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December 15, 2007

The American Bitchass Company

ABC Daytime is truly, truly shitty.

I know this. I have known this for quite some time. I'm sure that Julia Barr, Stuart Damon, Genie Francis and Cady McClain shout it from the rooftops whenever they get the chance.

And yet they do things that make me  (and the awesome folks at Daytime Confidential) realize that they have not even scratched the surface of vileness.

Here's the thing (and I know I've said this so many times that I am coming across as a stalker): I adore Rebecca Budig. I think she's the cutest ever and she's so pocket-sized and funny and hilarious and she seems like she'd be fab to go have mimosas with before a long afternoon of handbag shopping. I'm thrilled that she's coming back to AMC because I loved her in the role of Greenlee for years (fact: I was a huge Greenlee/Leo 'shipper and I am proud to admit it!). I'd go so far as to say that she is the definitive Greenlee.

However, I'm not the webpage of a major television broadcasting company, so I'm allowed to say that. If I were the webpage of a major television broadcasting company, I'd try to announce her return to AMC a little more tactfully than what ABC Daytime did:


The "REAL" Greenlee? Just...wow. Way to crap all over the woman currently onscreen as Greenlee. What, it's not bad enough to saddle her with the most godawful story this side of Zarf and poisoned pancakes, you have to add this further humilation? That's just horribly bitchy. And rude! I'm a completely bratty bitch most of the time, but I am very strict about manners.

[For those of you who try to stay away from spoilers, the actual Q&A Rebecca did with ABC is slightly spoilerish. And the spoilers are slightly maddening. Which is par for the course...]

There's an alleged friend of Sabine Singh who made a post detailing the ways that ABC completely dicked Sabine over. I don't know how valid it is, but if it's true, it really makes me sad. It also makes me sad that I linked to OhNoTheyDidn't. Please don't judge me too harshly. I really hope she comes away from this with another daytime job in a role more suited for her and less linked to another actress. She's way too pretty to be without a job for too long!

Rebecca Budig's first airdate is January 16th. I can only hope that her adorability inspires the powers-that-be to stop...doing what they've been doing for the past few years. I know I'm expecting a miracle, but 'tis the season and all.


Not an AMC watcher, but.....wow. Just when you thought ABC had plumbed the depths of no tact, taste or class.

I'm actually not a Rebecca fan or a Greenlee fan - but I enjoyed Sabine and Aidan's chemistry. I stopped watching AMC a long time ago and with this latest disgusting behavior from ABCD brass - I will never return to this show!

ABC was incredibly shoddy to Sabine Singh, but I can't help but be excited that Rebecca Budig is returning to the show. I loved her run as that character. Even in bad plotlines she brought something special to the show.

Wow...i'm glad you guys commented on this because I noticed it yesterday and thought the exact same thing. I mean I like Rebecca Budig in the role but damn, no one deserves that. Of course it doesn't surprise me to see that the ABC brass believes that bringing in different actors and actresses to play crappy roles will turn things around. I'm gonna join you and ask for a miracle...hopefully one day they will figure out that its the awful writing and hideous storytelling that are the problems, not the actors.

Well said Mallory. I am admittedly PSYCHED for Rebecca's return, but I hate how ABC is treating poor Sabine. She did an admirable job and carried some really rough material. I, too, hope she finds work elsewhere in daytime, as I really did enjoy watching her even if I never quite felt that she was "Greenlee".

Damn and I thought Greg Vaughan got shitted on by ABC Daytime......I enjoy Rebecca for sures but that's just well words really fail me for what it is......tasteless is too good a word for that......

it's obvious fronsie is desparate to bring back ratings by bringing back fan favorites (rb, amc and sarah brown, gh)..i just don't think its going to work..esp since it's come out how the performers are treated, esp the vets..what abc daytime needs is a whole overhaul, starting at the top..scrap all the writers and begin telling compelling stories that the viewers want to see..adventure, romance, family bonds, and angst..get rid of the mob sl's on gh, and stop making amc about kendall and company..bringing in old fan favorites will not fix what ails daytime right now..good writing and storytelling will..

I'm not shocked by this. Oh I'm little disappointed, don't get me wrong but not shocked. This is the same network that fired James Scott and replaced Ethan with the unabortion. Nothing ABC Daytime does anymore shocks me...at least not yet. Who knows? If hell thaws, something pleasant might actually happen that would really make the fans happy.

It's been mentioned before, but despite all this "One Life To Live" has been pretty good recently. I think it's all because of the show's low profile status. Stay low, OLTL! Please stay low!

Ugh, I'm disappointed with myself that I didn't see that spoiler coming, I should have, as ever St. Greenlee can do no wrong and Kendall somehow manages to always be wrong.

"what abc daytime needs is a whole overhaul, starting at the top..scrap all the writers and begin telling compelling stories that the viewers want to see..adventure, romance, family bonds, and angst..get rid of the mob sl's on gh, and stop making amc about kendall and company..bringing in old fan favorites will not fix what ails daytime right "

While I one THOUSAND percent agree with this statement...sadly it makes way too much sense and is far too logical to occur to Frons and his henchpersons of doom.....how else can they claim ABC won sweeps when they tied with NBC which has say it with me now...ONE SOAP ON THE AIR???? Three shows on one network tie with one show on the other and its the ONLY show on the other...I give it to the one myself.....

Should we really be so surprised that the Disney Corp has such little regard for its employees? ABC Daytime is struggling because of bad decision making at the top. It isn't the acting, but the writers/producers and Frons himself that are clearly clueless about what to do.

The callous treatment of Sabine is no different than the callous treatment of the vets on AMC. As others have pointed out, this is really nothing new for ABC or AMC. As a long time viewer, I have been disgusted by the show's executives and their shoddy treatment of the actors for years now. And after 37 years of watching the show, I have finally decided that it is time to give up and move on. There is nothing "real" about AMC anymore.


The whole thing just sucks .. Sabine was never THAT bad .. Rebecca isnt all THAT either .. if she was, she'd be working elsewhere ..

I was slow to accept Sabine Singh in this role and I thought that the writing for the character since she took over has been shitty. But she won me over and I appreciate her work.

I wish that I could say I am surprised by ABC's treatment of Sabine, but I am not. They treat no one with respect, but women tend to get particularly shitty treatment from the execs.

Best wishes to Sabine. And as much as I love Budig in the role, I'm a bit concerned about her return. I've really come to like Greenlee and Aidan and I am afraid that this pairing might end with Budig's return.

"The real Greenlee is back on AMC" - HOW CRUEL IS THAT??? What they did to Sabine was just plain WRONG!!! Does AMC not have a heart anymore??? I'm sorry I love RB just as much as anyone but this is not right at all. She can't get anything anywhere else so she has to steal a role from another promising actress that I loved and adored as Greenlee. That charater will never be the same to me anymore. This is cruel. And because of it, no I don't welcome Budig with open arms, Sabine WAS sufficing as the recast!!!!!

Perhaps ABCD has just awaked from the “Truman Show” (over seven months long). When they were there, they met a Greenlee imposter. Now they have returned from the “Lost”, they want the “real Greenlee”.

This Show is sinking faster than a submarine.

If you'd like to let the people at AMC/ABC know that you would like to see Sabine back on an ABC, whether it's on AMC as Greenlee or another character or on OLTL or GH, please send letters to the executives in her support! Avoid negativity & emphasize what you would like to see (Sabine re-hired) and why!

For more info about how to support Sabine Singh visit http://www.myspace.com/supportsabine

Julie Hanan Carruthers
Executive Producer All My Children
320 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

Brian Frons President,
ABC Daytime
500 South Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521

Sue Johnson Vice President,
East Coast Programming for ABC Daytime
77 West 66th Street New York, NY 10023

Write all of these people, more than once (1-2 times per week shows your commitment!!) Again STAY POSITIVE, don't focus on the negative, only focus on what you'd LIKE to see (Sabine back on ABC soaps)!

I have loved the character of Greenlee since 1999 - always have, always will - even with bad writing and story lines. Although I enjoyed the talented R. Budig as Greenlee, Sabine Singh is now one of the only reasons I watch AMC, I've loved her pairing with Aidan, and her standing toe-to-toe with the other heavy hitters on the show. I really wish ABC could find another place for SS. What all AMC viewers want overall is improved writing and storylines!!!

ABC is now running similar ***TV*** ads touting the REAL Greenlee's return. Um... Sabine's episodes are STILL AIRING. Isn't SHE supposed to be the REAL Greenlee right now? Or is this all from now until January 16 supposed to be make believe?

Don't forget to write in & let ABC/AMC know how terrible this PR campaign is.

I really enjoyed Sabine as Greenlee and I would think that yall have taken more than enough heat on this issue. I would think that if yall made a public apology to this girl it might make a difference to the people who are in fact doing the venting.

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