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December 01, 2007

Urgent News Bulletin!

Thanks to a breaking news email update from reader Katherine, and photos from fellow reader Sue, I have news that will come as great relief to General Hospital viewers everywhere.  Our long national follicular nightmare is over.  STEVE BURTON HAS FINALLY CUT HIS HAIR!



Hallelujah!  Rejoice!  Woohoo!  Yee-haw!

This haircut has put me in such a good mood that I won't even comment on that shirt, and I'm going to do a post about about Steve Burton without mentioning that Jason kills people for money.


But now the disease has been passed on to Kate...did you see her hair on wednesday!! NOOOOO!!!!!!

Yeah, what is up with Kate's hair now? It gives me sadface. I hope it's not an indication that she's looking to grow it out.

Because he is so brain damaged and shackled to Carly and Sonny and creepy Michael for eternity (by his own choice, what a dufus) I will give him a free pass on is next kill just for cutting off that hair from hell!

I am so happy that Steve finally cut his hair. It is about damn time. I too will not comment on that shirt he is wearing because this new haircut has given him a free pass, but I must admit that I cannot wait for this hair to make it on the show

Go Steve and your new hair!!!

I posted about this yesterday!!! I love Steve's new haicut! I can call him sexy again :P Let me just say that I heart Steve but his former hair made me shudder at watching GH! It was scary, unfortunatly we still have it on our screens for a couple more days...

W/e it's all in the past now, let's hooray for Steve bringing sexy back!!!! No if only Jason Thompson could have his hot back on GH, since he's hot outside of GH as Steve is too! ;)

Dayam -- that boy is FINE! Steve is soooooooooooo sexy. Now, can we have a scene with Jason & Elizabeth and Steve with his shirt off?

Although, Thursday's episode ('Jason & Liz Make Love') was pretty hot. I'm just sayin'...

He is just so hot. I can't even stand it. And can we take some sort of vote to get him shirtless at least once a week or something?! I mean it is a crime against women that all these incredibly hot guys are running around fully clothed!!!

I do love the haircut. But now I'm torn.

Damn, when Elizabeth was running her fingers through I could have died. But, she can still run her fingers through the short stuff too.

He has always looked thinner and younger with his shirt hair too.

He looks nice, and handsome, but I still don't like Jason

I still say the reason Jason's been so bearable lately has been the bad hair. Now that it's cut, we'll hate him again.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Yuuuuuum!
and what's funny is that as much as my Mom sit there and watch GH and BOTH drool over him I said aloud today, "he's GOT to cut that hair!!!" So yeah!!!

Now could someone please talk some sense into Jacob Young?

EEEEEEE! Great news guys! "The haircut" will hopefully makes it debut next, next week: I'm thinkin next Friday's preview so fully on Monday(the 24th) But I wouldn't hold me to that! I was watching the Soap Previews that they put on ABC.com to show the 'previously on' and 'next on' for all next week and there it was :) It's on youtube if you wanna see it ;)

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