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December 04, 2007

Our Column in the 12/11 Issue of SOD

Our editors asked us to weigh in on the Best and Worst of 2007 in soap operas and, to the surprise of absolutely no one, we relished the task of listing the highs and lows that our soaps went through this year. The special, year-end "My Take/My Take, Too" column is in the December 11th issue of Soap Opera Digest, on newsstands now. Mallory tackles the best and worsts of All My Children and The Young and the Restless, while Becca looks back at the year that was on Days of Our Lives and General Hospital.

BONUS: As though giving us a monthly column wasn't enough to earn our undying devotion, Soap Opera Digest made us love them even more with their pick for 2007's Worst Hero. Be sure to check it out and revel in the hilarity.


I was waiting for your comments on that Worst Hero..as soon as heard it, my first thought was Becca and Mallory have TOTALLY taken over SOD...then they named Quad of Doom the best Quad and I realized it wasn't a total take-over....but i take victories any place i can get them.

I saw it and it was the only good call about GH that magazine made. Everything else good it said about was way off. However, it was refreshing to finally see Jason being portrayed at what he really is-now if someone at TFGH could read that little article and get some sort of clue, there may be hope yet.

However, at the rate it's going I'm betting it's going to get a lot of worst of's in other soap mags and plenty more next year as well.

They called Jason worst hero? Yay! What did they say?

oh, i can already guess. if you two are gleeful, it's got to be our un-beloved mobster minion, jason morgan. wonderful.

Here are some quotes from Jason's coronation of as WORST HERO courtsey of my friend Sue who sent me the good stuff.....so this is only SOME of it....

“this year swerved from his already-questionable code of ethics. …engaged in a messy paternity cover-up. …..allowed mother of his child to commit perjury……crossed already blurry line by threatening to take Sam’s life to ensure her silence. Maybe Jason is finally catching up (or sinking down) to his profession’s base traits. That may still be entertaining, but it’s far from noble. GH still seems to want us to look up to him, but it’s time for a real hero to rise.”

Those are the things they object to?! What about KILLS PEOPLE FOR A LIVING??

P.S. Thanks, Beth R.

Ok to be fair Sue and I least favorite storyline is the Quad of Doom so she only sent me the parts related to that...so I don't know what all else they capped on...but the whole he let Liz commit perjury thing has been on the top ten pet peev list of mine since it happened and she knew i was going to be beyond thrilled to see it finally mentioned somewhere.....and your welcome Aydee....

However the last line about "it's time for a real hero to rise" is totally going to be pimped out on a banner for me with beautiful pictures of Lucky, Cruz, Mac....all my good guys who get continually shafted in favor of St. Jasus.

Anything in a soap mag that talks about "worst hero" that has Becca and Mallory giddy with delight is a MUST buy for me. Unfortunately, SOD doesn't come out in my part of Canada until a week later but trust me, anything in a magazine that calls St. Jasus of Borg out on his unworthiness is worth me shelling out a few bucks so that I can cut out the article and post it on my fridge. Yes, that's HOW much I hate the morally skewed compass of this "show".

I disagree with Charlie. I thought Digest made three great calls when it came to GH: 1) Worst "Hero" (obviously), 2) Best Story (MC Hostage Crisis), and 3) Best Vixen (Maxie).

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