ASAP - and some good steamy love scenes. (and not with NICK or BO! hehe)

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